Why Saint-Cyprien is the new, trendy beach in Corsica?

Saint-Cyprien is one of our favourite spots on the island and it doesn't fall short of things to do and beauty to see.
Why Saint-Cyprien is the new, trendy beach in Corsica?

If you're looking for an exclusive spot this summer that is as lively as it is peaceful, Saint Cyprien bay in Southern Corsica just may be the hot spot for your next island getaway.

An expansive white sand beach rivaling those of the Caribbean and transparent, shallow waters that are just perfect for wading with a drink in hand. The new, trendiest beach in Corsica doesn't fall short of things to do and see. A plethora of restaurants and bars are right around the corner, and make it a lively atmosphere all throughout the summer months.

So, what are we waiting for? Follow us to Corsica and discover why Saint-Cyprien is the new beach to be at this summer.

It's as lively as it is peaceful

Saint Cyprien beach is lesser known to tourists compared to Palombaggia or the Gulf of Ajaccio, thus it is more peaceful. The northern side of the beach is in its most natural state with hardly any infrastructure. While the southern side of the beach is full of shops and restaurants. Furthermore, the beach is protected by a bay which makes the waves almost non-existant and perfect for younger children.


The VIP Beach

Renowned for its speciality, grilled fish dishes this beach restaurant boasts a warm atmosphere where we can spend the whole day lazing in the sun on the lounge chairs.

Le Tiki

A zen-ambiance with our feet in the water and a terrace that goes right up to the waves. Tiki umbrellas shade the lounge chairs and tropical cocktails are served with an abundance of fresh fruit. A true tropical haven indeed.

Le cabanon bleu
THE spot for fresh food and a laid-back, island vibe. Showcasing the wilder, more natural side of the island, Le cabanon bleu is simplistically chic. It's where we go to listen to the sound of the waves and to totally disconnect from the outer world. The restaurant can become quite popular during the summer season, so a reservation is recommended.



Go horseback riding in the waves. Everyone will enjoy learning to dive off horseback into the sea.

Water ski along the bay of Saint Cyprien and take turns seeing who can last the longest standing up in the wake of the waves.

Fly in a plane with an experienced pilot above the coast of Southern Corsica to tour its beautiful waters and stunning, rocky landscapes from a higher perspective.

If you are feeling more lazy than adventurous, you can also enjoy a massage in the shade of juniper trees.

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The location: 30 kilometers to the Northeast of Bonifacio and 10 kilometers North of Porto-Vecchio

The place to stay: Villa Cacciafora


Featuring a private entrance to Saint Cyprien beach, Villa Cacciafora is a rare jewel. A solarium, rooftop terrace and mountain views combine the best of both worlds. In addition, many shops, restaurants and bars are just within walking distance. It's truly a beach-lovers paradise perfect for the adventurous family or group.

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