From A to Z- we love to create your tailor made holidays

We give you our definition of holiday, the real ones: exceptional moments, especially for you, far from the crowds and the beaten track. We create tailor made trips for you.
From A to Z- we love to create your tailor made holidays
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What is your definition of a real holiday? If we were to give you ours, it would surely look like this: exceptional moments, imagined especially for you, far from the crowds and the beaten track... Tailor made and entirely personalised trips according to your desires and needs, so that you have nothing else to do but enjoy them.

Discover how Le Collectionist creates tailor made luxury trips for you, from choosing your home to making your wildest dreams come true. 

Setting the scene in the world's most beautiful villas

Saint-Barthélemy, Formentera, Le Cap Ferret, Courchevel: our luxury travel agency has selected for you the most beautiful private villas in the world. Whether you want warm sand and turquoise water, or you are looking for the exhilarating cold of the mountains, trust us to find the rental you need. Let us set the scene for your luxury holidays...

Your tailor made holidays by the sea

Imagine: living face to face with the sea, feet buried in the fine sand and skin tanned by the sun. Wouldn't that, after all, be the definition of a holiday? Our teams have scoured the most luxury holiday destinations, from the pristine islands of the Cyclades to the Caribbean, via the French Riviera, to find you the most beautiful waterfront villas.


We love their landscapes at the end of the world, which give the feeling of being the last man on earth, like at Villa Sirena in Sicily; their incredible terraces overlooking the infinite blue of the sea, like at Villa Myrto in Paros; or their bright colour palettes, straight from the tropical gardens, like at Villa Alicia in Porto-Vecchio.

Your tailor made holidays at the foot of the slopes

At the other end of the thermometer, where the snow never melts and where you can ski on glaciers all year round, our local teams have set their sights on the most beautiful chalets. What they all have in common is their attention to detail: the crackling fire in the fireplace, the breathtaking view of the snow-covered slopes and the dormitory rooms that look like a high mountain refuge.


From the traditional alpine chalet, covered in wood and fur, such as the Chalet Paltar in Val d'Isère, to its baroque alter-ego, the Chalet Zibeline in Megève... to the modern ice palace straight out of a James Bond movie, such as the Chalet Licornes des Neiges in Courchevel. All our luxury ski chalets have been carefully selected to become the theatre of your reunion with family or friends.

Your tailor made holiday far, far away

For others, finally, travelling is an opportunity to get away from the world, to get off the beaten track. If you are one of those who are looking for calm, luxury and pleasure, our luxury travel agency will know how to find the ideal spot for you.


Luxury farmhouse lost in the middle of olive groves and lavender fields, such as the Mas des Oliviers, nestled deep in the Alpilles; sumptuous Tuscan palace, hidden amidst century-old oaks, like the Villa Centinale, one of our rare pearls; or fisherman's hut 2. 0, between the pinewood and the rice fields, at Villa Caetana, in Comporta... all our luxury house rentals have made our hearts capsize and, we are sure, yours too.

imagining memorable and unique experiences

That's it, the decor is set, your suitcases are in place. The film of your dream holiday can now begin. Trust us to be the directors, the conductors... All you have to do is give us the list of your wishes, and our luxury lifestyle concierge will take care of concocting extraordinary experiences for you.


Unforgettable experiences selected with care

Every destination we explore, every house we add to our catalogue has a soul and a story. We draw inspiration from them to create unforgettable experiences. It could be a simple return to our roots, a horseback ride through the deserted dunes of Comporta, a tasting of local products in a Corsican hut or a cooking class given by an Italian Mama. The opportunity to get together and share precious moments.


Sometimes we see things in a big way. We fly in a helicopter over the glaciers, or in a hot-air balloon in the setting sun of the Luberon. We go to dine in a nomadic tent in the heart of the Agafay desert, or to break out the champagne at sea, off the Cyclades or Formentera. You may not have even dreamed of it, and yet we have. Flip through our experience book and choose your next adventure.

...Or created especially for your by our tailors

Because we are convinced that holidays are made to make your wildest dreams come true, our Tailors create new experiences for you. At Le Collectionist, there are no fixed itineraries, no set routes. Tell us about your passions, tell us what you want and tell us what your dreams are made of: we'll create completely tailor made experiences, personalised down to the last detail.


Giving life to a costume ball in a Renaissance castle? Organise a gastronomic show with a private chef on the terrace of your villa? Or privatise a sumptuous Moroccan Riad for a hammam ceremony worthy of the Thousand and One Nights? Ask us the impossible, our luxury travel agency will make it happen for you.

Pack your suitcases and set off on a tailor made luxury holidays, signed by Le Collectionist.

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