The 7 best cities to visit in Italy

An Italian city sojourn is the best, purest form of escapism. Discover the best cities to visit in Italy with this guide.
The 7 best cities to visit in Italy
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There is no feeling of freedom quite like the anonymity of exploring a new city; the idea that you can lose yourself in the richness of life on offer, through history, food, and culture. Italy is probably the best place to find this kind of freedom, where every facet of life promises to delight. Follow us on a journey through some of the best cities to visit in Italy, whether you're after the finest Italian cuisine or stunning beaches, or you simply wish to bask in the largesse of Italian art, history, and culture on offer. Visit Italy with this guide to lead you through our 7 favourite Italian cities.

Our list of the best cities to visit in Italy

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Pore over Ponte Vecchio in Florence 

Florence is a cultural hub like no other. Over centuries, museums and galleries, such as the Uffizi Gallery, have strung their walls and strewed their floors with prominent artworks, from the likes of Boticelli's The Birth of Venus to Michelangelo's David. The sights and views of the city are known to trigger in its visitors Stendhal (or Florence) syndrome which is characterised by a quickened pulse, fainting, confusion, and even hallucinations in the face of great beauty.

Amble the streets of Florence agog with curiosity and excitement, as the flavours and aromas of Tuscany dance down the narrow streets alongside you. The wonder of Florence is well known, making it the most famous on our list of the best cities to visit in Italy. 



Where to stay

Apartment Duomo is a refined 6-guest apartment with high ceilings in the heart of downtown Florence. It is the ideal holiday home from where to springboard your explorations of this beautiful city.


On the lakes of northern Italy, Como

The languidness of Lake Como is reflected by the lazy surface of the water, quietude lapsed only by the lapping of the lake against the shore's edge. Here, beneath the green mountain slopes, a state of repose is only natural. On the lake's southern shores, Como's waterside promenade boasts brilliant views of the lake stretching out beneath the peaks. From the city of Como you can explore some of the sweeping estates and gardens available to visit. Or take the funicular up to Brunate and Volta's Lighthouse, from where the heavens never feel far away. 


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Where to stay

Villa Lago is set against the slopes above Como; the views from the outdoor jacuzzi and the veranda are stunning. The villa is ideal for a small group of friends and has a gym room, a lift, and a sauna.


Saunter around St Mark's Square in Venice

Adorning loose-fitting linen to combat the humidity, take to the canals of Venice aboard one of the city's characteristic gondolas. Marvel at the Gothic and Renaissance palaces as they glide past your standing oarsman, who imparts his wisdom of the city on you with quintessentially Italian passion. Head to St Mark's square, the pulsating heart of Venice, where the basilica presides over daily life with an air of unforced beauty. In the evening, the city becomes an enchanting place of warm glows that catch the rippling scales of the canals in golden shards. The Rialto Bridge is particularly mesmeric once the sun has set. 


Where to stay

Appartement Spritz's bright and colourful embrace will make you feel right at home in Venice during your luxury holidays in Italy. Over your morning coffee on the rooftop, you can witness the rooftops burn in fiery hues as the brightening sunlight warms the day.


Explore the Italian city of Lucca

Lucca is perched on the banks of the river Serchio in Italy's Tuscany region, where traditional Tuscan dishes will entice you to follow your nose along the medieval streets. The old town is wrapped in tree-topped ramparts that are perfect for evening strolls, offering views of this picturesque, quaint city. Historical buildings and squares litter the walled city: the oak-crested Giunigi Tower projects skyward, its red bricks ablaze in sunlight; Piazza Napoleone hosts open-air musical performances in the summer. This is one of our favourite, lesser-known destinations on our list of the best cities to visit in Italy in summer.


Where to stay

Villa Giallo is a vast holiday home with sprawling gardens laid out before it. Spend the day exploring the city of Lucca, before feasting on a Tuscan banquet around the villa's stretching dining-room table. 


Marvel at the world-famous horse race in Siena

To the south of Florence, the smaller city of Siena is a must-see on our list of the best cities to visit in Italy. The relatively quiet Tuscan city flaunts medieval architecture that will have you stopping in your tracks, as well as a wealth of art housed in its galleries, such as Pinacoteca Nazionale Art museum, Siena provides a rounded holiday experience. Beyond these quotidian treats, there is a spectacle that takes place twice a year in the city's Piazza del Campo. Ten brave horsemen representing their wards climb onto their steeds and tear around the square, oftentimes being flung from their horses' bare backs. With Le Collectionist, you can enjoy this spectacle from a local's balcony and feel wholly part of the action. 


Where to stay

Villa Cetinale is a palatial estate boldly postured amongst the bucolic Tuscan countryside. Cypress trees stand to attention in front of the house; a welcoming committee on your return from conquering the medieval city of Siena. 

Villa Dar El Sadaka

Brindisi: The city to visit for Puglia's beaches

The heel of Italy's boot matches its sobriquet in no way other than from a cartographic perspective. The beautiful beaches and charming fishing villages around Brindisi make it a far more elegant and picture-perfect place than the title affords it. The city of Brindisi, or "the Gateway to the East" as it became known during Roman times, has an attractive port, where splashes of colour give life to the palm-lined promenade. A red-stone castle stands on an island, with poise and timeless determination, at the mouth of the harbour - a defender of the city. Not far from the city, you will find some of the region's most beguiling beaches, such as Lama Monachile in Polignano a Mare, where coastal cliffs hem in the emerald waters.


Where to stay

Villa Ulivi is just outside Brindisi, allowing you the freedom to explore the surrounding area. Beyond its modern, lineal façade, the sun-soaked garden and swimming pool feel immersed in nature. 


Discover the wonders of Naples and day trips to the Amalfi Coast

Beneath the formidable slopes of Mount Vesuvius lies Naples, in all its history and beauty - not to mention the home of the Pizza! Whether you wish to summit Mount Vesuvius - you can even ski down its slopes in the winter - or witness the past preserved in Pompeii, there is plenty to do in this magical city. Another thing to do, given its proximity, is head across the gulf from Naples, along the headland that reaches its pointed finger towards Capri, and down to one of the most magical stretches of coastline in the world. Take the road that hugs the craggy coast from Positano to Ravello: the Amalfi Coast. Experience life on a vertical, not horizontal axis, as the hypnotically colourful towns, kaleidoscopes of bright houses, cascade down the precipitous hillsides that overlook the Tyrrhenian Sea. Naples and its surroundings are truly stunning.


Where to stay

Villa Vesuvius is across the Gulf of Naples, offering great views of both the city and Mount Vesuvius. From here, you are able to explore both the city and the towns that pepper the Amalfi Coast. Or simply spend the day beside the swimming pool before ambling onto the rooftop for sundowners. 

Villa Omnia

With Le Collectionist, you can begin your dreamy sojourn in Italy by browsing our collection of luxury villa rentals in Italy. Discover the best cities to visit in Italy with us, so you can be free to forge unforgettable memories with those you love, at one of the most beautiful luxury holiday destinations in the world. 

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