Our pick of the best Cap Ferret beach hideaways

Cap Ferret is the French's secret holiday destination that has been hiding just a stone's throw away from the famous Bordeaux. Discover our collection of houses and seize the chance to live like the refined boho-French for a little slice in time.
Our pick of the best Cap Ferret beach hideaways
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France's best kept secret

While the French mostly relinquished the glitzy Côte d’Azur to foreigners, they have kept one of the country’s best escapes for themselves: Cap Ferret. It's a windswept, pine-covered peninsula off the coast of southwest France that only the exclusive know of. As the road grows slower and more dusty, and you turn south into the peninsula, you know you've arrived. It is the beach hideaway that forgoes glamour for the simpler things: surfing, freshly shucked oysters, and untouched beaches.

The cape supplies all of France with oysters, and so this is a working stretch of coastline. It is, in other words, a 'real place' rather than a holiday resort spot. It has been described as Europe's Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod, or the Hamptons: highly exclusive, isolated, and refined.

cap ferret beach

cap ferret beach

Exceptional beach houses

The tide of Arcachon bay is transformational, going from a desert into a big boating lake and back again. The effect is alluring, and it's almost as if every time you look, the landscape is different. Experience the exceptional tide of Cap Ferret through our collection of the best beach hideaways and enjoy the priceless luxury of having the water right at your doorstep.

Villa des Sabloneys  

The green, wooden retreat

cap ferret beach

Sitting idly on the sand dunes of Cap Ferret is Villa Sabloneys. With stunning views of the Pyla dune, and its pond of a deeper blue than Yves Klein monochrome, the villa undoubtedly offers some of the most impressive coastal scenery in France.

The entire villa’s interior was designed and constructed using natural forest materials. Like a luxurious cabin bathed in sunlight, the entire structure is made of wood with an impressive exposed beam ceiling that creates a powerful energy. Our favourite spot is the master bedroom and its large panoramic terrace overlooking the bassin of Arcachon.

Villa des pêcheurs  

The one with its feet in the sand

cap ferret beach

Villa des Pêcheurs is an explosion of vivaciousness and creativity. It is an architect's house that is bursting with joie de vivre, along with playful yet chic winks. From the colourful staircase, to the pastel bathrooms and bathtubs, every space is meant to put you in a good mood.

Our favourite part of this beach house is that you can go from the pool to the water in seconds. Upon waking up, it's a peculiar sight, seeing all the boats resting on sand, seemingly stranded. But step out onto the sun-kissed terrace for breakfast and watch as the tide rises and transforms the Cap Ferret beach landscape.

Villa du Cap

The retro beach hideaway

The atmosphere in this Cap Ferret beach house is slightly nostalgic. Large bay windows flood the living room with light and suddenly we’re surfing in the 70’s. Nestled under the trees, Villa du Cap shows off its blonde wood facade, in the typical design of oyster-farming cabins of Arcachon Bay. The large bay windows and casual interior give a vintage Scandinavian feeling. With brass lamps alongside marine touches, it's a classic tribute to its surfing origins.

Under the pine trees, you can sit yourself down on the terrace to sample some oysters from the Arguin Bank, which are a local speciality. As the home comes with a boat, canoe, kayak, and paddle board, there are endless ways to take advantage of the water. From the oyster port of Canon, you can visit the Île aux Oiseaux, stilt huts and the Dune of Pilat by boat.

If you want to find out more about this exceptional cap ferret beach house, check out this article.

Villa Léah  

The one sailing between the pines and strawberry trees

cap ferret beach

Bordering the Arcachon Bay, with astonishing triangular architecture, wooden facade and mesh railings, Villa Léah is a stunning sight. Its bay windows open onto a sunny terrace, where candy pink, bright red and mandarin orange chairs surround a large garden table. Inside, you find the same lively pop colours.

Each bedroom, though simple, gives you a feeling of being on a spaceship made of wood. With clean minimalist lines, unconventional layouts, and striking angles, every room is a masterpiece. On the ground floor, the pine wood furniture and the black matte kitchen blend in perfectly with the clean and minimalist lines of the house.

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