Paris will always be Paris, an interview at Appartement Wilson

Situated in the heart of the Golden Triangle, Appartement Wilson perfectly reflects the multiple personalities of its owner, Pierre-Yves Chamla.
Paris will always be Paris, an interview at Appartement Wilson
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In the heart of the 8th arrondissement, opposite Pont de l'Alma, follow us to discover a very distinctive haven of peace, Appartement Wilson

Like the City of Lights and its many faces, there are many facets to Pierre-Yves Chamla's personality, Appartement Wilson's owner. Rising-star in French tennis in his youth, entrepreneur of multiple businesses, engineer passionate about technology, this multifaceted man put his insatiable curiosity to use to create a refuge as modern as it is timeless in the epicentre of the capital.  



Pierre-Yves is nowhere if not in the heart of the action and it is precisely for this reason that he chose the 8th arrondissement of Paris. 

Although he has other properties, it is in Appartement Wilson, beside his loved ones, that this true lover of aesthetics feels really at home. Offering an unobstructed view of the Eiffel Towel, the Seine and Invalides, this Haussmann work of art mixes with the historic heritage surrounding it.  


"Whole" and "refined" is how Pierre-Yves encapsulates the decor of Appartement Wilson. Designed in collaboration with the talented decorator Adèle de la Palme, each room reveals a subtle balance between the new and old, between nature and sophistication


While the original parquet flooring and the natural touches of wood create a warm atmosphere, reminding Pierre-Yves of happy weekends spent in the countryside, the raw materials and stunning marble give the apartment a timeless elegance.

Tulip chairs, straight out of the Sixties, work with Madhavi furniture to illustrate the marriage between period pieces and contemporary touches, characteristic of the whole apartment. 


This subtle mix between past and present equally guides the owner's artistic choices. Collector of contemporary art, Pierre-Yves chose to adorn the walls of Appartement Wilson with works of art by Philippe Pasqua, Olga Novakoshka, Banksy or even Mr. Brainwash.


Adventurer at heart, Pierre-Yves brings back from each one of his travels traditions and unique pieces. While Balinese wooden statues, over 80 years old, reign over the master bedroom, testament to an ancestral tradition of welcoming, a hammam gives a nod towards the Arab world. 



The kitchen is at the heart of Appartement Wilson. It is here that Pierre-Yves gives free rein to his passion for gastronomy and his talent for hosting. He therefore created it in his image: inspired and full of life. Incredibly well equipped, this professional kitchen delights both chefs and Pierre-Yves's guests. The marble table, able to seat 10 guests, is the theatre of legendary dinner parties, so precious to our host.  


Here, it is not only the kitchen which is cutting-edge. From the state-of-the-art systems in the living room, to the hidden screen on the ceiling of the master bedroom to the bathroom mirror which transforms into a television, Pierre-Yves thought through every detail to surprise and delight. This passion for technology was at the heart of creating a futuristic atmosphere at home, rare in the Parisian landscape. 

Appartement Wilson offers much more than unobstructed views of the iconic monuments of the capital city, it embodies the owner's motto : excellence and originality


Above all else, Pierre-Yves Cahmia is a great lover of the City of Light and for him Paris is still like a party. And if it's not being hosted by him but rather in his favourite haunts, the party is all the more joyful. From luxurious institutions to secret neighbourhoods, he gives us a look inside his address book

Pierre-Yves Chamla's favourite addresses: 

  • Start the day with a coffee at Le Coq, Place de Trocadéro.
  • Travel through time in the Musée Nissim de Camondo.
  • Take a break in the Jardin du Petit Palais.
  • Savour a delicious Peking glazed duck at Restaurant Diep, Rue Charrone.
  • Unearth designer homeware at Pacific Compagnie, Rue Saint Honoré.
  • Sip a cocktail on the terrace of Cravan, in the 16th arrondissement. 
  • Dine at the Palais de Tokyo, at Monsieur Bleu

"Fashion goes out of fashion, style never does", nobody could have summed up the je ne sais quoi of Appartement Wilson better than Coco Chanel. Varied and unique, timeless and current, far from trends but always keeping with the times, it is undoubtedly the best kept Paris address on our list.

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