Cala Verde Beach: Corsica's best kept secret

Nestled in the heart of the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio, the beach of Cala Verde is one of the best preserved secrets of southern Corsica.
Cala Verde Beach: Corsica's best kept secret
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As we reach Porto-Vecchio by sea, we see, just before the port of the old town, a strip of deserted white sand. It is Cala Verde: one of the most beautiful beaches of Corsica. Less well-known than its neighbours Palombaggia or Santa Giulia, it is reserved for those in the know. Set off to discover this lost paradise, between idleness, nature and delicacies. So what are you waiting for -- Cala Verde beach, is ready for you!

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Cala Verde: version farniente

Cala Verde, in Corsica, is first of all a sublime beach, with crystalline water and fine sand punctuated with pearly shells. It boasts a paradisiacal landscape which remains relatively unknown to tourists.

cala verde corse plage

Face to face with the sea

After a lazy morning, we leave Porto Vecchio to venture towards Cala Verde beach. On the way, the smell of warm croissants escaping from the Mallaroni Bakery makes our mouths water. We stop for breakfast and hesitate between an orange blossom flavoured pastry or a butter brioche.

We soon reach the stunning deserted beach. Little frequented, even in the middle of summer, Cala Verde, in southern Corsica, is as sumptuous as it is peaceful. Press your feet into the fine sand and let the foam of the waves come and whisper against your ankles. The wild landscape is sublime, and we highly suggest for you to take a moment and close your eyes to savour the serenity. Only the small comings and goings of the waves disturb the silence and it's like you are all alone on the island.

cala verde boulangerie

Tan with a view at Villa Marila

3 p.m. means nap time. To honour this Corsican tradition, we return to Villa Marila. Nestled in the heights of Cala Verde, in the heart of the nature, it hangs over the gulf. Sit comfortably on one of the deckchairs, on the terrace which is similar to the deck of a sailing boat, and let yourself be intoxicated by the breathtaking view of the sea and the minty scent of the eucalyptus trees. Then spend the rest of the afternoon soaking up the sun while the children play in the crystal clear water of the swimming pool.

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Cala Verde: nature version

Nestled between sea and mountains, Cala Verde is the ideal starting point for exploring the wilderness of southern Corsica.

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Kayaking along the coast

Corsica is best discovered from the sea. Rent a kayak and head north. Then w along the beaches, starting with the discreet Cala Verde. Go up to the cove Marina di Fiori, a long sandbank lined with maritime pines, and then to the Benedettu headland. Stop here for a few moments to admire this wild beach, where the turquoise of the sea contrasts with the glowing red reflections of the rocks and the lush green of the vegetation.

The daring can continue on their way to Cala Rossa. But their effort is well-rewarded: the reputation of this beach, located to the north of Cala Verde, is well-known. The white sand and crystal-clear water will remind you of the paradisiacal Caribbean islands.

kayak corsica

Hiking in the heart of the maquis

Move away from the sea and head towards the heights of the city. It is from there, where the scrub covers the hills, that you will have the most beautiful view of Cala Verde and the gulf of Porto-Vecchio.

Walk silently along the coastal paths, and breathe in the air loaded with salt and pine thorns. Your route may take you as far as the Ospédale forest and its fairy-tale lake. The air cools down as you climb up and soon you will reach the Col de Bavella. Its peaks stand out from the azure sky, standing proudly facing the Mediterranean.

Cala Verde gastronomy version

The gulf of Porto-Vecchio is a paradise for gourmets. With seafood platters with your toes in the sand and Corsican cheese tastings with a view of the sea, Cala Verde in Corsica, is a marvel for the eyes and the taste buds.

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Lunch with your feet in the water at La Plage

On the beach of Cala Verde, a pontoon projects into the sea, like an invitation to dock on the fine sand. We follow an exotic red carpet that leads us to the terrace of the restaurant: La Plage.

Sit by the pool and sip a cocktail to live music, then let yourself be guided to the table with your feet in the sand. On the menu: fish, lobsters and shellfish freshly caught along the coast of Porto-Vecchio.

 la plage
La Plage

5-star dinner at the Belvedere

In the evening, climb aboard a vintage convertible for a ride through the maquis towards the Belvedere. Located on the other side of the gulf, about 10 minutes from Cala Verde on the road to Palombaggia, this gourmet restaurant has a stunning view of the sea.

Royal langoustine in a medallion, saffron-flavoured liche, tasting of Corsican cheeses and fig jam: Chef Vincent Peinado does honour to Corsican gastronomy. One melts for the plate around the olive and chocolate and his ice cream with fleur de sel. An exceptional cuisine which you can savour while watching the sun set over the sea.

restaurant corsica
Le Belvedere

Whether you are a fan of dolce vita, an adventurer at heart or a gourmet, find all our luxury villa rentals in Corsica, where you can discover all the treasures of Corsica.

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