Discover the Six Prettiest Beaches in Ibiza

Go for a walk along the prettiest beaches in Ibiza, from Cala d'Hort and its breathtaking view of the rock of Es Vedra to Cala Saladeta.
Discover the Six Prettiest Beaches in Ibiza
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In the heart of the Mediterranean, surrounded by azure water, Ibiza is known for its magnificent beaches. On the south shore of this luxury holiday destination, swanky Ibiza beach clubs attract families and travellers from around the world. In the north, you can find the solitude required to reconnect with nature. Along the coast lined with pine forests, you will discover hidden coves, untouched by mankind. However, it is on the west coast that you'll find the prettiest beaches in Ibiza.

From Cala d'Hort and its breathtaking view of the rock of Es Vedra, to Cala Saladeta and its fishermen's huts clinging to the cliff, set off for a stroll along the prettiest beaches in Ibiza.

For all you need to know about the White Island, discover Le Collectionist's guide to Ibiza.

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Our top prettiest beaches on the west coast:

It's impossible to rank them in order of preference, as the beaches on the west coast of Ibiza are all so sublime. Each has something unique to offer those lucky enough to visit. Explore our list of the prettiest beaches in Ibiza, from the southwest to the northwest of the island, and see for yourself:


Cala d’Hort

The Lost World

Located in the southwest, Cala d'Hort is perhaps one of the most famous beaches in Ibiza. With an incredible atmosphere, this golden sand beach is known for its breathtaking views, facing the majestic rocks of Es Vedra and Es Vedranell. We suggest you go in the late afternoon, when the sun begins to sink towards the sea. Cala d'Hort is one of the best spots in Ibiza to admire the sunset!

Former landmarks of pirates, Es Vedra and Es Vedranell are sources of many legends. Some say that they would form a magic triangle with Cala d'Hort. Others say that it is there, under the surface, in the depths of their underwater canyons, that the lost city of Atlantis is hidden. All you have to do is take a few steps on the rocks, up to Sa Pedrera de Cala d'Hort, to find out for sure! In these old quarries, you will discover fantastic aquatic creatures engraved in the rock, remnants of a civilisation lost forever under the sea.

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Cala Vadella

A Natural Refuge

Along the coast towards the north, you'll come across another beautiful beach. Cala Vadella is enclosed by a bay, protected from the wind and currents. It is as if all the forces of nature have worked together to create a perfectly formed cove. Its location, sheltered from the elements, makes it a perfect mooring place for boats, while its fine sand and shallow waters attract families.

The whitewashed houses that line the beach of Cala Vadella blend perfectly with the wild nature that surrounds it. Enjoy the spirit of bohemian freedom in Ibiza, while maintaining all the modern comforts of luxury. Due to its popularity, Cala Vadella is often crowded, so it's better to arrive early to put down your towel or get a place under an umbrella!



Shades of Blue

Surrounded by green hills, the beach of Cala Tarida boasts hundreds of metres of white sand. On one side, the slope is gentle and the waters shallow, the same blue as the parasols planted in the fine sand. At the other end of the beach, the landscape is wilder and more rugged.

Rent a paddle board and sail along the shore to admire this magnificent blue water. If you prefer to see behind the scenes, dive under the sparkling surface of the sea! In this case, put on flippers, a mask and snorkel, and set off to explore the rocky seabed on the left side of Cala Tarida. The more adventurous will even try a scuba diving session – for this, you can find a diving centre directly on the beach.

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Cala Comte

A Marine Oasis

Cala Comte, one of our favourite beaches in the region of Sant-Antoni-de-Portmany, is divided into three golden sand coves overlooking the small islands of Bosc and Sa Conillera, north of Ibiza. One is nestled against rocks, while the other is surrounded by pine-covered dunes. The last part of the beach is accessible thanks to a staircase cut into the stone. But beware: this is a nudist area!

What makes the idyllic charm of Cala Comte so special is its incredible panorama. Its desert islets emerging from the azure water are like mirages imagined by sailors after days spent at sea. Let yourself dream while admiring this picturesque landscape, but watch out for the strong currents on this beach, which can quickly draw you out to sea!


Cala Bassa

A Natural Pool

A few minutes from Cala Comte, you'll find the beach of Cala Bassa. This pine-lined sandbar offers welcome shade on hot summer days. Unless you prefer the comfort of a parasol and a sunbed! Cala Bassa is very well equipped, and has many beach clubs and restaurants where you can eat.

What makes this Ibiza beach special is its bay, forming a natural swimming pool. The gentle slope of Cala Comte gently guides us to the depths. There, the crystal clear water offers exceptional visibility. Dive head first to marvel at the marbling rays of the sun on the fine sand, or the endless stretches of turquoise blue that stretch out before you, beneath the crystal surface of the sea.

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Cala Saladeta

Paradise Lost

The last beach in Ibiza on our list is actually made up of two separate coves. The largest, Cala Salada is easily accessible from Sant Antoni de Portmany. To access the second, Cala Saladeta, you will have to walk a bit through the pine forest. Walk along the cliff until you reach a staircase carved into the rock. It will be well worth the effort to see the spectacle that awaits you!

Flamboyant cliffs plunging into a turquoise sea, abandoned fishermen's huts offering a refuge out of sight and a seabed populated by colourful fish: Cala Saladeta is a true paradise. Just know that due to its difficulty to access, there are no restaurants. So, plan a picnic if you want to enjoy this beautiful beach all day long!


If you want to learn more check out our guide to the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza, from north to south of the island. Le Collectionist has curated for you a collection of luxury villa rentals as close as possible to the prettiest beaches in Ibiza, to make your holidays exceptional!

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