Great Estates: Our Most Beautiful Homes

Do you want to live like royalty on your luxury holiday? Discover our selection of great estates and explore the grandest beautiful homes in our collection!
Great Estates: Our Most Beautiful Homes
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live like royalty? Well, in one of these beautiful homes, you can find out! Our collection features a variety of great estates with historic homes, where nobility and great minds once resided. Spend your days in regal fashion, lounging in the gorgeous salons filled with period furniture, or exploring the vast gardens that surround the iconic homes. Whether its the imposing architecture, the manicured gardens or the opulent interiors, these homes are sure to impress, with something to please everyone.

There's something special about a historic home. Perhaps it's the feeling that you are stepping back in time, or the sense of connection to the people who came before you. Whatever the reason, these amazing estates hold a special place in our hearts, having welcomed people for centuries, retaining their original charm while adapting to offer all the commodities of modern luxury. If you want to live like a king on your luxury holiday, any of these magnificent estates will be sure to enchant you!

The most beautiful estates in our collection:

Grand Château des Lumières 

Hidden in the emerald fields of Avignon, the Grand Château des Lumières is the fairytale estate of your dreams. Its picturesque facade towers over the formal gardens, its iconic green shutters matching the ancient, emerald trees that shade it. Inside, its stately walls are gilded with ornamental wood and antique oil paintings that will transport you through time to a bygone era.

Spend your days exploring the lush gardens that blanket the estate, and discovering the beautiful flowers and sculptures hidden around the property. The enormous pool and lawn are perfect for a pool party! If you’re the athletic type, you have endless opportunities on the estate, from tennis, basketball, volleyball and bocce ball on the private courts outside, to billiards, squash and a home gym inside! However you choose to spend your time, you will adore every second in this enchanting home.

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Domaine Aciana

The sprawling estate of Domaine Aciana is truly a sight to behold. With 33 hectares of vineyards, over 300 olive trees and a 15-hectare park, you would need a lifetime to explore every corner of this bucolic paradise. The ancient stone walls of the castle have kept watch over the countryside for hundreds of years, and have plenty of stories to tell as you explore the ancient corridors.

With three swimming pools, a sheep pasture, a pond and a home theatre, the opportunities for leisure are endless. Take advantage of the bicycles to get around the estate and the surrounding beauty of Provence! Curl up in the cosy library with a book, or stroll through the spiralling hedges and towering cypress trees of the formal garden before retiring to the rooftop terrace for a lovely dinner.

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Villa Cetinale

If you’re craving a classic experience in an iconic Italian palace, then Villa Cetinale is for you. Hidden in the heart of an oak forest in Tuscany, this breathtaking estate exists outside of time. Dating back to 1651, the Cardinal of Rome began building his home on the grounds, turning it into the beautiful, baroque masterpiece you see today. 

As you walk through its doors you will step back in time as you are immersed in the perfectly preserved world of Villa Cetinale, filled with antique furniture, art and artefacts. Perhaps even more beautiful than the home are the gardens. Filled with ancient fruit trees, sculptures from famous artists, and cypress trees that pierce the sky, you are sure to find peace in this stunning oasis. Make sure to find the hillside staircase which was built to give you a view of the monumental estate in its entirety!

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Castello De Luz

For a truly regal experience, choose Castelo Da Luz for your luxury holiday. The majesty of its palatial facade will take your breath away as you enter the grounds of the estate. Just outside Porto, this historic property is unrivalled in its beauty and luxury. Ascend the grand staircase and be greeted at the entrance by the villa manager, who will tend to your every need during your stay.

The castle is the perfect place for those seeking wellness, with plenty of amenities to help you decompress and reconnect with your inner self. Begin the day with a session in the meditation room to clear your mind of the stressors of the outside world, then go out into the gorgeous gardens of the estate to soak up the beauty of nature that surrounds you. After a delicious lunch in the grandiose dining room, retire to the massage room for a relaxing rub down before unwinding in the sauna. These are just a few of the many things Castelo Da Luz offers to those fortunate enough to stay there.

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The Collection

Domaine Monserrate

From its verdant hillside perch, Domaine Monserrate keeps watch over all of Sintra, with one of the best views in our collection. Inside its pristine, white walls is a labyrinth of stunningly chic interior design, paired with unbelievable views from every window.

Enjoy breakfast on the balcony and breathe in the fresh morning air, then head down to take a dip in one of the swimming pools before lunch. Have the butler serve afternoon tea before going out to explore the lush gardens that cover this hillside haven. Be sure to take a peek inside the lovely greenhouse that sits below the villa! Have a drink at the outdoor bar while dinner is prepared, and after a delicious meal, gather around the fire pit for a toast as the sun sets over the golden fields below.

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Has one of these houses put you under its spell? Then take the next step and contact one of our Tailors to make your time perfect in one of our luxury holiday destinations. If you want to see more beautiful homes, explore our collection of luxury villa rentals and choose the right fit for you!

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