Farm to table houses: your next sustainable travel plan

Whether you feel like picking your own vegetables, mingling with farm animals, or simply being surrounded by noble materials, sacrificing luxury for sustainability is a thing of the past.
Farm to table houses: your next sustainable travel plan
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Not your usual farm to table experience

When you think of 'farm to table' you'd probably think of rustic homes and country-style living. Maybe a quaint farm house in the middle of a field with chickens running around. Or possibly a tiny vineyard home that produces its own wine. We invite you to change your idea of what going back to the land means, by introducing ideas for your next luxury sustainable travel experience.

Farm to Table could be defined in many ways, but we see it as a luxury. It's the pleasure of knowing where the food on your table has come from, or finding sumptuous heirloom fruits and vegetables that only grow in a certain area. Or the joy in knowing that the relationship you've made with the person who cultivates the food you eat is a special one. It could even be the simple pleasure of knowing you're supporting a small venture.

Sustainable luxury holiday homes

Because we, at Le Collectionist, are always striving to create experiences that match the time we live in today, we've found houses that allow you to be sustainable while you travel by going back to nature's roots. We're always delighted to find more and more self sufficient homes that are in complete harmony with nature. Check out our curated collection of houses that combine both first-rate luxury travel and sustainability excellently, just for you.

Vila Arranciata in Sicily

An eclectic villa nestled in the heart of an orange grove

farm to table

In the heart of an organic orange grove of 120 hectares, Villa Aranciata is an exotic paradise where Moorish design mixes with 1950s furniture. Being surrounded by untouched hills with some archeological ruins from the Siculi population, walking and jogging inside the property and on the hills around is a must.

Be mellowed by the chirping birds, and spend the day meandering about. Go to see the production of olive oil, or pick tomatoes in the vegetable garden. If you want a more in-depth experience, take a guided tour with the owner or the farm-manager. End your day with farm to table dining by a chef that works the fresh ingredients to perfection. This home is a testament to the fact that you can travel while still being sustainable.

Masseria Delle Arti in Puglia

A renovated Puglia farm that prides itself on its gourmet experiences

farm to table

Masseria Delle Arti blends seamlessly into the rich green and earth tones of the surrounding landscape. The natural stones of the walkways, perimeter walls and building complex were established around ancient architecture that dates back to the 1800s. This home embodies a luxury holiday in Puglia.

This farm-turned-villa is now an oasis that delights food lovers and chefs alike. The farm to table experience comes in crafting your meal from start to finish at this extraordinary home. Pick fresh tomatoes from the garden on the property, then learn how to make tomato sauce from scratch. You can even learn how to make your own pasta by hand! If you love food, you'll also enjoy the experience of learning how to make cheese. For dinner, have the chef teach the kids how to make their own pizzas with ingredients from the garden.

Domaine Champêtre in Provence

An organic farm that boasts award-winning architecture

Farm to table

Domaine Champêtre is a magical home made with love found next to the village of Bonnieux in the “golden triangle” of Provence, along Gordes and Ménèrbes. It is a traditional farmhouse from the 18th century that has undergone over 10 years of restoration; renovated by the award winning Provence architect, Hughes Bosch, and the gardens were designed by the award-winning Michel Semini. Natural materials were used in the restoration process throughout the home, down to the use of organic paint.

During the year, the organic farm produces honey, olive oil, cherries, and lavender. Guests can even pick their own vegetables or herbs, from the organic garden for a real farm-to-table experience and indulge in the best foods and wines Provence has to offer. You could get lost for hours in this splendid estate where fields and trees stretch as far as the eye can see. In the morning, pick your vegetables in the garden and then enjoy lunch al fresco surrounded by hills.

Château Bronze in Provence

A Provençal Chateau that that offers luxurious experiences

Farm to table

Château Bronze is surrounded by a 17th-century walled park. The first thing that your eyes feast on is the boxwood maze and Temple of Venus that date back to the 18th century. It's an exceptional site in the heart of one of the largest wine-growing properties in the AOC Coteaux d’Aix en Provence appellation, within easy reach of the town of Aix-en-Provence.

The activities you could take part in this house are extravagant, rich, and truly embodies sustainable travel in Provence. You could choose to spend your day practicing truffle hunting with a furry friend and truffle experts on the fields of the property; or go into the cave and taste the wine of the estate vineyard. The farm to table experience has never been this sumptuous.

Domaine des 2 Massifs in Luberon

A rustic villa where nature and design are in harmony

Farm to table

Walking into this home, you have the instant feeling that here, time stopped long ago. Since 1720, Domaine des 2 Massifs has been alone, nestled in the valleys of the Grand Luberon. It's a beautiful 18th century farmhouse built in cut stones, according to intimate and harmonious architecture. It has been meticulously restored without ever touching its original integrity to keep the history intact.

Nature is welcome here, with goats running around freely since there is a farm on the estate. Enjoy the rugged architecture of Domaine des 2 Massifs while sharing it with the animals, the true owners of the land. Take a walk and visit the chickens on the property, or stop to admire the fruits in season. Every step in this unique home entails a new discovery, and proves that you a sustainable travel experience doesn't need to be bland.

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Chalet Ornella in Megève

A sustainable wooden ecosystem nestled in the Alps

Chalet Ornella Farm to table

A family home built in 1906, the Chalet Ornella was brought to life by a Parisian, to whom a single visit was enough to make this space the means to express his desires. The home's incredible volumes, its all-wood frame, its charm and its soul were able to seduce him and persuade him to materialise his dream by leaving Paris for the beautiful Megève. It was a return to his roots for this original Savoyard who carried out all the work himself, researched the most noble materials and carried out the renovations while retaining the framework essential to the character of the place.

Taste the chalet's own vegetables and local produce at any time of day. Whether it be at the vegetable garden, gym, movie room, hammam, swimming pool, jacuzzi, or library, the Chalet Ornella offers a multitude of possibilities to have fun and relax. Ideally located, the chalet also allows you to easily reach the various ski slopes at the snap of a finger.

Villa Mora in Ibiza

A self-sustaining luxury house on the glamorous island of Ibiza

luxury sustainable travel

Villa Mora is a beautiful finca with more than 300 years of history and is the perfect family holiday house. With its many fruit trees, lavender and several flowers, it's the perfect house to reconnect with nature in its purest form. Enjoy this ideal sustainable travel home situated in the entrancing island of Ibiza. Bohemian accents around the house combined with traditional finca architecture allow for natural light to fill the entire house.

Revel in nature's wonder as you wake up to the scent of lavender.. Then, make your way to enjoy breakfast with a stunning view of the island. We particularly love the idea of reading a book on the cozy terrace, while enjoying some sun. The children's playground will keep the kids busy with its trampoline, sandpit, slide and fence pool. Don't forget to take advantage of the sunset and have a drink on the gorgeous patio surrounded by olive trees. End your day by dining at one of our favourite restaurants in Ibiza or dine al fresco in the house's barbecue area.

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With Le Collectionist, planning your next sustainable luxury holiday has never been easier. Explore our collection of luxury homes to discover other extraordinary houses for rent.

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