Where to travel with family or your tribe in 2023?

From wintery escapes to summer sun in serenity, travel with family and with Le Collectionist in 2023.
Where to travel with family or your tribe in 2023?
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For us, there isn't one best season to travel. Every month of the year brings a rare opportunity to see another facet of the world. From the heights of snowy Verbier to the sandy plains of Comporta, and everywhere in between, our 2023 travel calendar is for every type of traveller. 

For those who can't wait for springtime, the French Riviera's garden festivals during the month of May will be sure to please. For those looking to relax after a busy summer season, Mykonos really comes alive with tranquility during the month of September.

We've carefully selected the best family holiday destinations to watch this year and compiled them in this: our luxury travel guide to 2023. So, what are we waiting for? Let's travel through the year : 

In the desert of Marrakech in January

It may be a little chilly in mid winter, so bundle up more than you would expect. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the desert landscape. Winter may even be the best season to star gaze under the infinite sky without the extreme heat to damper your experience.

In January, Marrakech hosts an annual marathon. The course, on foot, begins near Djemma El Fna and extends out to the Palmeraie, returning back again into the city. Explore our luxury villa rentals and riads in Marrakech.

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On the slopes of Verbier in February

In February, as it is the month of love, all we want to do is cozy up in a mountain lodge with our loved ones.

Join together with your nearest and dearest near a fire on a snowy evening in Verbier. As the sun goes down, warm up with a raclette meal prepared by a chef accompanied by mulled wine.

Spend the entire evening playing board games and laughing until the sun comes up. Explore our luxury ski chalets in some of the best ski destinations.


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Under the sun of Saint Barthélemy in March

The residents of Saint Barthélemy and Saint Martin have reunited to rebuild their islands that were hit hard by Hurricane Irma. 

Now, the islands are back to that care-free atmosphere that has become their trademark: clear water lagoons, a laid-back way of life, and a new address to discover around every corner. We haven't been able to find anything better to beat the winter blues than luxury holidays to the Caribbean island of St Barts.

Discover the beautiful beaches - great arches of white sands that vanish beneath impossibly blue waters - from one of our St Barts villas for rent.

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Flower Power in Sicily in April

During the week of Easter, the streets are filled with colourful festivals and events in Sicily. On a day trip, join in on the festivities along the palm tree-lined and winding streets of a town along the sea; simply overflowing with Italian charm.

For the perfect family trip, find one of our beautiful luxury villa rentals in Sicily to rent. 


In the gardens of the French Riviera in May

May is the ideal season to discover one of the most breathtaking facets of the French Riviera. During the Garden Festival, push open the doors to the most beautiful properties in the region.

Overflowing with exotic plants from around the world, these gardens were created in a way that only the French Riviera knows how to do.

You can even continue the experience at our Villa Grimaldi. Its colourful Art Deco architecture is buried in a luscious garden perched above Cannes. The sunsets, seen from its gazebo hanging onto the hillside, are unmatched. Discover our extraordinary French Riviera villa rentals to springboard your next trip to the beautiful region.


Biking adventure in Corsica in June

Each year in June, a cycling race starts and does the circuit of Corsica. Over three days and 700 kilometres, the race passes through the streets of Bonifacio, Solenzara, Corte, Bastia, St Florent, Calvi, Porto and Piana before returning to the starting point in Ajaccio.

The race tours the most astonishing landscapes in Corsica: from turquoise bays to phenomenal mountains to rushing rivers in mysterious prairies. Following the race is the perfect occasion to discover Corsica off the beaten path.

After having encouraged the cyclists and enjoyed some outdoor activities in a magical setting, end the day in front of the sunset on the terrace of Villa Colomba. Find out the best ways to instigate your Corsica villa holidays; whether you wish to travel with kids, older kids or young kids, or as a group of adults, Corsica will effortlessly entertain.

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July in the secret caves of Ibiza

If you're looking to visit Ibiza during its peak season, July is the month for you. The island is like a theme park of youthful joy during the summer's peak. This year, secret cave parties are all the rage. Somewhere along the western coast of the island there lies a beautiful sheltered bay hidden from the public eye with rocks, cliffs, and pines. Will you be able to find it?

And to see the quiet and wild side of the island, all you have to do is drive north. Along the paths we pass cactuses, carob trees, almond trees in bloom and hundred-year-old olive trees. Next, all that is left to do is to choose a deserted beach and a chiringuito for lunch with your feet in the water. Check out some of our luxury villa rentals in Ibiza.

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August on the waves of Comporta

Comporta is a paradise for bohemian summers: meadows brimming with wild flowers, golden sand dunes and beach huts where you can eat freshly-caught fish. Here, we live barefoot with a surfboard under the arm.

As night falls, go horseback riding along the immense beaches to discover the hidden corners of this untamed region.

Discover Villa Sable, our favorite surfer's retreat. Or, explore our collection of amazing luxury villa rentals in Comporta.


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Authentic Mykonos in September

September in Mykonos is our favourite. Off season, but not too much, the island becomes calm again and most of the restaurants and beach bars are still open. Long gone are the crowds of summer tourists, and all that remains is you and the sea.

We recommend getting a table at Scorpios for lunch, a unique restaurant built around the mediterranean way of eating, boasting numerous cozy terraces and stylish lounge spots right on the beach.

End the day on the terrace of our Villa Pyrrhus with an impeccable front row seat of the sunset just in front of you.

These luxury villa rentals in Mykonos will have you wanting to return time and again to experience more of this treasure!


Music in Marseille in October

The South of France is still alive and well in the early autumn months. Autumn sunshine bakes the terracotta rooftops that rise above us and the sea is still warm enough for a quick swim.

During the month of October, the Fiesta des Suds music festival parties on. Dance all night long to sounds from world-renowned DJs next to the docks of Marseille.

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In the breeze of Essaouira in November

A quieter side of Moroccan lifestyle reveals itself to us in Essaouira. Because of Essaouira's unique position in the desert, and close to the sea, you can enjoy a unique mix of both yoga and surfing.

Essaouira is quickly becoming a leading haven for wellness retreats. It's this peaceful side of the Moroccan art of living that keeps us coming back for more. And it does help that the bustling souks of Marrakech are only a hop, skip and a jump away, if you're looking for a little excitement. 

Paris, the city of lights, in December

During the month of December, the city of lights really takes on its name. The streets illuminate and Paris is wrapped in a festive atmosphere. Dive into a magical experience of exposition at L'Atelier des Lumières - an artistic extension of this city's warming glow - or, simply wander the picturesque banks of the Seine.

Then, go to dinner in a bouillon, a huge brewery inspired by the canteens of workers, that brings back the taste of the day. Finish the evening with a cocktail in one of the creative bars that abound in the city. Take a closer look at our luxury apartments for rent in Paris here.

With Le Collectionist, renting luxury villas has never been easier. Spend your year right with inspiration from our best family holiday destinations for each month. Whether you are embarking on luxury family holidays, a romantic getaway, or anything in between, choose us to make it unforgettable.

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