Going with the Wind in the Caribbean

Come along with us and let the wind carry you through the treasures of the Caribbean. From white sand beaches to verdant jungles, come explore all that this destination has to offer.
Going with the Wind in the Caribbean
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In the heart of the West Indies, the islands of St. Barts and St. Martin have out-of-this-world landscapes straight out of the most beautiful postcards. Spending a holiday in this luxury holiday destination, where the water is as crystal clear as the air is pure, and the light soft, is above all to embrace an island way of life. The winds whisper something eternal about cultivating chic refinement, protecting nature, and letting go of the frenzy of the world. Very far away from the stress of life at 100km an hour, locals and regulars will tell you they are epicureans in the true sense of the term and know how to appreciate the finer things in life: the joy of spontaneity and the luxury of simplicity.


True luxury can be as simple as feeling the caress of the sun on your cheek, so follow the guide through a perfect day to the flow of the winds. Start your day on the right foot and to the rhythm of the sun. To appreciate the freshness of the morning air, enjoy a tropical breakfast composed of mangoes and pomegranates. Just like St. Martin, the island of St. Barts is a nature reserve where the fauna and flora are rare and preserved, but if you are in an urban mood, all you have to do is head over to Gustavia or Marigot!

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“We celebrate chic refinement, protect nature, and let go of the frenzy of the world”

You’ll soon understand that here, there is neither stress nor flashiness, because all those who come to these islands know the secret: to live happily, discreetly, and according to our desires. Spend your St. Barts holiday on the white sand, under the transparent water to admire the multicoloured fish or between the waves to practice your surf technique. In the evening you can make your choice between a gourmet restaurant or a chef’s meal at home, but always facing the sunset. We never get tired of the incredible pink and orange palette that twilight brings. Find yourself in the arms of Morpheus, listening to the sound of garden geckos, and ready yourself for another day to come.




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Costa Rica’s colourful memories

Do you love The Jungle Book? Then Costa Rica will be your Garden of Eden in Central America. This vibrantly coloured country is full of natural treasures, from the green jungles of Tortuguero and Corcovado to the white cloud forests and the hanging mountains of Monteverde. Admire spotted jaguars, capuchins, sloths and sea turtles, but don’t forget the smallest inhabitants of this paradise: shimmering parrots, fluorescent toucans, and even multicoloured frogs. Continue your adventure in the tropical garden of one of our extraordinary villas and find your happiness between traditional architecture or ultra-modern design.

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Salt & sand in Turks & Caicos

The essence of holidays is not only found in the most beautiful panoramas, but also in the smallest things: the sound of the waves and the taste of salt on our skin. So when you arrive in Turks and Caicos, be dazzled by the crystal clear waters and endless beaches, then take the time to close your eyes to connect with the elements. Here, time passes differently as nature takes back what’s rightfully hers. It’s time to slow down to appreciate the tiniest details that form the backdrop to your perfect holiday, right down to the grains of white sand that slip through your fingers. Go back to basics in one of our beach villas whose high white walls, traditional roofs, luminous arches and lush gardens blend into the unspoiled landscape.

Bask in the Caribbean sun with your family and discover how to choose the perfect Caribbean island for your family holiday with our dedicated guide

With Le Collectionist, planning your luxury holiday has never been easier. Explore our collection of luxury villa rentals in the Caribbean and choose your dream home. Contact your Tailor to make sure every aspect of your stay is exactly to your liking. Bon voyage!

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