The indian summer road trip

Hit the road during the indian summer's mild weather, and enjoy Southern Europe without the crowd...
The indian summer road trip
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The beaches find their calm again, and the sun softens to make way for a magical indian summer break. It’s a rare moment suspended between two seasons, where the golden sunsets set light to the sea and the fields of wheat. In September, take the wheel and follow us for a road trip through the colors of an indian summer between Portugal and Spain. Wander the newly calm alleyways of Lisbon. Then, horseback ride on the golden beach of Comporta and surf the waves of Algarve. Take a detour through Spain’s Malaga and Ibiza; and extend the sweetness of summer for a moment more.

The destinations in our road trip


Escape the crowds of tourist season to discover the hidden corners of Lisbon and its region in the company of a private guide. Not to miss: tasting the famous Pastéis of Belém and striding across the colorful ramparts of Palacio de Pena. 

Appartement Ruben, Lisbon


Need a breath of fresh air? Head toward the wildlife and the nature reserves of Comporta. Not to miss: going horseback riding under the golden light of the setting sun and exploring the kingdom of dolphins at the Estuary of Sado. 

Villa Foia, Comporta 


In this fishing region, the temperature is always pleasant and the sun is never lacking. Up the adrenaline by surfing the waves on the beaches of Carrapateira, Bordeira and Amanda. Not to miss in Algarve: eating a plate of octopus at Santa Luzia and exploring the Ria Formosa natural park.

Uncover the cultural richness of Málaga, a city founded by Phoenicians during the 8th century before it passed under the control of the most powerful empires in history. Not to miss: savoring tapas when returning from the beach, and admiring the Moorish Alcazaba Palace as well as its exceptional panoramic view onto the sea.


On the way back, make a stop in Ibiza to enjoy the last moments of your hedonistic summer on the beach. Not to miss: a Mediterranean lunch with a sea view at the restaurant Amante Beach, and a day in the sand at the wild cove of Sa Caleta.

Villa White Finca, Ibiza

The houses in our road trip 

Ferme du Petit Charles, Malaga

Appartement Ruben, Lisbon


Villa Foia, Comporta

Villa Keisa, Algave

Villa White Finca, Ibiza

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