Le Collectionist's Guide: What to do in Provence in August

Are you ready for a summer adventure in the South? Check out our guide to the best things to do in Provence in August.
Le Collectionist's Guide: What to do in Provence in August
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During the month of August, while the streets of the capital are empty, the villages of Provence are filled with the joyous bustle of the holidays. During this time of year, there are many events organised throughout the region to satisfy all that come to the enjoy the season in the South of France.

Gastronomy, culture, shows, markets: there is something for everyone. Under the August sun, the lavender fields, olive groves and beautiful beaches come to life, and the events are diverse and colourful. Here is a small overview of what to do in Provence in August.


What to do in Provence during August?

Provence by car: tour the region in a 2cv

What better way to experience the charm of the French regions than to travel the country roads in a classic 2CV? This iconic French car brings retro charm to any road trip.

Wander the narrow roads of Provence alone at the wheel of a 2CV, or in the company of a guide who will reveal all the secrets and best locations of the region. Stop by one of the vineyards as they prepare for the upcoming harvest. August is the perfect time to admire the vines with their sun-kissed grapes.


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The flowers of provence: The jasmine festival in grasse

The Jasmine Festival is an institution in Grasse, the city of perfume and the birthplace of legendary Maison Fragonard. Since 1946, the city has paid homage to this small, white flower and its bewitching scent during the month of August, marking the start of harvest. The festival begins with the distribution of bouquets that embody the scent of Provence, and continues with concerts and regional sports tournaments in the heart of the historic centre of this picturesque village.

This event pays tribute to the life of this little flower, from the farmer who picks it to the person that smells it. For a tasty treat, try jasmine ice cream!


The Music of Provence: The Jazz festival in Ramatuelle

As the festival organisers say, if you know the song "Twist à Saint Tropez", in summer, you know the phrase "Jazz à Ramatuelle"! The Théâtre de Verdure, with its exceptional acoustics and green surroundings, has been the centerpiece of this Provençal festival for several decades.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this legendary music from the United States, as Rhoda Scott, Erik Truffaz Quartet or Hot Sugar Band & Nicolle Rochelle make you dance until dawn.


Provence under the stars: Nights at the Citadel in Sisteron

The history of the Nights at the Citadel of Sisteron begins in 1928 and continues to be written today. From late July to early August, this historic monument hosts theatre, dance, and music performances.

Other shows are also held in the Notre Dame des Pommiers cathedral or in the Sainte Dominique cloister. Don't miss these timeless places to celebrate art and music during your holidays in Provence in August.


Provence in images: Recontres d’Arles

A tribute to the field of photography, the Recontres d’Arles is the ideal place to familiarise yourself with the “eighth art.” During this festival, you will discover famous names in France, as well as promising young artists.

This year, we advise you to see the collective work "Désideration", as well as the works of Massao Mascaro and Mariana Hahn. Then, stroll through this magnificent city listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and discover the beautiful works of sandstone architecture.

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The natural side of Provence: The lavender fields

When we think of Provence, we think of pine forests, the hum of cicadas, exceptional vineyards and sprawling lavender fields. These are the hallmark landscapes of this beautiful region.

Admire the purple paths as they bloom under the summer heat. In Aix-en-Provence, Terre Ugo honours this wonderful flower. Visit the fields, and discover the distillation process of perfumes, syrups, and jams. At the end of the visit, you will be an expert on Lavender.

Thanks to Le Collectionist, you now know what to do in Provence in August. Get ready to experience an unforgettable vacation in a luxury rental in Provence and discover this sublime region.

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