Five exotic places to visit in Italy and where to stay to see them

Italy is bursting with destinations where magic exists freely. Follow us into this magical world by exploring these five exotic places to visit in Italy.
Five exotic places to visit in Italy and where to stay to see them
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Pooled beneath conical peaks, hidden away in cavernous coastal caves, jutting skyward in vast timelessness, dimpling the surface of the sea; Italy's exotic destinations are myriad, found in the most unlikely of places or towering over the rest of the landscape with mighty grandeur. There are plenty of treasures to be found in Italy, but some places simply can't be missed. 

Discover these exotic places to visit in Italy with this guide. Here, with Le Collectionist, you will also find the best of our luxury holiday homes in each destination; a home away from home, a launchpad for an unforgettable journey. 

5 unique places to see in Italy

  1. The Blue Grotto, Capri
  2. Mount Etna, Sicily
  3. The backdrop to Romeo and Juliet, Verona
  4. The Aeolian Islands, Sicily
  5. The seaside towns of the Amalfi Coast

The blue grotto on the island of Capri

On the northern coast of the island of Capri is a spellbinding, mesmeric natural phenomenon: the Blue Grotto. Light spills through a submerged entrance of this coastal cave, flooding the cavernous space with an ethereal, iridescent blue glow. Grotta Azura is a place of myths and legend that has beguiled travellers to submerge in its otherworldly waters for centuries. During the reign of Tiberius in Roman times, the temple was considered a holy place, but stories of demons and evils soon emerged, deterring superstitious sailors for decades. Today, it is one of the most famous of Capri's many wonderful sights. 


Where to stay

Villa Salvatore's ample outdoor space promises its guests sweeping views over the Gulf of Naples. Spend your day flitting between sunlounger and swimming pool, or wander down towards the Tyrrhenian Sea below for a dip. This villa is a lavishing coastal home from where to explore one of the best exotic places to visit in Italy

Traverse the active volcano of Mount Etna

Presiding over the eastern side of Sicily - the largest of the Mediterranean's islands - is the awe-inspiringly vast Mount Etna. Standing at a knee-wobbling height of 3,357m, its scorched and barren slopes loom large over the island and the flat sea. In the cooler months, it's capped with a waxing of snow and its slopes offer the adventurous an opportunity to ski. A cable car ascends to the gaping crater that stares skywards from the volcano's peak. When the volcano erupts, fiery veins slide down the mountainside in a beautiful display of destruction. 



Where to stay

Villa Aranciata is a pocket of contrasting gentleness to Mount Etna's might: the pool and quaint house are skirted by a flourishing garden and lush lawns. Generous windows usher torrents of light into this homely villa. Afternoons of tennis and swimming in the pool are interspersed by drinks breaks of quenching Sicilian lemonade and meals cooked by your very own chef.

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The balcony of Romeo and Juliet in Verona 

The backdrop of William Shakespeare's moving tragedy about two Italian lovers awaits exploration. The play's iconic balcony has become a popular place for visitors to see; romantics and fans of the playwright come to see the charming square and balcony that are said to have been Juliet's home in his heart-wrenching tale of ill-fated romance. Visiting Juliet's balcony is one of the quirkier destinations on our list of exotic places to visit in Italy, but Verona's beauty extends far beyond the play, with its stunning architecture, such as the Roman Verona Arena and Piazza del Erbe, and its wealth of culture. 


Where to stay

From Apartment Spritz in Venice, you can easily make your way to Verona for a romantic day trip to explore its ancient streets. Return from Verona after a dreamy day of exploring the city to have rooftop drinks at sunset before heading downstairs, where your gondola awaits to ferry you off to dinner. 


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Take to the Aeolian Islands by boat from Sicily

Cast off from Sicily's northern seaboard towards a magical spattering of islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The Aeolian Islands are a volcanic archipelago named after the demigod of the winds, Aeolus. Here, jagged outcrops jut from the blue sea and quiet coves and creeks await exploration. Guide your sailboat between the canyons and anchor in tranquillity for an afternoon of plunging into the cool water and snorkelling. With Le Collectionist, you can arrange for our skipper to whisk you away to one of our favourite exotic places to visit in Italy for a blissful day trip.


Where to stay

Villa Sirena gazes from its perch on the green grass over the flat expanse of sea. Follow the steps that lead down from the garden to your private rockpool, guided by lapping and sloshing of the gentle sea as it enters it. Spend the days sprawled on the rocks before returning to this sleek, modern, and angular villa for a feast of Sicilian cuisine. 

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Visit the cascading towns of the Amalfi Coast

From Positano, which is a paradisaical palette of colours that droops over the hillside, to Atrani, which snakes its way between land and sea, following the bends and curves of the coastal cliffs, like a brilliant serpent. The Strada Statale 163 wends its way between the fantastical towns of the Amalfi Coast, each bend revealing a new and staggering sight. The world of Costiera Amalfitana seems to exist on a vertical plane, where houses dangle towards the sea, their terraces projecting from the vertiginous hillsides like balconies over the sea. Each town holds treasures of its own. This is the most beautiful destination on our list of exotic places to visit in Italy. 


Where to stay

Villa Terramare looks over the expanse of blue below that, eventually, appears to meld with the brilliant sky on a clear day. Below, a small armada of vessels bobs lazily in the bay, occasional splashes punctuating the quietude as their occupants look to cool off. Inside, the villa encapsulates the vibrance of the Amalfi Coast, with bright yellows and deep blues resembling the juicy lemons and the tranquil Tyrrhenian. This villa is effortlessly trendy; a lavishing place to spend your holidays, whether dining on the terrace or reclining by the pool. 

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By browsing our collection of villas, you can begin your luxury Italy holidays in safe hands. As one of our favourite luxury holiday destinations, we have a wide range of stunning villas and apartments for you to choose from. 

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