Whimsical Curation in the Mountains at Chalet Bruxellois

Are you looking for the perfect place for your luxury holiday in the French Alps? Take look inside the magic of Chalet Bruxellois!
Whimsical Curation in the Mountains at Chalet Bruxellois
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Designed to take its guests on a journey together, Chalet Bruxellois was crafted under the twin pillars of authenticity and luxury. From the throw pillows lined with reclaimed leather from horse reins, to the iconic Louis Vuitton Trunks in the main suite, each detail of the home is curated as a reflection of its surroundings, always keeping the guest's experience in mind. The warm, natural wood and local stone is illuminated by the grandiose, contemporary chandelier.

The design blends seamlessly with large windows that immerse you in the beauty of the valley just outside, and the vaulted, exposed-beam ceilings open up the living space, filling it with light from the mountains and making it the perfect place for a stately Christmas tree. This gorgeous home is the perfect place to lose yourself in the majesty of the Alps, with enough unique touches that no day will be the same during your stay at the chalet.


The Collection

There’s no need to set an alarm, you’ll wake up warm and cosy as the sun begins to peek over the mountains outside your window. You won't want to stay in bed too long though, there’s too much to explore! After the kids wake up, head downstairs for a morning workout in the gym room, or curl up on the sofa with a coffee and a good book for a quiet moment. Have the chef prepare a delicious breakfast while everyone does their morning routine before gathering to eat and plan your day.

After a big breakfast, you’ll be ready to hit the slopes, so go to the ski room to get everyone geared up. You won't have to worry about soggy boots, because the heaters will keep everything warm and dry until you’re ready to head out. 


When you return, the house will have been cleaned, and all you have to do is warm up! Have the kids jump in the hot tub while the adults unwind in the Hamam spa. Once everyone is nice and toasty, have the chauffeur take you into town for a late lunch at one of the many fine restaurants Courchevel has to offer, holding a total of 14 Michelin Stars between them. After an amazing meal and a stroll around the town, come back home to stream a movie in the cinema room, but good luck getting everyone to agree on which one!


The Collection

Once the credits are rolling, head upstairs in time for the butler to serve afternoon tea and pastries. Once everyone has had their fill, the kids can hang out in the game room, where the backlit, canvas drapes make you feel like you’re on a safari far from the snowy mountains. The adults head to the bar to make a festive, winter cocktail, or choose the perfect bottle from the wine cellar. If you’re feeling nostalgic for summer, the lush plants hanging from the ceiling will transport you to a temperate rainforest where you can enjoy a Pina Colada to match the ambience.

Villa Omnia

Gather everyone back together in the evening for a delectable family-style dinner prepared by the chef. Enjoy the delicious seasonal flavours of the region and chat with your loved ones as the sun sets over the snowy mountain peaks beyond the balcony. If the kids need to be tired-out before bed, send them downstairs to splash around in the stunning indoor pool, with a backdrop of the mountains and a wooden canoe floating in the water. Younger kids will be mystified by the enchanted forest room, lined with mossy logs and mirrors illuminated by twinkling stars from above. The adults can join, or have some alone time in the Nordic bath before turning in for the night.


Once everyone is ready to hit the hay, tuck the kids in for a sleepover in the cosy bunk room, with log stools, a snuggly teddy bear, and plenty of board games. You may not have had time to try out the massage room or make smores over the firepit, but that's what tomorrow is for, and you can drift off to sleep dreaming of what the next day will hold.

This gorgeous home is just one of many beautiful chalets in our collection of luxury villa rentals in the French Alps. With Le Collectionist, your dream luxury holiday can become a reality! Contact one of our Tailors to make your French Alps holiday perfect.

The Collection

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