Beautiful Homes in Spain's Countryside

Join us on a journey through our most beautiful homes in the Spanish countryside and discover all of the charms they have to offer.
Beautiful Homes in Spain's Countryside
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Spend a countryside winter in the rolling hills of Girona. Relax in an elegant sanctuary, bursting with bucolic charm, and feel at one with nature, enveloped by earthy design elements. Clay, natural wood, and tasteful rattan create a calm, grounded ambience reflective of Spain's stunning surroundings. Take this opportunity to reconnect with your family and gather around the fireplace after hearty meals.

Villa Amaya

Get in touch with nature in the lush gardens of Villa Amaya's stunning estate. Recline in the shade of the pergola or reflect by the pond for a peaceful moment. The stunning effect of the interior design will immerse you completely in the beauty of the region with earth tones, wood, and furnishings that pair perfectly with the nature outside.

Chalet Ornella


Chalet Ornella


Another unexpected winter getaway hides in the sprawling landscape of Mallorca. We love the homes here for their rustic stone facades. The countryside atmosphere is elevated by understated, elegant design featuring cowhide rugs and rugged wooden beams. On this island, homes rely on the basics for design by perfecting the art of simplicity. Take advantage of expansive gardens and views of the mountains that provide a perfect refuge to reconnect with the earth no matter the time of year.

Villa Finca Magnifica

Find yourself hidden away in the mountains and let your worries melt away in Villa Finca Magnifica. Float in the pool or decompress in the garden but be sure to explore all that the villa has to offer. A true piece of history, this home will transport you through time as you admire the enormous millstone in the centre of the living room, an iconic reminder of the site's origins.



Chalet Ornella


Marbella is an ideal holiday destination for those looking for a mix of sun, sea, and culture. It is known for its stunning beaches, lively nightlife, and excellent shopping. With its mild climate, Marbella is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle. The architecture is a mix of old and new, with modern glass and steel paired with ancient wood and stone. The homes here reflect the heavenly tranquillity of the region, perfect for unwinding on your getaway.

Villa Cecilia 

Come to the beachfront paradise of Villa Cecilia for a true taste of relaxation. Bask in the warm, contemporary design that effortlessly blends traditional Spanish style with modern luxury. Whether you're relaxing in the sauna, lounging on the beach, or dining around the table in the courtyard, you won't want to miss a moment in this home.



Chalet Ornella


The vibrant Barcelona is known for its unique culture, stunning architecture, and lively atmosphere. Enjoy the wonderful energy of the beautiful city, which is clearly carried into the design of the homes. Classic Spanish style blends with rustic charm to bring the essence of life in the countryside into the excitement of the city. Lounge in the courtyard and take a dip in the pool as the palms shade you from the summer sun.

Villa Abeja 

Villa Abeja is a picturesque retreat that combines the best of the city and the countryside into one gorgeous abode. Relax in the rustic ambience of the exposed wooden beams, rugged tile and beautiful courtyard. Bring a bottle of wine to the rooftop terrace and make a toast as you watch the sunset over the city.

Chalet Ornella



Whichever luxury holiday destination you choose, you can rest assured that Le Collectionist is committed to making your luxury holidays in Spain unforgettable!

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