Our favourite things to do in St Tropez

Join our concierge in this corner of paradise, and discover our most beautiful houses, our unique services and our portfolio of things to do in St Tropez.
Our favourite things to do in St Tropez
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In mythical or surprising destinations, our local teams criss-cross the roads to offer you the most beautiful rental homes and make you live unforgettable experiences. Join our private concierge in this corner of paradise, and discover our most beautiful houses, our unique services and our portfolio of things to do in St Tropez.

Our concierge service in Saint-Tropez

Once a small fishing village, Saint-Tropez is brimming with breathtaking experiences and memorable places. Follow Priscilla, head of our private concierge service in Saint-Tropez, on the trail of her favourite addresses and experiences. They all have one thing in common: a strong personality marked by the spontaneity of holidays and the simplicity of beautiful things.


What is your starting point, your priority when you imagine a stay?

"It all starts with the house in my opinion, and the dreams of the travellers who come with us. The aim of the private concierge service in Saint-Tropez is to make your holiday an interval of pure freedom where you can share precious moments with your loved ones. This is why we start from the house you have chosen to create a bubble outside of time by adapting each service to your desires".

What type of houses does Le Collectionist offer in Saint-Tropez?

"Our selection of luxury house rentals in Saint-Tropez ranges from a villa with private access to the beach to a house in the town centre, as well as a farmhouse with a view of the mountains. We visit each of the houses in our collection to ensure that they meet our standards of excellence."


Which are your favourite houses in Saint-Tropez?

"My favourite houses include Villa Hanoï in Ramatuelle, Villa Grant in Ramatuelle or the Villa Cristal in Saint-Tropez. "


Bespoke experiences and amazing things to do in St Tropez

What exactly does the private concierge service in Saint-Tropez offer?

"Nothing is fixed, everything is possible. We customize your vacation with a range of services to fit everyone who is coming with you, so that you can all enjoy unforgettable experiences and services. There is a myriad of things to see and things to do in St Tropez, and we design your stay meticulously so that you can feel free and unconstrained."

Can you give us some examples of what can be organized with the concierge service?

"You can arrive by helicopter directly in the garden of Villa Hanoï, for example. Or you can go on a racing boat adventure in the bay. You can also stay in, enjoying massage sessions in your own home. The only limit to the services we offer is your imagination.

You wake up in the morning when everything is ready: the house is impeccably tidy, the swimming pool is prepared and for the gourmets, a hearty breakfast is served on the terrace…

In case you're still in doubt: we've recreated a New York bar in a kitchen, built a temporary spa, set up a famous DJ in a garden, installed a photobooth in a living room, or organized a masquerade ball in a Renaissance castle… "


Unmissable places to see and things to do in St Tropez

Can you tell us about your favorite places in Saint-Tropez?

"My favorite places start with the sea, with beaches that are each more beautiful than the next. First, the beach of Pampelonne, with its mythical clubs, then Cap Taillat, a breathtaking nature reserve. Lounging by the water's edge on these heavenly beaches is a must in Saint-Tropez. »


What is a perfect day in Saint-Tropez?

"Begin your stay with an afternoon by the water and then gather around for a delicious meal. Our concierge team has reserved a table for you at La Vague d'Or, or Chez Camille, a timeless place that specialises in the famous bouillabaisse.

The next day, we will guide you through the gems of the village, such as the bakery "Aux deux frères" or the market of Ramatuelle.


After doing your shopping, stop for a drink at Sénéquier or La Table Tropézienne, two mythical places in Saint-Tropez.

Then for a snack, I'll take you to Barbarac for ice creams that taste like childhood. Then stroll through the streets of Saint-Tropez and let yourself be tempted by the pretty boutiques, such as By Marie et Gas bijoux, a Marseilles brand, or Les Senteurs Tropeziennes and their bewitching fragrances. And finally, finish your stroll with a tour of the Chapelle Sainte Anne and its panoramic view."


Going out in St Tropez

What are your recommendations for a night in Saint-Tropez?

"For eccentric nights, our private concierge advises you to have a drink at La Sauvageonne in Ramatuelle. The bamboo huts and wooden furniture create a tropical atmosphere. Here you can sip cocktails while watching the restaurant transform into a party spot after dark. You can also opt for Les Caves du Roy. This Tropezian institution was the meeting place for celebrities during the 70s. Its stunning decor and the wild music of Jackie, the famous DJ, make it a place not to be missed."

The perfect excursion from St Tropez


"If you feel like going to sea, go on an expedition to the island of Port-Cros. You will come back full of wilderness images.

The little sister of the island of Porquerolles is a real gem. The small port is the only tiny oasis of habitation on this truly wild island.

You will have the chance to explore a breathtaking seabed with a mask and snorkel. And for lunch, I suggest you go to the excellent restaurant in Anse de Port-Cros. »

Explore the selection of villas from our private concierge in St Tropez


The Villa Hanoï, a designer villa by the seaside, a stone's throw from Pampelonne in Ramatuelle.


Villa Grant, a jewel of contemporary architecture with chic and graphic lines, perfect for an unforgettable family stay. 


Villa Cristal invites you for a family break in a typical villa of the region.

With Le Collectionist, renting luxury Saint Tropez villas has never been easier. Explore our collection to discover our luxury Saint Tropez villas and other extraordinary experiences.

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