In search of the best Comporta beach bar

We’ve searched far & wide to find the perfect Comporta beach bar. The good news is that there’s not just one, so here’s our guide to the best in Comporta.
In search of the best Comporta beach bar
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Casual restaurants, beach clubs, and bars on the beach are some of the main reasons people visit this region of Portugal. While the beaches of Comporta are spectacular, the real reason that people in the know flock to this region about an hour south of Lisbon is the culinary and cultural scene that is one of the most sophisticated in all of Portugal. (Calling it the Hamptons of Lisbon would be too easy, but also not entirely wrong.)

The scene is chilled-out, laid-back, and quietly glamorous—more understated than some other Mediterranean luxury holiday destinations. It’s not about dancing until dawn. It’s about relaxing, eating well, and catching the sunset. We’re put together this mini Comporta guide of the best beach clubs and bars for any occasion.

Sublime Comporta Beach Club

The glamorous newcomer


Opened in summer 2020, this beach club on Praia do Carvalhal, from the owners of the popular hotel of the same name, was the new hotspot that had everyone buzzing. With its location between the dunes and the waves, its indoor-outdoor layout, and its rustic-chic interior design, it quickly became a spot for holiday makers to hang out and sophisticated Lisboetas to plan day trips to have lunch.   

If you want to know more about Sublime Comporta and all the things that make it great, check out this article.

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The food here is far better than it has to be—let’s be honest: plenty of people would come here for the vibe alone. Like most luxury restaurants and clubs in this part of Portugal, the Sublime Comporta Beach Club has excellent fresh grilled fish—select your own from a display of the day’s catch over ice—and petiscos like octopus salad, clams with garlicky bulhão pato sauce, and shrimp with garlic. But it also has an excellent selection of grilled meats and international favorites like guacamole and big salads.


Prepared by one of Portugal’s most respected experts, the wine list includes a wide variety of local (including Sublime’s own house label), Portuguese, and international wines. There are also pitches of sangria and large-format bottles for sharing with groups.


If you don’t mind the price tag, the Sublime Comporta Beach Bar is an excellent choice for anyone who wants an upscale, comfortable, and stylish lunch or sunset break. A welcome addition to Comporta’s beach bar scene, it offers excellent choices for food and wine lovers.  

Address: Praia do Carvalhal
Telephone: +351 269 249 540 or +351 966 006 552

Comporta Café Beach Club

The colorful bohemian


Since 2002, this brightly hued beachside spot has been a popular hangout on Praia do Comporta. The Comporta Café Beach Club is almost entirely open-air, with slouchy lounge chairs, comfy sofas, white Adirondack chairs, and hammocks stretched out between the dining tables and the Atlantic. It’s a lovely place to enjoy an authentic Comporta Portugal restaurant and experience a breezy sunset while DJs arrive to start the parties on weekends as the sky turns golden.


Don’t expect any surprises, but the menu of “carefully cooked Portuguese food” doesn’t disappoint. It skews toward fish and seafood, of course, with dishes like black-ink cuttlefish rice (a specialty), grilled prawns and sautéed clams. There’s also lighter fare, such as Caprese salads and other vegetarian dishes.


Simple, straight-ahead cocktails are the order of the day here, suck as gin-and-tonics and caipirinhas. This being Portugal, good wine is always close at hand.

The Verdict

Wearing its age comfortably, the Comporta Café Beach Club is a relaxed and unpretentious place for people who don’t always need to chase the newest trends. The sunset lounge and live DJs make it appealing to those who want to chill out around others or dance the day away.

Address: Praia do Comporta
Telephone: +351 933 976 520

Ilha do Arroz

The casual standby


Also on Praia do Comporta, Ilha do Arroz is a few-frills, open-air beachside spot with bare wood tables and colorful director-style canvas chairs. The crowd is low-key and not terribly concerned with seeing and being seen—they just want a good place to enjoy the sea view (some 180 degrees of dunes, sand, and ocean) and some straightforward appetizers and cocktails


Don’t expect any sort of creative fusion or fine-dining dishes. Raw local oysters, grilled local prawns and langoustines, and other simple seafood dishes are the things to order. There are also good burgers and wraps for those days when you don’t really feel like eating another thing from the sea.



There are the usual beach drinks, caipirinhas and mojitos and the like, but also elevated choices like Taittinger with strawberries and a good selection of local wines.

The Verdict

There are newer and flasher Comporta beach bars, but Ilha do Arroz is no-fuss a classic, since 2002, that rarely disappoints. While you might feel like you need to put on your newest, chic-est cover-up and statement earrings to visit some of the other clubs in the region, this is a place where you’re welcome to come just as you are.

Address: Praia do Comporta
Telephone: +351 265 490



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