A wild paradise in Portugal: Comporta

Comporta, in the south of Portugal, is the holiday destination of choice for the chic Robinsons. This Portuguese nature reserve is still completely wild and unknown to the general public.
A wild paradise in Portugal: Comporta
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Comporta, a small village nestled in the south of Portugal, has established itself as the new holiday destination for the chic Robinsons. This Portuguese nature reserve is still completely untouched. The motto here is discretion. In its houses with a " fisherman's hut " feel, the real luxury is not having a swimming pool but private access to the sea. Here we live at one with nature, between rice paddies and pine forests.

This "Hamptons" on the Portuguese coast is a well-kept secret of the European jet-set. It is also, and above all, a little paradise for those who want to break away. Discover our must-see spots and activities in this breathtaking nature reserve. 

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comporta for adventurers

Comporta is a place outside of time. Here you return to the essentials, vegetables from the garden and invigorating dips in the Atlantic Ocean. For the more adventurous, discover its extraordinary landscapes in a kayak or on horseback.

1. Countryside

Comporta countryside

Comporta is a place that is still untouched and the locals expect it to stay that way. On more than 12,000 hectares, only 0.5% can be built on and each house is at least one kilometre from the ocean. Here, you find peace and quiet, no close neighbours, and dunes as far as the eye can see.

In the beginning, Comporta was a hunting reserve south of Lisbon created by the Santos family, a dynasty of Portuguese bankers. Surrounded by olive groves and endless stretches of vineyards, follow our guide through the fields to discover Comporta's favourite producers and try the region's harvests.

2. Val Real in a kayak

For the more sporty, kayaking through the Val Real is an adventure in itself, to be enjoyed alone to get away from it all or with the whole family for a fun day out. These canals, winding their way through the fields, have a special charm and make you feel as if you were all alone in the world. To end the trip on a beautiful note, enjoy a gastronomic picnic organised by the concierge service of Le Collectionist. Discover the local produce, with a menu of caldo verde (kale soup) and suckling pig.

3. Comporta on horseback

Comporta Portugal horse

Accompanied by a renowned Comporta rider, discover the secret nooks and crannies of the region. Comporta is one of the most beautiful places in Portugal for horseback riding. Ride through private grounds planted with olive trees before arriving at the sandy beach. After a long tour of this breathtaking landscape, stop at a local winery for a tasting of the delicious Portuguese wines.

for the carefree

Lost in the South of Portugal, Comporta is the perfect place to recharge your batteries and let your spirit run free. This nature reserve abounds with activities for the dreamers and the carefree - plunge into the magic of Comporta's architectural style or explore the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve to encounter its wonderful wildlife.

1. Jacques Grance, the magic of the Comporta style

Dolphin, interior design, decor

In Comporta, one name resonates, that of Jacques Grange. A renowned Parisian decorator, 30 years ago he was the first to see the potential of this piece of land on the coast of Portugal. He then created the Comporta style, a large rice straw hut with a thatched roof, a white painted interior and exposed beams on the ceiling. These pastel coloured, bohemian style houses with their feet in the sand have become the emblem of Comporta. To immerse yourself even more in this fantastic setting, visit the Stork Club boutique or even better, rent a villa in Comporta with Le Collectionist.

2. Discover the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve

For those who love nature, explore the Sado Estuary in Setubal Bay. This ornithologist's paradise of more than 23,000 hectares is home to a protected fauna made up of pink flamingos, otters and, most notably, bottlenose dolphins, the highlight of the show.

3. Yoga on Carvalhal Beach

yoga on the beach

Yoga is a good way to pick up the rhythm of Comporta and let yourself be carried away by the holiday feeling, especially when you practice it to the sound of the ocean waves. Settle down on the Carvalhal beach in the late afternoon. This wild beach, surrounded by pine trees, is the perfect place to refocus your energy on yourself. The sunset here is one of the most beautiful in Comporta.

Comporta for gourmets

In recent years, Comporta has also established itself on the culinary scene of Portugal. Its restaurants are well worth a visit, so make sure you go to spots such as Quinta da Comporta or the Food Circle Restaurant at the Sublime Comporta hotel.

1. Quinta da Comporta

 restaurants in Comporta

Quinta de Comporta has a panoramic view of the countryside and is one of the spots in Comporta not to be missed. Designed by the Portuguese architect Miguel Câncio Martins, this spacious fisherman's hut with large bay windows is known for its simple and seasonal cuisine. On the menu you will find fresh fish and organic vegetables from local producers.

2. Sublime Copmorta, gastronomic bistro

At the Food Circle Restaurant, one of the three restaurants of the Sublime Comporta Hotel, the chef cooks right in front of you in the open air while the breeze caresses your face. This restaurant prepares all its dishes from the hotel's vegetable garden.

3. The Carrasquiera Stilts Port

Comporta Portugal, the Carrasqueira stilts port

This port on stilts, which is also the fish market of Comporta, is unique in Portugal. Perched on stakes planted in the ground, it was built to allow fishermen to moor at low tide. Come here to choose your fish, which will then be cooked by one of our chefs. Enjoy it for lunch on the terrace of your house.

Our houses for rent in comporta, portugal

Villa Azulejo

Standing in the sand, Villa Azulejo is a typical Comporta house with its rice straw facades and thatched roof. Surrounded by wild flowers, in perfect harmony with nature, this house feels like a dream. Inside, simple furniture and rustic decoration make the house warm and cosy. Villa Azulejo excels in the Jacques Grange style. 

Villa Foia

Villa Foia is a strikingly modern designer house with its graphic lines and large almond green bay windows. Lost in a pine forest, it has a swimming pool, a football pitch and a volleyball court. Inside, every room is flooded with the golden light of Comporta.

With Le Collectionist, renting a luxury villa in Comporta has never been easier. Explore our collection to discover other villas for rent in Comporta

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