The art of the invisible: or how our luxury concierges make your vacation unique

Because every minute of your holidays should be magical, forget stress and focus on the essential. Our luxury concierge service will take cake of the rest.
The art of the invisible: or how our luxury concierges make your vacation unique
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 You don't pay attention to them, yet they are there. Whether you're taking off in a hot air balloon over the Luberon mountains; crisscrossing the sandy roads of Morocco in a sidecar; making your own tailor-made fragrance in the perfume workshops of Grasse or enjoying a Savoyard speciality in the heart of the mountains, surrounded by eternal snow.

Our local Tailors crisscross the roads to find you the most beautiful villas, the most majestic castles and create unique experiences for you. Because every minute of your luxury holiday should be magical, forget about the opposites and concentrate on the essential. Our luxury concierge service takes care of the rest.


luxury holidays: when our concierge service make every day magical

True luxury lies in the attention to detail, those little invisible yet essential things. At Le Collectionist, our private concierges understand this. Our on-site Tailors ensure that every detail of your vacation is absolutely perfect. They work in the shadows, so you have nothing to do but enjoy the sunshine of your vacation. Discover the high-end services of our luxury concierge service.


Your holiday villa will pull out all the stops

Just imagine: you wake up in the morning, after a morning nap, and everything is ready. The villa is impeccably tidy, the swimming pool ready for your dives and breakfast served, under the sun on the terrace or by the fireplace. All you have to do is slip your feet under the table and enjoy what our luxury concierges have carefully prepared for you.

The experts in our local private concierges leave nothing to chance and regulate every minute of your stay like music paper. Forget about shopping, cleaning, organizing transportation, luggage management, cooking... Our luxury concierges take care of all the tasks of daily life, adapting to your desires and habits, so that all you have to do is enjoy your vacation.

Tailor-made services, organised by our luxury concierge service

You have waited for them, you have hoped for them, you have deserved these vacations... This is the time to think about you and to please you. You dream of a massage with a sea view? A yoga class on the beach or a private ski coaching delivered by an Olympic champion? An introduction to oenology or a gourmet dinner cooked by a private chef? All you have to do is ask. Each of our partners has been selected with the highest standards by our luxury concierges.


Browse through our service book and find all the exceptional services offered by our private concierge. Well-being, adventure, sport or festivities: we have listed dozens of partners who will reserve unique moments for you. You wish to organize a special event? Our Tailors are at your disposal to create with you the event of your dreams, with that little "je-ne-sais-quoi" that makes all the difference. 

Unforgettable experiences: our luxury concierge service will create exceptional moments for you

Luxury escapes are punctuated by unforgettable moments. So that you only have beautiful memories in your mind, our Tailors have imagined exclusive experiences, from the most extraordinary to the most unusual, in each of our destinations. Our luxury concierges can also create tailor-made experiences especially for you, inspired by your passions and desires.

Browse through our luxury concierge service's catalogue of experiences

Fabulous itineraries and dream spots, unusual places or exceptional addresses: our luxury lifestyle concierges have selected for you exclusive experiences to live in family, with friends or in duos. From horseback riding on the beaches of Comporta or the lavender fields of the Alpilles, to snowshoeing on the snowy peaks of the Alps, our teams love to blow hot and cold. One thing is sure, the sensations are always there.


One of our luxury concierge's favorite experiences is a diving session out of the ordinary. In Val d'Isère, one of our most mythical destinations, slip under the surface of a frozen lake. Fans of the "Big Blue" can also board a sailboat, alongside one of our skippers, and explore the beautiful bay of Taormina, in Sicily. You prefer to stay on land? Take a Vespa tour of Tuscany and discover the secrets of the Truffle, the nugget of this region of Italy. Explore our logbook of experience to find yours.

...Or create your own custom-made experience

It's no coincidence that we call our luxury concierges "the Tailors". Like fashion designers, they create tailor-made experiences, specially tailored for you, by asking you about your tastes, passions and desires.


Still in doubt? Let us convince you. Here's a small sample of the new experiences created especially for our clients by our Tailors: we've recreated a New York bar in the kitchen of one of our luxury villas, built a temporary spa from scratch, or installed a photobooth worthy of the largest red carpets in a living room.

You see things (even) bigger? So do our luxury concierges.  Let us take care of our events, from a party orchestrated by a renowned DJ by your pool, to a whimsical masked ball in a Renaissance castle... We make your wildest dreams come true.


For an exceptional vacation, trust Le Collectionist. Choose a destination and explore our catalog of luxury villas for rent. Our private concierge team will take care of the rest...


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