A holiday dream list: Luxury escapes, Italy

Take a running leap into the jaw-dropping streets of Florence, escape to Positano or Ravello, or feel high and mighty on the shores of Lake Como.
A holiday dream list: Luxury escapes, Italy
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There is plenty to discover in Italy, whether you want to explore the deep and rich culture of Florence, or wend your way along the vertiginous roads of the Amalfi Coast, or, perhaps, live lavishly in the sophisticated area of Lake Como. These charming destinations in Italy are the ideal places for you to spend your next luxury escape in Italy.

Unearth the art, culture and history of italy in Florence

The Tuscan capital is a stunning embodiment of the richness in culture, art, and history that Italy boasts. It is about as common to see something of breathtaking beauty as it is to see a wide-eyed tourist meandering the streets in awe, clasping nothing but a camera, a gelato and a stunned expression. There is even a phenomenon that speaks of the effect of Florence's beauty on those who bear witness to its sheer and undying beauty. Stendhal's syndrome, or Florence syndrome, is a condition where the pulse quickens, the breath shallows, and lightheadedness ensues in the face of great beauty. The result is often fainting, confusion or hallucinations.


Given Florence's artistic heritage and architecture, it is hardly surprising that the syndrome has been attributed to this wondrous city. When the sun is out, the terracotta roofs burn with brilliant brightness, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore overseeing the blaze. With some of the most significant Renaissance art found in Florence, finding a gallery to dawdle around is no difficult task. The most famous of these galleries is the Uffizi Gallery, which is home to works such as The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli. Florence is the birthplace of gelato, and the Tuscan cuisine is needlessly delicious, making this a must-visit destination for lovers of food.

The best place to stay on your luxury escapes, Italy, to Florence

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Apartment Duomo

This sleek and modern apartment with touches of classical sophistication is located near the city centre. The windows, which spill light onto the dark parqueted floors, are portals into the otherworldly beauty of Florence: glimpses of the towering Duomo flash through the windows while you pad around in your plush dressing gown. Apartment Duomo's discrete lighting lends to the apartment's inimitable elegance, while the walk-in shower and the balcony are added frills.

Wind along the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast

Life is lived according to a different axis on this picturesque stretch of coastline in southwestern Italy. Towns, bright and colourful in their complexion, cascade down vertiginous hillsides towards the flat, lazy Mediterranean sea. The turquoise waters lap against beaches, promenades, cliff faces, and swimming people like a puppy pawing for attention. Driving along the precipitous Strada Statale 163, that teeters on the edge of coastal cliffs, is not for the faint-hearted, but the staggering views make it worth every moment. Scarred, jagged rocks with green, tousled summits plunge into (or rise from?) the sea, hiding secret beaches and hidden coves and semi-submerged caves.

Discover the coastline and some of the islands by boat. An excellent day trip to the island of Capri awaits, where you can lap up the sweeping views from the top of its highest point - Mount Solaro. Or, swim in the iridescent blue Grotta dello Smeraldo, where the cavernous interior glows from the bottom up, as light spills through its submerged entrance. As in the rest of Italy, food is a central feature to the region. Mediterranean and traditional Italian dishes come together in perfect harmony. Quaint restaurants are cradled into the mountainside or sit on the water's edge, some accessed only by boat.

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The best places to stay on your luxury escapes, Italy, to the Amalfi Coast

Villa Neptune

Villa Neptune is chaotic perfection. Brightly coloured furniture happily occupies each room, while old works of art, intricately strewn across the walls, look down on the blissful scene of holidaying families sharing in meals and memories. Mismatched tiles give vibrance to the ageing plaster of the walls and ceilings. The bedrooms adorn intricate frescoes; works you can lie back and admire for hours on end, sometimes even forgetting the nap you intended. The view, however, is the pièce de résistance. Solid ground seems to drop away at the villa's edge, with stretching vistas of the blue sea and matching sky, the picture-perfect town of Positano quietly humming below.

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Villa Maiorese

This villa is not carved into the landscape, rather the landscape seems to have grown around it, like a fallen log embraced by the forest floor. The vines crawl along the dome-like pergolas and the walls, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living; overhanging trees rustle in the breeze and the garden is bursting with verdant life. Villa Maiorese is as much part of the landscape as the cliffs it backs into. But unlike a fallen branch, mossy and damp amongst the foliage, this villa is contemporary and glamorous. The villa flaunts an outdoor pool and an exercise room. It is located just outside Ravello. With no neighbours, the setting is wholly tranquil.

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In the lap of luxury, Lake Como

It is hard to think of anywhere more luxuriating and upscale in such an effortlessly stunning area. High in the Italian region of Lombardy sits the idyll of Lake Como, where the mountains have conspired to give permanent shelter to the mirror of water at their feet. Towns are sprinkled along the shores of the still lake, nestled beneath the green slopes of the lofty mountains. There is also plenty to see and do in the area, with a well of history and picture-perfect towns. Head to the Duomo of Como to marvel at the vast 15th-century cathedral, or skim across the water taking in the views from a taxi boat.

Because of the high-end travellers lured to this unique setting, there is a multitude of fine-dining establishments. Find Restaurant Mistral for a dining experience like no other on your luxury escapes. The restaurant is located on the waterfront in Bellagio, which is a town that seems to reach into the heart of the lake.


The best places to stay on your luxury escapes, Italy, to Lake Como

Villa Cipresso

Villa Cipresso encapsulates the grandeur of Italian culture. Statues litter the bulging, yet manicured, garden. The villa boasts a relaxation space for the philosophically inclined, and a steam room for those looking to keep their Romanesque physiques in shape. Bask in the views of the mountains across the lake whilst sipping on your coffee beneath the vine-laden pergola below the house.

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Villa Cesarea

This enormous villa is an extension of the refined allure of Lake Como: its high-vaulted ceilings are a work of art, an intricate explosion of colour; tradition is offset by unpretentious additions, like the indoor swimming pool and the pool table. The conservatory appears to be carrying you over the rippling waters of the lake. On your luxury holidays to Lake Como, stay in Villa Cesarea to feel like you have truly landed in the lap of luxury.

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Explore our collection of luxury villa rentals in Italy to find inspiration for your next luxury escape to Italy. Here at Le Collectionist, we want our clients to feel at home wherever they wish to be.

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