Le Collectionist's Picks: the Most Beautiful Modern Homes

Explore our catalogue and discover the most beautiful modern homes in the world.
Le Collectionist's Picks: the Most Beautiful Modern Homes
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With a rich catalogue of thousands of homes in hundreds of destinations around the world, Le Collectionist aims to offer stays in the most refined, original homes to make your luxury holiday exceptional. Whether it's a cosy chalet, an ultra-modern villa, a grandiose chateau or a traditional farmhouse, all of these holiday homes are unique in their own way.

Today, it's these modern treasures, these architectural innovations that we are interested in. Are you ready to open the doors of the most beautiful homes in the world, in France and abroad?

the most beautiful modern homes in france

Villa Tulum, French Riviera, France

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Villa Tulum feels like Mexico in the heart of the French Riviera, with cubic architecture in the middle of Mediterranean nature. From the infinity pool to the verdant garden planted with olive trees, orange trees and cypresses, it is the perfect place to admire the sunset over the sea after a warm day in the streets of Saint-Tropez.

We find modern inspirations in the living room, where raw lines are softened by touches of colour, textured cushions, graphic carpets and modernist paintings.

Amenities: panoramic view of the sea and the mountains, swimming pool
Capacity: 10 guests

Villa Notre Dame, Marseille, France

Villa Grant


From Villa Notre Dame, you'll have an unobstructed view of another architectural feat in the region: the Bonne Mère de Marseille. This architect's house, a true work of art, was the result of the greatest experiments by its creator. A creative playground resulting in skylights, open spaces, large bay windows and luxury materials.

In the garden, Villa Notre Dame is not to be outdone, with its magnificent infinity pool perched above the city of Marseille. We gladly rank it among the most beautiful modern homes in our catalogue.

Amenities: panoramic view of the sea, infinity pool
Capacity: 9 guests

Villa B, Arles, France

Villa Grant


Villa B seems straight out of a child's imagination. Its curves, towers and open spaces give it an air of an enchanted 70s castle. Good vibes are everywhere in this modern and unique villa, ready to welcome your family for holidays in France.

This eccentric house will never cease to amaze you, from the dining room to the bathrooms and bedrooms!

Amenities: Villa manager, Mediterranean garden
Capacity: 10 guests

Chalet Eugénia, Megève, France

Chalet Eugenia


This home is for ski lovers! Only a few minutes from the slopes of Megève, Chalet Eugénia is a fresh take on an alpine chalet. After a day in the cold of the Alps, you can walk into town to sample the local specialities.

Even better than its location is its architecture and interior decor from Bô Design. Beneath its appearance of a traditional chalet, Chalet Eugénia is the embodiment of modernity. The monumental street art painting in the living room is the centrepiece of the contemporary furnishings of this luxury holiday home in the style of a New York loft.

Amenities: panoramic view of the mountains, cinema room, hammam spa
Capacity: 12 guests

the most beautiful modern homes abroad

Villa Massira, Lisbon, Portugal

Villa Grant


In the heart of a tropical garden, Villa Massira is infinitely attractive. The huge bay windows are like mirrors where the blue of the sea and the glimmering surface of the swimming pool are reflected.

The raw, linear aesthetics of the exterior carry into the interior, where the floors, walls and ceilings are made of the same material. The spaces are airy, light and skilfully dressed in contemporary furnishings. Nothing is out of place in Villa Massira, which naturally adds it to our list of the most beautiful modern homes.

Amenities: heated swimming pool, panoramic view of the sea, cinema room
Capacity: 8 guests

Villa Volta, Melides, Portugal

Villa Grant


In the heart of wild nature in Comporta lies Villa Volta. This beautiful modern home revisits local architecture. Between tradition and modernity, the minimalist lines of the villa rub shoulders with raw materials such as wood, which is omnipresent throughout the design.

The infinity pool is like an oasis in the middle of the desert, hidden away from prying eyes. In the evening, admire the burning sunset invading the sky with a thousand colours from the coolness of the swimming pool or the comfort of a deckchair.

Amenities: infinity pool
Capacity: 12 guests

Casa Meco, Lisbon, Portugal

Villa Grant


At first glance, Casa Meco may seem simple, but it is from its minimalism that its charm is born. The details are revealed in its perfectly straight and controlled lines, as the wooden ceiling draws geometric shapes that match the veins of the marble in the kitchen and bathrooms.

You will never feel cramped in this beautiful modern home that opens to the outdoors. The wide open spaces give you a sense of grandeur and the floor-to-ceiling windows invite the surrounding nature inside.

Amenities: swimming pool, in the middle of nature
Capacity: 8 guests

Villa Belliska, Sicily, Italy

Villa Grant


In the heart of the Italian countryside, Villa Belliska rests in the middle of centuries-old olive trees. The architecture of this beautiful modern home goes straight to the point: the straight lines and the flat roof are covered with trellises and pergolas, resulting in a subtle light that fills the villa. In the evening, end the day by admiring the sunset over the fields in complete privacy.

Amenities: view of nature, swimming pool
Capacity: 10 guests

Villa Aéres, Sporades Islands, Greece

Villa Grant


You have to stay at Villa Aéres to experience the true essence of the region. No compliment would do justice to the beauty of this modern home. You have to experience it as work on your tan by the infinity pool or admire the sunset from your summer garden, perched on the roof of the pergola.

Inside, the decor is refined, almost bare, to leave more room for the true star of this house: the light, which enters through the huge bay windows.

Amenities: sea view, infinity pool
Capacity: 12 guests

With Le Collectionist, the most beautiful villas in the world are at your fingertips. Keep exploring our homes and choose your dream refuge. Our luxury concierge service is at your service to create unforgettable moments on your luxury holiday!

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