Snapshots: Villa Roc, a dreamy escape to the South of France

Discover the universe of Villa Roc through a collection of photos that capture the spirit of this stunning home in the French Riviera.
Snapshots: Villa Roc, a dreamy escape to the South of France
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Villa Roc is much more of a castle rather than a villa, and in many ways deviates from the traditional. Located in the oldest resort in the French Riviera, its structure and spaces will remind you of stunning balls, but its decor never takes itself too seriously with its colourful and quirky furniture.

And whilst this stunning domaine is surrounded by endless greenery, it also allows has a private entrance to a hidden beach for only you and your loved ones to enjoy. Whether explored in intimate gatherings with those closed to you, or big gatherings (its dining rooms can accommodate up to 100 people) reminiscent of royal gatherings, it is a universe in itself.

Step into the stunning space that is Villa Roc through a collection of favourite snapshots of this beautiful home.







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