Gottseidank: Expressing Individualism through Unique Traditions

We sat down with Gottseidank, a traditional dressmaker, to discuss how they weave past and present together in their luxury traditional clothing.
Gottseidank: Expressing Individualism through Unique Traditions
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In today’s fast-paced world, it can be easy to forget our past, and hard to focus on the future. That is why Le Collectionist’s partners with Gottseidank, traditional dress-makers based out of Munich, who are devoted to examining our past and keeping our traditions alive now, and into the future. They believe that in our globalised world, tradition is how we can express our individuality, especially through our clothing. This can be seen in how they fashion their signature dirndls, traditional dresses from the Alps that are worn over a jersey cotton blouse, with a jacquard bodice and apron, a classic embodiment of alpine style. 

Focussed on creating handmade, high-quality products, Gottseidank preserves the rich heritage of the Swiss Alps in every stitch. All of their premium materials are crafted in Europe, and they hand-select their partners to ensure they are using only the best methods to ensure the quality and authenticity of their fabrics. Each garment can undergo alterations to ensure a perfect fit, and your initials are embroidered on the pocket as a personal touch. From their selection of fabric and buttons to their design and business model, every detail is committed to bringing past, present and future together while emphasising the beauty and rich heritage of traditional dress in the Alps. These values combined with fine craftsmanship are what will make a Gottseidank dirndl a memorable souvenir of your time in this luxury holiday destination.


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Can you tell us about the history of the company?

Pushing against the prevailing “greed is cool” mentality in Germany around 2010, the majority of the traditional dress market was fast, commercial and cheap. Gottseidank was founded not only to counteract this completely misguided trend in traditional costume but also to revive old ideas and techniques.

What is your philosophy?

In our globalised world, traditional dress is a way of expressing our individuality and identity. It is a visual reflection of the heritage that makes a region unique, and it means something different to everyone. Each individual that wears it brings it to life in their own special way, and it’s our goal that Gottseidank designs provide a spark of inspiration for us all. 

We have to keep one eye on the future and one foot in the past at all times. It’s all about maintaining an effective balance between the past, present and future. Here at Gottseidank, we are not trying to reinvent traditional dress but to understand its evolution, traditions and craft so we can balance that with the reality of today's society.

As Vivienne Westwood once said: "Conservatism stops us from making change, tradition gives us something to work with."

Can you explain the history of the design and how the process has evolved?

From the beginning, we have always strived to use the best quality fabrics, constantly improving our techniques. A big focus is on the quality of our buttons, which we rework in an elaborate historic process. Of course, we also gather new experiences every day, which we invest in the future of our design process, always striving to be better.


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Can you describe the key features of a dirndl?

The core idea behind our dirndl is that everything we make is acceptable from a traditional point of view, like the use of authentic wool and linen blends, and our 7-row hand-pinned aprons, made with an intricate handcrafted process that all our dirndls feature. In general, we believe that a contemporary woman should engage with the principles of tradition, rather than the other way round. 

How have you held on to your traditional principles in the modern world and how do you balance this?

We combine time-tested quality and aesthetics that draw specifically on craft and cultural traditions influenced by dynamic personalities and perspectives from modern day. Traditional dress becomes a way of allowing knowledge and culture from the past to live on in our clothing. Our dreams are what drive us. We resist commercialisation and are inspired by passion.


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