Le Collectionist's Catalogue: Our Most Beautiful Interiors

Push open the doors of our most beautiful houses and discover their exceptional interiors.
Le Collectionist's Catalogue: Our Most Beautiful Interiors
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A house is more than just a building. It is a refuge which brings you a feeling of security, friendliness and well-being. It's where you will experience unforgettable moments with your family and friends. Across the globe, from soaring mountains to heavenly beaches and remote countryside, all of Le Collectionist's luxury home rentals are unique in their own way.

Discover the hidden secrets of the most beautiful homes in the world, in France and beyond, and immerse yourself in the most beautiful interiors Le Collectionist has to offer.

The most beautiful interiors in our villas in france

Mas du Moulin, Provence, France

Villa Carragueira

Villa Carragueira

A former mill nestled in the heart of ProvenceMas du Moulin has lost none of its former glory. Its French gardens give it a discreet but elegant grandeur, embellished by a heated pool that looks like an oasis in the middle of lush vegetation.

Inside, the house is just as stunning as the vaulted ceilings of the living room transport you back in time. As for the eclectic decor, imagined by a passionate interior designer, it only accentuates the soul of this magical place.

Amenities: heated swimming pool, massage room, sauna, pétanque court
Capacity: 16 guests

Villa Palatine, French Riviera, France

Villa Carragueira

Villa Carragueira

Bohemian, art deco and contemporary: the decorative inspirations of the Villa Palatine are rich and unique. In the living room, large bay windows open to a panoramic view of the sea and the sofas face each other in perfect symmetry. 

In a small covered space in the garden, comfortably seated on an Emmanuelle armchair, relax while your better half treats themselves in the massage room. The true luxury of the holidays is experienced in slow motion.

Amenities: panoramic view of the sea, cinema room, massage room
Capacity: 12 guests

Villa Omnia, Cap Ferret, France

Villa Omnia


Villa Omnia has pride of place in our catalogue. Created by David and Béatrice Blanc and their architect friend, Joanne de Lepinay, the villa has a cosy atmosphere, made with local materials that mingle with British influences and rich colours.

The highlight of this house is the black marble and bronze fireplace from 1815 which sits in the middle of the living room. It's easy to imagine gathering around the fire after a day of bathing in the Atlantic. To find out more, explore the most beautiful homes in Cap Ferret.

Amenities: house fully equipped by Devialet, beach within walking distance

Capacity: 12 guests

Chalet Stones, Chamonix, France

Villa Omnia

Villa Omnia

Perched in the heights of ChamonixChalet Stones is a clever mix of styles. The traditional wood of Alpine chalets meets the industrial style of the lights, the coloured cement tiles, the contemporary furniture and above all the scholarly musical references scattered here and there.

Each room has its own personality, colour and atmosphere. Do you prefer velvet, rock glam and mirrors, chic mountain or exotic styles? Everyone will love the colourful living space, dressed in neon lights. In short, settling down in Chalet Stones is a unique but unforgettable experience in one of our most beautiful homes.

Amenities: panoramic view of the mountains
Capacity: 12 guests

the most beautiful interiors abroad

Masseria Miria, Puglia, Italy

Villa Omnia

Villa Omnia

In the province of BariMasseria Miria majestically rests in the green landscape. Alone in the middle of nature, this haven of peace is ideal for large family reunions or long getaways with friends.

This typical Apulian house hides one of the most beautiful interiors in our catalogue. The exposed stone walls and vaulted ceilings give character to this historic property and the soft colours perfectly complement the white stones. You'll want to extend your holiday to enjoy a little more of this sublime home!

Amenities: hammam, helipad
Capacity: 18 guests

Villa Trea, Marche, Italy

Villa Trea

Villa Trea

Between tradition and modernity, Villa Trea is full of contrast. The stone walls pair with the designer chairs in the master bedroom, the rough bricks stand out against the smooth surface of the stainless steel countertops in the kitchen and the raw wood beams highlight the immaculate lacquered desks.

Let yourself be enchanted by the play of light that the southern sun casts in this magnificent building, and enjoy your stay in one of the most beautiful interiors in Italy.

Amenities: billiard room, gym
Capacity: 11 guests

Villa Leto, Mykonos, Greece

Villa OmniaVilla Omnia

In the heart of the Cyclades is Villa Leto. This magnificent, whitewashed villa perfectly embodies Greek architecture. A pair of minarets add a touch of the exotic and gives a clue as to the location of the rooftop.

The clean lines of the interior are warmed by touches of colour, wood and green plants. The mix of contemporary and vintage furniture also adds cachet to the chic, white design.

Amenities: panoramic view of the sea, cinema room
Capacity: 12 guests

Villa Carragueira, Comporta, Portugal

Villa Carragueira

Villa Carragueira

Villa Carragueira is located in the heart of a nature reserve. The landscapes surrounding the house are hypnotizing and give you the feeling of being all alone in the world. But the highlight of this home is inside.

The luminous design blends in with the exterior and gives it a bright, airy atmosphere. One thing is certain: you will never feel cramped in Villa Carragueira. Its touches of vibrant colours energise the natural materials of the decor, like the sun which illuminates the rice fields beyond the large bay windows.

Amenities: heated swimming pool, tennis court and volleyball court
Capacity: 14 guests

Villa Dar El Sadaka, Marrakech

Villa Ixfalia

Villa Dar El Sadaka

Villa Dar El Sadaka, privately owned by artist Jean-François Fourtou, is unlike any other. A true artistic project with limitless originality, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful homes in the world. Imagine you are comfortably seated on the sofa in the living room, watching orangutangs swing from the chandeliers. In the other rooms of the villa, you will meet more wild or fantastic creatures. You just have to keep your eyes open!

Take advantage of the spacious terrace to appreciate the landscape and lush garden that surrounds the house. At nightfall, the atmosphere is quiet and intimate, almost magical with the stars shimmering overhead.

Amenities: outdoor swimming pool, hammam, tennis court, gym
Capacity: 18 guests

Renting with Le Collectionist is child's play. Keep exploring our homes and discover our collection of luxury villa rentals to find your ideal refuge!

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