Interview at Provence's wonderland: Domaine des Vignes

Follow Julie and her family, owners of the Domaine des Vignes, to discover their haven of peace in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence
Interview at Provence's wonderland: Domaine des Vignes
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Picture a seventeenth-century bastide, the brilliant warmth of the sun in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, an infinite expanse of olive trees, the song of the cicadas, the pink hue of the hydrangeas and the limpid waters of a vast swimming pool... Have you fallen down the rabbit hole to the heart of Provence?

No, but here you are at the Domaine des Vignes, with the promise of a true Provencal adventure. Le Collectionist followed Julie, the owner, through this magical labyrinth, her wonderland: a dream come true filled with the sweet scent of lemonade, enigmatic works of art and lots of laughter.

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Julie and her husband took possession of Domaine des Vignes in the midst of the pandemic. Thanks to the invaluable help of a friend who is an estate agent specialising in vineyard searches, they managed to visit the property despite the circumstances, and it was love at first sight. Even before the visit was over, the couple were amazed by the estate, the garden and the valley in which it was nestled, and made an offer so as not to let their chance slip away.

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For Julie and her husband, inspired by the beauty of the area, this is their first  major family project. From the outset, every member of their tribe was involved. Her three teenage children also wanted to be able to enjoy nature, the Mediterranean spirit, the sun and the olive trees. Domaine des Vignes immediately became their oasis, an unspoilt refuge where they could get together and flourish together.



At the heart of this enchanting estate, the heritage of Provence is revealed at every turn. Set on an ancient Roman road, Domaine des Vignes is home to over 2000 years of history. Here, period remains such as the old well, the chapel and the ruins of an ancient aqueduct tell the secrets of a distant past. This 17th-century bastide, with its exposed roof timbers and terracotta floor tiles, perfectly embodies this authentic, timeless aura.

Over the years, successive owners have reworked the walls of this thousand-year-old vineyard, giving it more open proportions to let in the southern light. The final touch of magic was provided by an interior designer specialising in luxury hotels, who brought a contemporary touch to the house while preserving the Provençal spirit so dear to Julie's heart.

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After moving in, Julie and her family set about transforming the property into a peaceful haven for the family. The bedrooms in particular have been transformed into comfortable air-conditioned suites, offering a perfect harmony between tradition and modernity.

In a palette of natural shades, they are adorned with palm-printed fabrics, bohemian-style chandeliers and terracotta tiled floors for that special Mediterranean warmth. Every detail of Domaine des Vignes has been carefully thought through to create an elegant ambience that captures the essence of Provence as seen through the eyes of its owners.



Beyond the walls of the house, nature reveals itself in all its splendour. Julie and her husband worked closely with Agence Bosc to create a dialogue between the property and its surroundings. Thanks to Jean Bosc's ingenuity, the estate's two outdoor levels each offer a unique experience. A lush lawn surrounded by laurel and boxwood stretches across a magnificent park, while a courtyard enclosed by a low wall invites contemplation.

To bring dormant nature back to life, the former owners called on the services of sculptor Marc Nusera, who transformed some of the property's trees into poetic works of art. These enigmatic sculptures can be seen at the turn of a grove, and in the garden it's not unusual to come across mysterious totem poles and convoluted benches, or to come face to face with 'the bull', a trunk that splits into two large horns. 

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Domaine des Vignes hides even more wonders: the terrace overlooking the park, shaded by a majestic hundred-year-old hackberry tree, and the belvedere offering panoramic views over the region. Around the terrace, aperitifs can be enjoyed in a gentle atmosphere, sheltered from the glistening Provencal sun. The belvedere, perched high above the estate, offers breathtaking views from Mont Ventoux to the Palais des Papes

When you venture outside Domaine des Vignes, there's no shortage of activities. Just a few minutes from the house, Alpilles nature park is the perfect place to explore Provence's footpaths and admire the rocky outcrops with your family. While Julie is particularly fond of walking, her children generally prefer to explore the surrounding area on electric mountain bikes.



After a day of exploring, the gang can enjoy relaxing in the summer lounge and cooling off in the outdoor pool. Julie and her family also like to end the day with a game of tennis on the property's tennis court or a stroll around Saint-Rémy to visit the local markets and pick up a few antique treasures.

When she has friends over, Julie invites them to visit the local goat farms that border the estate and to feast on cheese straight from the producer's farm. To extend your holiday, a visit to Arles is a must, as much for its annual festival as for its fascinating museums. 

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For your next stay in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, let us guide you on a unique Provencal adventure and create unforgettable memories at Domaine des Vignes with Le Collectionist.

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