Our must-see destinations for a family snow holiday

From the eternal snows of Mont-Blanc to the mythical resort of Verbier, follow the guide for an exceptional family stay in the snow.
Our must-see destinations for a family snow holiday
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Every winter, it's the same refrain that starts all over again. A sweet song that evokes Christmas and soon, family ski holidays. This year, head for the Alps and discover the most mythical resorts with your children. It is one of our favourite ski areas.

From the eternal snows of Mont-Blanc to the peaceful shores of Lake Geneva, follow the guide for an exceptional family snow holiday.

In the footsteps of champions in val d'isere

To introduce your children to winter activities, nothing beats the resort of champions: Val d'Isère. It is in this resort, perched at an altitude of 1850 metres in the Vanoise massif, that the best skiers in the world meet every year.


Live an Olympic trip

At the bottom of the mythical face of Bellevarde, which barely wakes up after a night of torchlight, we come to life in the chalets. Here, mornings are punctuated by the metallic tinkling of ski boots in contact with the snow. The whole family is up early, eager to board the "Funival", the mythical funicular that will take you to the summits.

Once at the top of the Rocher de Bellevarde, family snow holidays can really start. There are 300 kilometres of slopes to choose from. Beginners head straight away to the Glacier de la Grande Motte, which is snow-covered in summer and winter, while beginners prefer to take a few minutes to admire the view over the Val d'Isère valley.

Taste the local flavours

It is impossible to spend a family snow holiday without getting together around the traditional raclette. To be shared by the fireplace, gathered around the round table in Chalet Ebene. This Savoyard speciality, the ultimate comfort, calls for laughter, recalling the memories of days spent in the powder snow.

You can also opt for adventure. Get on a snowmobile and brave the blizzard, heading for the heights of the ski resort. There, sheltered by fir trees and bare trees, lies a secret yurt. Slip inside for a gourmet fondue, wrapped in thick blankets. A dinner out of time, to be shared with the whole family! 

face to face with the glaciers in chamonix

One goes up along the Swiss border, towards the roof of Europe. Your destination is perched at more than 1030 metres, at the foot of Mont-Blanc: Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. Welcome to the land of cold and ice, an essential stopover for your family snow holidays.

Play the explorer

Although family stays in the snow often go hand in hand with winter sports, they are nonetheless an opportunity to make great discoveries. Leave your skis for your adventurous boots for a day and board the mythical red train of the Mont-Blanc company. This flamboyant vessel will guide you through the heart of the pristine landscape to the Montenvers site.


Your train journey stops here, at an altitude of 1913 metres. Yet the journey has only just begun. Continue your journey on foot, along the glacier, and go back in time to the mountain hamlets of the 19th century. The most daring will follow the lights into the ice cave, like a refuge dug into the Mer de Glace, Chamonix's treasure.

Go higher

After going down below sea level (ice), it is time to go back up a bit. Set off to conquer one of the highest peaks in the Chamonix valley: the Aiguille du Midi. From your chalet at the foot of the slopes, you only need to take a few steps to reach the funicular that will take you up there, at 3842 metres altitude. Enter a glass box, suspended 100 metres above the void. A word of advice: don't look down! Instead, direct your gaze to the jewel of the Alps that stands before you: Mont-Blanc stands proudly, dressed in its white fur coat. And it is with amazed eyes and a dreamy spirit that you come down to the resort...


stopover in the swiss alps in verbier

Climb to the top of the mountain ranges, where the snowy peaks merge with the fluffy white of the clouds. Once at the top, you have the choice: return to your alpine village or go down the slope on the other side, towards the hamlet of Verbier in the Swiss Alps.

Fly over the slopes

Everyone who comes here will tell you: Verbier, skiing is a religion. Sunny all year round, it is the ideal resort for your family snow holidays. An alpine territory carried by the country's highest peaks, many of which rise to over 4000 metres in altitude. Hundreds of kilometres of tracks and unexplored slopes to hurtle down in single file, from the smallest to the biggest.

Take the ski lifts and take your tribe to the top of the mountains. Our guide is waiting for you up there for an amazing experience. You have to have a good heart, but it's worth it. Skis on your feet, launch yourself into the void during a speedflying session.

Under your feet, the whole canton of Valais is parading. Keep your eyes open: you may see the wrapped up silhouettes of your toddlers in the middle of a snowploughing lesson at the resort's children's club.


Join the pack

Wake up your tribe at dawn, while the village is still asleep. Outside, the mist merges with the thick white mantle that covers the branches of the fir trees. Put on scarves and hats, and step into the forest. You have an appointment with Olivia and her pack of sled dogs. Take the lead of the team and let yourself be carried through this maze of snowy trees. You could get lost in it, if it weren't for the incomparable flair of our guides from the Far North. The experience of dog sledding is an unforgettable family activity.



It's because of the limbs numb from the cold that we return to Chalet Orsini. The fires await us, crackling in the old stone chimneys, and the hot chocolates smoke under their thick layer of foam, on the large dining room table. The children sit down to enjoy Swiss rolls, while the older children meet on the terrace. Plunge into the hot water of the jacuzzi, from where you have a breathtaking view of the Mont-Blanc crests.


Make it a luxury family holiday by choosing one of our exceptional villa rentals from Le Collectionist. From the glaciers of Mont-Blanc to the pine forests of the Swiss Alps, we organise your tailor-made family snow holidays in the best of the French resorts.

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