The best quiet islands to visit in Greece for peaceful holidays

Need a relaxed vacation by the turquoise water surrounded by your family? Discover our recommendations for the best quiet islands in Greece to relax while enjoying the best quiet greek beaches.
The best quiet islands to visit in Greece for peaceful holidays

What could be more enchanting than a peaceful holiday to Greece with your family? The best quiet islands in Greece invite you to explore the sun-drenched shores of Mykonos and the cobbled paths of Paros

To go even further, explore the golden beaches of Corfu, and the unspoilt nature of Zakynthos.

For your quiet beach holiday in the Greek Islands, bask in the Mediterranean sun, connect with the seas, and discover our most beautiful luxury villas in Greece. 

Mykonos, A beautiful and quiet island for the whole family 

Escape to the quiet areas of Mykonos, where the island's allure reveals its authentic charm and tranquility. While Mykonos is known as the Greek Ibiza and its vibrant nightlife, it can also be a beautiful, quiet island in Greece, offering you a tranquil retreat.

Wander through the whitewashed pathways of Ano Mera or spend your days at tranquil beaches like Kapari Beach, a secluded hidden gem to unwind with your family. For your peaceful getaway, Le Collectionist has a handpicked selection of treasures from the quiet island of Mykonos and spectacular essentials for your holidays in Greece. 


If you are visiting Mykonos as a family, take a day trip to Delos, an ancient archaeological site in the Aegean Sea's Cyclades archipelago. Set sail on a ferry from the old port or with our luxury concierge.

The best quiet beaches 

Tucked away on the north-east coast of town lies Agios Sostis Beach, one of the best quiet beaches in Mykonos to bathe in the warm sunlight.

Get your beach umbrella ready and discover another secluded spot to unwind with your family at Fakos Beach, a hidden beach in Mykonos, easily accessible and perfect for your quiet beach holidays in the Greek Islands.

Dive into the refreshing waters at Lia beach, one of the best secret beaches on the island, nestled between rocky cliffs and stunning transparent waters. Relax on the warm sand and get inspired to experience Greece as a novel

Where to stay in Mykonos 

Seeking some privacy to unwind with your loved ones? Villa Orpheus situated out of town in the Cyclades, offers a private oasis with no neighbours in sight. Take a refreshing dip in the outdoor pool with sweeping sea views, just a short walk from the beach. When evening falls, warm up in the jacuzzi tub and listen to the gentle sound of distant waves in your family villa

Things to know 

  • Mykonos, Cyclades, Greece
  • 20 guests 
  • Outdoor swimming pool, sea view, no neighbours, short walk to the beach
  • From €126,500 to €182,500 per week

To find out everything you need to know before your trip, discover our exclusive guide to Mykonos. 


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Paros, one of the smallest and calmest Greek Islands

Paros, a charming Greek island in the Aegean Sea, boasts pristine beaches, quaint traditional villages, and luxury quiet resorts. Spend your days exploring the Cycladic architecture or pick a scenic boat ride from our curated list of the best boat trips to experience Paros's breathtaking coastlines and secluded coves, making it one of the best quiet islands to visit during your Greece holidays.


The best quiet beaches 

Indulge in the serene beauty of Monastiri Beach, where pristine waters meet sandy shores embraced by rocky cliffs or venture to Voutakos Beach for an unspoilt oasis of tranquility, tucked away on the island's southwestern coast, one of the best quiet beaches in Paros.

Where to stay in Paros 

Experience the very essence of the Cyclades at Villa Milaya. Set out of town, this villa with a sea view offers a blissful escape surrounded by nature. Lounge by the pool, nestled between the mountains and clear waters, or unwind with your favourite book in the peaceful Mediterranean garden for a lovely, quiet afternoon.  

Things to know

  • Paros, Cyclades, Greece
  • 8 guests
  • Mediterranean garden, outdoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, by the beach
  • From €9,550 to €14,250 per week

Plan your dream holiday with our exclusive guide to Paros.


