The best Michelin-star restaurants in Avignon, France

With these Michelin-star restaurants in Avignon, you can see Avignon’s depth of history through one of the most thought-provoking senses: taste.
The best Michelin-star restaurants in Avignon, France

Avignon, a place of rich history and once the seat of the Catholic Church, is poised on the banks where the Rhône River meets the Durance. Beyond this city’s reputation as a confluence of history and geography, it is also a meeting point for many flavours and culinary influences.

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Fringing the rich and fertile soils of the Alpilles and Luberon National Parks and a mere stone’s throw from the Mediterranean with its various melting-pot contributors, there is plenty to be discovered in Avignon and its picturesque surroundings. 

Whether you wish to travel down the well-trodden paths of tradition in the art of truffle hunting, or simply savour what springs from the market stalls that line these ancient streets, season in, season out. 

The best Michelin-star restaurants in Avignon

A 3 Michelin-star restaurant near Avignon, France

La Vieille Fontaine*: A Michelin restaurant beneath the plane trees of Avignon


Touches of modernity are blended into both the setting and the cuisine of this elegant restaurant. The way the neon light adorning the walls lifts them from their reserved 18th-century restraint, so too does the chestnut honey lighten the cucumber gazpacho and the notes of raspberry that dance through the monkfish. Each dish in this setting is a happy meeting of old and new, where style and flair meet grace and tradition. 

On warmer days, you are able to savour the dishes that have been crafted with market-fresh ingredients beneath the shelter of the old plane trees on the peaceful courtyard terrace of Hôtel d'Europe. On a cooler day, opt for the steamed foie gras in the warm embrace of the glamorous dining room. Each dish is arranged to perfection, making this a dining experience that is as much about sight as it is about taste.

Pollen*: A champion of local producers

michelin-star-restaurants-avignon-pollen-minNew call-to-actionDuck away from the pleasant buzz of the streets, through the unassuming façade of Pollen, which looks more like a trendy, minimalist Scandanavian shop than a world-class restaurant, for a journey of the senses. Here, you will find a sleek, yet homely interior with chalky tones atop wooden floors. Most of all, you will find a chef whose commitment to local produce and respect for ingredients shines through in the refined-but-accessible dishes that flutter from his kitchen.

Try the Raw tuna and chickpea cream served with lemon and samphire to begin, before treating yourself to the monkfish, which is a creative masterclass. Each dish is beautifully presented. Chef Mathieu Desmarest's restaurant boasts a number of sustainable gastronomy initiatives, including a variety of biodynamic options on both the wine and food menus. This is one of the most charming of the Michelin-star restaurants in Avignon.

A Green-star sustainable restaurant at Hotel La Mirande*



La Mirande is a Provençal dream that encapsulates the wonders of the region with a sure ease: the 18th-century townhouse, with tapestries hanging from the warmly lit walls of the interior and the gardens, enwrapped by old walls and verdant with vibrant vegetation and green furniture, sits almost in the shadow of Palais des Papes. There are few places to dine in Avignon that flaunt such a magical view, which adds to La Mirande's reputation as a top Michelin-star restaurant in Avignon.

While it is an immensely enchanting atmosphere, the main event is undoubtedly the delectable and sustainable dishes served in it, where fine flavours and ingredients from local producers are crafted into mouthwatering dishes. By working alongside local farmers, La Mirande is able to ensure that the ingredients they want to see on their menu are included in the crops, meaning the freshest produce is a given.

Head chef Florence Pietravalle even boasts an urban agricultural project, whereby mushrooms are grown in a cellar and herbs are nurtured on the kitchen's roof. The delicate touch of Pietravalle's green fingers has resulted in La Mirande being awarded a Michelin green star for its passionate commitment to sustainability. 

Luxury dining at a 3-star restaurant: L'Oustau de Baumanière***


Achieving the highest accolade in the world of cooking, L'Oustau de Baumanière is well worth visiting when you are in Avignon. The restaurant, an beautiful 16th-century farmhouse, is actually located in Les Baux-de-Provence, nestled beneath the lofty rocky outcrops that litter the area. Its all-round brilliance has rendered this restaurant's inclusion on our list of the best Michelin-star restaurants in Avignon a no-brainer. On summer days, when the cooling zephyr kicks up the scents from the fields and trees of the bucolic surroundings, you are free to dine on the shady terrace with wonderful views over the Alpilles. 

However beautiful the setting is, you will find it nigh on impossible to peel your attention away from the magic that is artistically arranged on each plate; it is a magic that is bound to please any palate. Piquant flavours and aromas pirouette and twirl through dishes old and new. Creative spins rejuvenate familiar favourites and innovative techniques pay tribute to the seasonal flavours in the region. With its Michelin Green Star in recognition of its sustainable farming of vegetables and waste reduction, there isn't much that this restaurant misses. To top off this most lavish and pampering experience, the proverbial cherry on the cake is that the talented pastry chef has been credited with creating a unique sweet experience; a sugary note to send you on your way. 

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