Idyllic summers in Cap Ferret's most beautiful homes

Discover the most beautiful villas in Cap Ferret to spend a summer in the heart of this well-kept French secret surrounded by salt water.
Idyllic summers in Cap Ferret's most beautiful homes
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As soon as we arrive on this piece of land surrounded by salt water, we feel at home. Between family houses and surf-aperitif rituals, summers at this well kept French secret get sweeter every time.

Sunny, colourful mornings are spent with a coffee before we head out to pedal through the pine forest until we reach the dunes of the beach of Truc Vert: one of the most beautiful beaches in the region and perfect for surfing. For the rest of the day we take long walks in the middle of the dunes, sun-bathe after surfing in the afternoons and meals with our feet in the water.

In this place where the majesty of pines, the force of the tides and charm of small fishing villages mingle, the homes in Cap Ferret echo their environment. Because of this, days spent at home are basically days spent in nature as the indoors and outdoors blend seamlessly with the beauty of their surroundings.

Villa Clémentine

Villa Clémentine is a modern architectural gem, hidden in the heart of the pine forest. Recharge your batteries with those you love, in the calm of nature, lulled by the play of light from the trees that surround the house. Start your day with a morning sunbathing session by the pool, before drinking your coffee under the patio of the terrace. Then spend your days in the calm of the pine forest by the ocean, until evening comes and you meet up with the family for a plancha dinner.

Cabane des Dunes


Cabane des Dunes is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic houses of Cap Ferret. The bright colours of this luxurious cabin shine amidst the traditional architecture style of the region, its decoration is a perfect mix between vintage pieces and contemporary touches. Take advantage of the terrace to meet up for a late lunch after a morning at the beach. In the evening, cycle to the center of Cap Ferret for the local ritual of an ice cream with the family.

Villa des Merles

Villa des Merles is a perfect family house, one that takes you back to your childhood and the freedom of endless summers. It feels like being embraced by nature, surrounded by soft textures and pastel hues. Spend the afternoon with a game of cards by the pool before heading to dinner “in town”.

Villa de la Chapelle


While Villa de la Chapelle looks like a beautiful classic cabin in the Arcachon basin, its vast interior spaces are as airy as they are modern. All in shades of wood and white, this house is a cocoon of great serenity and the perfect nest from which to explore Cap Ferret. Start your day with a walk in the picturesque village of Pyla-sur-Mer, before returning for a swim in the turquoise swimming pool of Villa de la Chapelle and rest in the shade of the palm trees, then continue your day under the sun from the adjacent beach.

Villa Camille


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Sporting the appearance of a large, white, wooden cabin, Villa Camille is a charming corner of paradise in Cap Ferret. Its simple and refined decoration makes it the perfect place to unwind. Your day begins with breakfast on the terrace by the swimming pool and continues with a walk to the town center. In just a few steps, return to Villa Camille and take a dip in the heated swimming pool before a relaxing bath. Finally, your evening promises beautiful, convivial moments with your loved ones after preparing your dinner in the spacious kitchen.

Villa Lara


Right in the center of the village of Lège Cap Ferret, Villa Lara exudes incredible charm with its dark wooden structure in the classic style of the houses on the peninsula. With its natural materials and its large modern metal fireplace, it combines the warmth of an English cottage and the sunny essence of a seaside cabin. Have breakfast to the sound of birds on the large elevated terrace or by the swimming pool. Then hop on your bike for a ride to the Cap Ferret lighthouse, just 6 minutes from the house.

Villa Agapanthes


In Cap Ferret, a simple wooden hut often hides a high place of refinement, simplicity and covinviality. Stay at Villa Agapanthes to experience the true art of living in force in this mythical destination. Ideal for nature lovers thanks to its garden and its many outdoor living spaces, this house will be perfect for spending long sunny days with the family; between barbecue, pétanque, swimming pool and diving in the ocean. During your seaside stay, do not hesitate to follow local traditions by getting up early in the morning to visit the Cap Ferret market and by venturing into the Arcachon Bay on a boat.

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