Dine at the table at Hotel Byblos St Tropez

Follow the guide, on a culinary journey in the Mediterranean, from the Gulf of St. Tropez to the Aegean Sea. Discover the gastronomic restaurants at Hotel Byblos St Tropez.
Dine at the table at Hotel Byblos St Tropez
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At the foot of the Citadel, less than a 5-minute walk from the Place des Lices market and the port, the Hotel Byblos de St Tropez is the embodiment of the Mediterranean way of life. Sitting in one of its restaurants, you will feel like you are on the banks of the canals of a Provencal village, in the Tuscan countryside or in the land of the Greek gods.

Follow the guide in one of our most luxury holiday destinations, we take you on a culinary journey in the Mediterranean, from the Gulf of St Tropez to the Aegean Sea. Discover the hotspots of luxury restaurant at the Byblos St Tropez Hotel.

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The tailor-made restaurant

It is the first restaurant of the Hotel Byblos in St Tropez. Located by the pool, it lives at the rhythm of its guests, whether they are early risers or night owls. Start the day, in the shade of lemon trees, with the buffet breakfast: a farandole of delicacies, exceptional Italian charcuteries, mature cheeses and fruit from the orchard. You are transported in a postcard setting, in the heart of a Provencal village whose crystalline water is reminiscent of Port Grimaud, located a few kilometres away. Enjoy the first rays of sunshine for a few more moments, time to sip a fresh juice or an Italian espresso, before exploring the peninsula.


After a day spent on the beaches of Ramatuelle, or in the narrow streets of the village, you will find the lounge atmosphere of the "B" at Byblos. Sit out on the terrace, where the candlelight on the tables competes with the bright reflections of the swimming pool. You can also sit down at the scarlet bar, with its Casino Royale atmosphere, to sip a cocktail. A vodka Martini, perhaps?

Then the ballet of bites and small dishes to share, inspired by the Mediterranean tradition. Levantine mezzés, Spanish tapas or Italian-flavoured antipastis: discover a multitude of finger food deluxe versions. As always, the chef of the Byblos St Tropez hotel, Rocco Siméra, focuses on the quality of the products and the balance of flavours. Avocado blends with seafood and the strong character of black olive tapenade; fish is served as ceviche, with fresh aromatic herbs; and the desserts, created by chef Yan Orsi, are as much a pleasure for the eyes as for the taste buds...


Sleep at the "B" until late in the evening and share a few bubbles with your feet in the water during your luxury holidays. The Byblos Hotel's selection of wines and champagnes is signed by the prestigious Cave du Roy de St Tropez. Don't worry about the return trip, located in the heart of the city, between the plane trees of the Place des Lices and the imposing walls of the Citadel, the Byblos hotel is the perfect place to spend the evening. You will only have a few minutes' walk left to return to your luxury villa - the Villa Nathalia, for example?


La dolce vita in St Tropez

At nightfall, the terrace of the Cucina Byblos comes alive and the branches of the plane trees light up with dozens of flaming bulbs. The sounds from the glass kitchen mingle with the crickets' songs. It is like being in the heart of the Tuscan vineyards, less than three hundred metres from Piazza delle Lices. It is in the magical setting of the Byblos Hotel in St Tropez that starred chef Alain Ducasse has imagined the most elegant Italian restaurant on the French Riviera.  


Great for reunions with friends or tête-à-tête by candlelight, the restaurant Cucina Byblos is the perfect place for any occasion. The hotel's chef, Rocco Seminara, offers authentic and tasty Italian cuisine. From antipasti to dolci, everything is mouth-watering and brings sweet holiday memories back to life. 

The map is a Vespa trip along the Italian roads. First stop in Naples, the birthplace of pizza, the real thing, baked in a wood-burning oven and drizzled with fragrant olive oil. Unless you prefer the generous topping of Roman pizzas. Make a diversion to Puglia to taste pansotti, delicious ravioli stuffed with fresh tomatoes and burrata. Then head back north, with the traditional Milanese veal escalope à la milanaise, just seasoned with a dash of lemon juice from the Amalfi CoaSt

But nothing beats the house speciality: pasta flambéed in a wheel of parmesan cheese, flavoured with truffle or Kristal caviar. A recipe that is as spectacular as it is succulent and that can be shared. Just like the tiramisu or the pizza with chocolate and hazelnut, a 5-star delicacy... Here, the plates go from hand to hand and the glasses are filled with a good Chianti or an exceptional Chardonnay, selected by the wine merchants of Le Roy.


Gastronomy in its natural state

In the origins of St Tropez, there is a fishing village, men with tanned skins returning home with nets loaded with food. There is the market on the Place des Lices, with its stalls of spices, sun-drenched vegetables and sweet melons. The origins of St Tropez therefore lie in the product. The product in its simplest form, which the Potager du Byblos has decided to honour.


For this unique restaurant, the Byblos Hotel in St Tropez has joined forces with the local association "Partager la Terre" to create a unique concept: a 300 m2 agro-ecological vegetable garden in permaculture, perched above the rooftops of the old town, a stone's throw from the Citadel. For chef Rocco Seminara, it is a breeding ground for new flavours, an endless source of inspiration to create new recipes. They all have one thing in common: taste.

Among the Signature dishes from the Byblos Vegetable Garden is the salad from the Graniers vegetable garden. A bouquet of fresh and colourful vegetables and fruit - beetroot, avocado, green salad, carrots, endives, cucumber, limes, radishes, pomegranate seeds - scented with aromatic herbs freshly picked from the gardens. Accompanied by cereals and a delicious raspberry vinaigrette, this summer salad is the perfect accompaniment to your heat wave lunches. Sprinkle it with a glass of rosé de Provence served chilled.


A taste of wonders

This restaurant owes its name to Arcadia, the divine land where God was born among the Greek gods, Zeus. And it is true that sitting there, by the crystalline swimming pool of the Byblos St Tropez hotel, one would think one was in this imaginary blessed place. Get dressed up, and come and share a moment suspended in the subdued light of the retro lamps - one on each table, an atmosphere conducive to confidences.


The décor is sumptuous, of course, but it is above all for the kitchen that you come to the Arcadia. Rocco Séminara, chef of the St Tropez restaurant in the Byblos hotel, takes you on a Mediterranean cruise, from the azure blue coasts of the French Riviera to the whitewashed facades of the Cyclades. Along the way, you will rediscover the original flavours, the good products of the land and the sea and the comforting scents of the herbs that make up Mediterranean gastronomy. 


Dinner begins with a triptych of appetizers blending iodine flavours with the floral or tart notes of the day's harvest - candied lemon, cornflower flower, basil mint... The Mulet-Crudo, poutargue, olive and black lemon from Oman transports you to the Middle East, while the rack of lamb with Provençal tomatoes takes root in the hinterland. When it comes to the dish, one hesitates between the fresh goat's cheese ravioli with its pine kernel foam or the carbonara revisited by the chef - an airy and original version. In any case, a single ticket to Italy awaits you.

For dessert, trust Yann Orsi, pastry chef, to let you choose between three sweets straight from Olympus. Some will opt for the freshness of citrus fruits and Tagete Limoni or the surprising combination of fennel, strawberries and green aniseed... But the most greedy will definitely opt for Chocolate with mint and fresh almonds. Are you celebrating a special occasion? Place an order with the chef, he will prepare a tailor-made dessert for you.


Still hesitating? You have the time to try all the restaurants of the hotel Byblos during your St Tropez holidays. Then, with your belly full of delicious food and your head full of memories, go back to your luxury villa rental in St Tropez. Good times shared around an exceptional dish, isn't that, in the end, the definition of a holiday?

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