Where to Go on Holiday this Summer in Europe with Family

Discover our selection of destinations where to go on vacation this summer with the family, in France and in Europe, and come back with a head full of memories.
Where to Go on Holiday this Summer in Europe with Family
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For some, a perfect summer holiday means a very specific destination. A family home, perhaps, like a Proust madeleine, where you return every year. For others, luxury holidays are synonymous with discovering new places. It is to them that we dedicate this guide on where to go on holiday this summer with family.

where to go on a family holiday this summer in France

Whether you are looking for wide open spaces and adventure, or simply want to bask in the sun by the sea, France is full of extraordinary places to go on a family holiday. Here is a selection of the best family holiday destinations for summer:


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A perfect mix of relaxation and adventure, Corsica occupies a special place in the hearts of the French. The crystal and shallow waters of the southern beautiful beaches are ideal for introducing young children to the joys of the seaside, in complete serenity. Further north, the natural pools of Solenzara and the cliffs of Cap Corse will delight athletic families.

The French Riviera:

The Mediterranean coast, which owes its nickname to the azure blue colour of the sea, is the perfect destination for a family holiday. The more athletic will try their hand at sea kayaking or paddleboarding in the creeks of Cassis. Culture lovers will prefer to revise their classics at the Musée de la Gendarmerie et du Cinéma in Saint-Tropez or at the Mucem in Marseille. But everyone will allow themselves a short break on the sandy or pebble beaches that dot the French Riviera.


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If you are wondering where to go on holiday this summer to meet up with your family, Provence is a safe bet. Rent an isolated farmhouse in the lavender fields, and enjoy the gentle Provençal way of life for a summer. On the itinerary: lazy mornings, bike rides to the surrounding markets and afternoons sunbathing by the pool. Summer holidays in Provence are synonymous with calm and reunions around the barbecue.


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Cap Ferret:

Our favourite, year after year, summer after summer: Cap Ferret has the inexplicable charm of small fishing villages, perfect for spending time with the family. From surf sessions on the tumultuous waves of the Atlantic Ocean in the morning to siestas on the quiet shores of Arcachon Bay in the afternoon. When evening comes, gather in an oyster farmer's hut to admire the sunset while tasting the fruits of the local fishing. After all, it's never too early to teach children to savour the finer things in life!

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The French Alps:

We don't always think of it, but the mountains are an excellent destination for summer holidays. Less crowded than the coastal beaches, the French Alps offer endless spaces to explore with your family. Kick off your shoes in a traditional chalet and rediscover the mountain in a new light. Forget powder and snowy slopes, it's time for hiking, mountain biking and canyoning! To surprise the children, climb to the peaks and ski on the eternal snow of the Glaciers of Tignes or Val d'Isère for an unexpected summer holiday your children will take great pleasure in telling their friends about when they return to school!


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where to go on a family holiday this summer in Europe

Dreaming of elsewhere? No need to go to the other side of the world to find a change of scenery and give the next generation a taste for travel. Europe hides many destinations to go on holiday this summer with the family, starting with:


Family reigns supreme in Italy. Gather around large tables, laden with pasta, focaccia, olive oil and cheeses. Italian gastronomy is always flawless, both with young and old. For the rest of your stay, the choice is yours: art and culture enthusiasts will prefer Venice or Florence, while lovers of the great outdoors will opt for a road trip through Tuscany or along the shores of the Amalfi Coast. For a total change of scenery, we recommend Puglia, a region unlike any other!


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Located on the Atlantic Coast, the region of Comporta is reminiscent of our beloved peninsula of Cap Ferret. The same golden sand dunes, endless pine forests and relaxed atmosphere... It feels like home. However, we are indeed in Portugal, a hundred kilometres south of Lisbon. Here, the tchanquées huts of the basin are replaced by bohemian wooden villas, lost in the middle of the rice fields. Take refuge there as a family to bask in the sunshine, dividing your days between horseback riding, surfing lessons and sunny lunches.

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Want to introduce your children to the charm of the Greek islands, away from the crowds? Head for Paros. Quieter than its neighbours, Mykonos or Santorini, the island has just as much to offer. Here, you will find the whitewashed villages and the azure blue shutters typical of the Cyclades, but also large stretches of fine sand to lay your towels on while the children splash around in the saltwater or build sand castles. For a fun activity in the middle of a dreamy landscape, board a sailboat or toboggan boat and drop anchor in a deserted cove!


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No offence to those who still think that Ibiza is only about hedonistic nights, but the white island conceals many other treasures, which are ready to be discovered with the family. Starting with its countless coves, with gentle slopes and turquoise waters. Introduce the youngest to snorkelling and take the opportunity to raise their awareness of ecology, admiring the Posidonia, a type of Mediterranean marine algae! Also, find all of our advice on what to do with family in Ibiza.

From the heavenly beach holidays in Corsica to the wild dunes of Comporta, via the Mediterranean islands, you now know where to go on holiday this summer with family. All you have to do is choose a luxury holiday destination, and set your sights on one of our luxury villa rentals. Get in touch with your Tailor to organise unique and unforgettable activities for you and your family!

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