The Best Cities to Visit in Italy in January

Want to start the year in style but you aren't sure where to go? Why not Italy? Follow our guide and find out the best cities to visit in Italy in January.
The Best Cities to Visit in Italy in January
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Do you want to start the year in style but don't know where to go? Why not discover Italy in January? Very popular with tourists in summer, La Botte is less crowded during the low season. The winter months are mild but rainy, and the streets are still lit up with the magical glow of the holidays.

So, where to go when you visit Italy in January? It depends on your preferences and the reason for your luxury holiday. For family holidays, you'll find what you are looking for at Lake Como, between wide open spaces, magical villages and gatherings by the fireside. As a couple, head to Venice, the most romantic of Italian cities, where the chill of January invites you to curl up with the one you love. Finally, if it's the time of year for introspection, fly solo to the sublime and little-known region of Puglia.


Where to visit in italy in January: for families

Spectacular Lake Como:

In January, the high peaks of the Alps are covered with a thick blanket of snow, which merges with the mist hovering over Lake Como. The landscape feels unreal and time seems to stop as if the charm of Lombardy had been frozen forever by the exhilarating cold of winter. Rent a luxury villa in Lake Como and discover this extraordinary region with your children.

Extend the magic of the holidays by visiting the villages bordering Lake Como. Renowned for their picturesque charm, they prove even more enchanting in winter. There's Bellagio, "the pearl of Lake Como", with its colourful facades and green shutters. Not far away, the village of Varenna is reflected in the smooth surface of the water, and in the streets, the flowers and trees are plunged into sleep until next spring. If the weather permits, board a boat and venture through the fog until you reach the island of Comacina, where you'll find the remains of an ancient medieval village!

Lake Como is also the best city to visit in Italy in January to enjoy winter sports. East of the lake, starting from the village of Barzio, the Piani di Bobbio ski resort has 35 kilometres of ski slopes, climbing up to almost 2000 metres high. You can also learn cross-country skiing unless you prefer to explore the snow-capped mountains on a snowmobile excursion or a snowshoe hike. Then, enjoy tasting a local speciality: gnocchi di zucca, prepared from pumpkin and chestnut flour (and drizzled with a thick layer of parmesan!)


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where to visit in italy in january: For a romantic getaway

Romantic Venice:

When you go to Venice in January, you risk discovering the lakeside city in the rain. But far from detracting from its charm, the rainy weather only reinforces the romantic side of the city. Imagine strolling through the misty alleys, over bridges and canals, until you reach Piazza San Marco. A flight of pigeons welcomes you to this mythical square as you look up at Saint Mark's Basilica and its bell tower, which stands proudly against the grey winter sky.

While waiting for the rain to stop, take refuge in the most emblematic of Venetian cafés: Caffè Florian. Inside, the gilding and carmine-red velvet of the curtains create a warm, comforting atmosphere. Order a real Italian hot chocolate, and escape the chill of winter.

When the rain finally stops, board a water taxi for the islands of Murano and Burano, in the lagoon of Venice. These villages floating on the water are renowned for their glasswork. Stroll through the alleys and peek through the windows to see glassblowers and craftsmen at work. You can also go shopping in the centre of Venice, in anticipation of the famous carnival which will be held there the following month. To unearth authentic Venetian masks and costumes, go to the Flavia workshop or Mistero Buffo. 

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where to visit in italy in january: For a solo trip

Adventurous Puglia:

January is the month of new beginnings and resolutions. After the excitement of the holidays, it's time for introspection. And nothing is better for that than to cut yourself off from the world for a few days. Fly to Puglia, a region of southern Italy as mysterious as it is fascinating. In summer, the scorching sun attracts crowds to the paradisiacal beaches, but in winter, the destination is almost deserted. Find yourself there as if alone in the world, and reconnect with nature.

In January, the temperature averages 11 degrees in Puglia. Cover up a little and set off to discover the unusual landscapes of the region. In Valle d'Itria, in the province of Bari, you will fall under the spell of the "Trulli". These whitewashed houses topped with a conical roof halfway between the Cyclades and the Maghreb are a sight to behold. If you are in search of inspiration, a walk in the village of Alberobello will be enough to awaken your imagination and your creativity.

Further south, in the beautiful province of Salento, the baroque city of Lecce is a mine of art and history. No wonder it's nicknamed the "Florence of the South". Turn off your phone for a day and wander through the charming streets. Along the way, you will come across grandiose monuments such as the Santa Croce Basilica, adorned with bucolic and mythological sculptures, or the Palazzo Vernazza with its Renaissance architecture. At lunchtime, discover the culinary wonders of Puglia: orecchiette alla cime di rapa, garnished panzerotto and ciceri e tria. Take the time to savour these culinary specialities. A delicious way to spend your holiday!

Now you know the best cities to visit in Italy in January! From Lake Como to Puglia, explore our collection of luxury villa rentals in Italy and discover all of our luxury holiday destinations. Whether you are travelling with family or friends, as a couple or alone, Le Collectionist has exceptional moments in store for you during your luxury Italy holiday.

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