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Corfu, a unique and quiet island in Greece, is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, charming villages, and serene natural landscapes adorned with turquoise waters. Set sail on a day boat excursion, stroll the narrow streets of the Old Town, or hike along the Corfu Trail to revel in verdant views. 


The best quiet beaches

Nestled off Greece's northwest coast in the Ionian Sea, Corfu boasts some of the region's best quiet beaches. Lay out on the soft sands on the western coast of the island at Rovinia Beach, or doze off under the golden rays of Agios Georgios for a playful beach day with your family. 

Find yourself within the serenity of the Mediterranean by connecting with its beautiful seas.

Where to stay in Corfu

Seeking a quiet place to stay on the enchanting island of Corfu? Surrounded by lush fields, relax by the overflowing pool of Villa Dina and bask in the breathtaking, vast sea view, or take a short, five-minute walk to the beach for a blissful evening swim. For more peaceful villas out of town, discover our villas with no neighbours in sight. 

Things to know 

  • Corfu, The Ionian Islands, Greece 
  • 10 guests 
  • Mediterranean garden, overflowing swimming pool, sea and nature view, by the beach
  • From €8,300 to €16,350 per week



Zakynthos, An island in Greece with the best kept secret spots 

Discover the allure of Blue Caves along the northeastern coast of Zakynthos, one of the most exotic Greek islands and one of our best summer vacation destinations in the world. For a quiet place to visit in Zakynthos, set sail on a private boat to the Keri caves on the southwestern coast and spend your day exploring some of the clearest waters by snorkelling among the highest cliffs. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of well-preserved spots like Gerakas Beach, where you'll find turtles in the early morning or evening hours. 

The best quiet beaches 

Some of the best quiet beaches in Greece are found within Zankythos's shores. Enjoy a day of water sports at Vasilikos Beach, a secluded haven of soft sands and serenity, or venture to the rocky cove of Plakaki Beach with transparent waters, unveiling the true underwater beauty along its cliffside trail. 

Where to stay in Zakynthos 

For a quiet place to stay in Zakynthos, indulge in a beachfront villa with private beach access at Villa Renaya III. This home offers you all you need for a tranquil escape from a heated swimming pool, expansive sea views surrounded by nature, and a peaceful Mediterranean garden, all just a step away from the island's golden sands.

Things to know: 

  • Zakynthos, the Ionian islands, Greece 
  • 4 guests 
  • Heated swimming pool, sea view, private beach access, beach front
  • From €11,000 to €26,750 per week



When to go

The quiet islands of Greece can be visited at any time of year. Whether you’re craving to bask in the turquoise waters and soak up the sun amidst its vibrant atmosphere in August, or visit the quiet islands of Greece in September for milder temperatures and fewer crowds, your holidays to Greece will create unforgettable memories. Embark on a journey to one of these quiet islands where one of our greek luxury villas awaits...

What are the most beautiful Greek islands to visit ?

Whether you are going on your Greece holiday to discover the quiet areas of Mykonos, the charm of Paros, or the serene landscapes of Corfu and Zakynthos, experience Greece from one of our top private villas tailored just for you. 

Which is the best Greek island for peace and quiet ?

Wander through the picturesque villages of Paros, one of the best quiet islands in Greece, or venture to Zakynthos, one of the best secret islands with serene, secluded beaches and Blue Caves to explore. 

To experience Greece in absolute tranquility, make sure to pack a book in your suitcase. Let the gentle rhythm of the waves wash over you and experience Greece as a novel.

Where to go in Greece that isn't crowded ?

Connect with the seas in Greece and escape to Fakos beach, a hidden beach in Mykonos, or dive into the azure waters of Lia Beach, one of the best secret beaches on the islands, offering a blissful getaway from the crowds.

Head to Corfu, relax on one of the best quiet beaches on the western coast of the island at Rovinia Beach, or visit the quaint traditional villages of Paros

Discover our luxury villas in Greece boasting stunning sea and nature views, nestled out of town for you to experience the essence of Greece in  utmost serenity.


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