Rustic luxury in Ramatuelle, interview at Villa Rossa

Follow Alexandra Saguet, Villa Rossa's interior designer, to discover this dazzling yet rustic Provençal refuge.
Rustic luxury in Ramatuelle, interview at Villa Rossa
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Like many before them, the owners of Villa Rossa fell under the charm of the village of Ramatuelle, with its fine-sand beaches and lush nature. It's here, in this unspoilt sanctuary a stone's throw from the bustling Saint-Tropez, that they decided to build their family cocoon

They sought to bring their vision of a welcoming and elegant refuge to life, on what was then only a plot of land. To do so, they called upon Alexandra Saguet, interior designer at the head of the prestigious Studio AS Interior Design



After her training in design at Penninghen followed by studies in interior design at the École Supérieure des Arts Modernes, Alexandra Saguet spent almost 7 years at a renowned Parisian agency before following her dream and opening her own design studio.

From the renovation of the famous Hôtel de Crillon to the interior design of chef Yannick Alléno's fine-dining restaurant, Pavillon Ledoyen, Alexandra has worked on many remarkable projects during her years in Paris. Her key principles? Rigour and precision, honed by her wealth of experience and evident in the quality of her projects



When the owners of Villa Rossa called on Alexandra to design their Provençal retreat, she employed all her know-how in this ambitious project, all while respecting the home's breathtaking natural environment and the architect's masterful work, François Vieillecroze. 

Enchanted by the region's calm and beauty, Alexandra was greatly inspired by Ramatuelle's landscapes when designing Villa Rossa. The crystal-clear waters of the sea are reflected in the cerulean blue of the swimming pool as well as the Ondulato Verde marble used for the central island in the kitchen. The olive tree, omnipresent throughout the house, guided her choice to add green tones in many rooms. This symbiosis with the elements bring an sense of tranquility to all corners of the villa. 

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Taking inspiration from the Var, with its tiled roofs, typical shutters and terracotta floor tiles, Villa Rossa displays an expert blend of modern touches and traditional elements. This wide variety of inspirations creates a warm and authentic atmosphere, where the present and past meet in harmony. 



The use of quality, natural materials such as wood, natural stone and marble, married with a plethora of tailor-made details, gives Villa Rossa an undeniable elegance. It's here that you can see the fingerprints of designer's prestigious past, as well as her talent for adapting to the needs of each client. 

From the bathroom's marble and travertine fixtures to the light-oak wall design and the living room's Provençal-style fireplace, each custom creation has been carefully integrated, with each unique touch injecting inject life into the house.

With ease, Alexandra masterfully combines the many luxury ornaments with the most beautiful vintage pieces. Take for example, the two wicker chairs in the living room, dyed by an artisan friend, and the Paolo Castelli sofa, which bring a touch of the Italian Dolce Vita to the living space. 



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Alexandra's knowledge of the world of luxury hotels is equally obvious in the meticulously considered lighting in Villa Rossa. From the designer light fittings to the glass and brass pendant lighting, each source of light has been carefully selected to create an ambiance in each room, making the decor and materials used shine both day and night



A sublime sun-kissed retreat, perched up in the heights of Ramatuelle, Villa Rossa is a true haven of serenity and ease, subtly marrying luxury and charm

From invaluable design to inspired touches, the smallest detail in this extraordinary refuge has been carefully considered, inviting you to be lulled by the peacefulness of the Mediterranean

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