Provence’s youthful mementos in our most beautiful villas

Provence is the setting of our childhood, where idyllic summers have been spent making unforgettable memories. Discover our stunning homes meant to be enjoyed with family.
Provence’s youthful mementos in our most beautiful villas
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What we love about holidays in Provence is the opportunity to immerse our children in the heart of nature. Instilling the love for the outdoors, greenery, animals of all shapes and sizes, the land and the water, is something that is best done in our hidden refuges in this charming region.  

Domaine de l’insouciance


Domaine de L’insouciance is a classic Provençal home punctuated by its 18 hectare gardens with its classical outdoor dining, kitchen, and living area. There’s nothing quite like spending our summer days outside, as we sit around the table and have tea storytelling time with the children! 

Bastide des Carrieres



Core memories are usually those that you’re fully immersed in, and what’s better than getting everyone together to cook a meal together? A private chef can come in to help you and the kids choose a dish to create together, as a perfect daytime activity at Bastide des Carrières.

Have them create their own culinary masterpieces with their own hands under the tutelage of a professional, and you won't have to worry about a single thing. You could join them in the kitchen, or choose to also just cocoon under the shade of the outdoor dining area with a cold glass of juice (or a cocktail, we don’t judge) as fresh as the summer air in Provence.

Le Pigeonnier 

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Do you remember the first time you swam on your own, without your floaters or anything of the like, just you floating through the water? We can bet you did, and it is one of the must-dos with your kids on a warm day in Le Pigeonnier.

Its pool is the perfect place to confidently paddle on your own, and its stunning green surroundings in full summer bloom is the ideal atmosphere for calm confidence. Watch as smiles paint their faces and the sun reflects off the pride in their eyes, as you let them explore their techniques solo!

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