Our beautiful home gardens in Alpilles, Provence

Sprawling gardens, bursting with nature, are places of relaxation, discovery, and of tranquillity. On your holiday, allow your senses be brought to life in these beautiful home gardens.
Our beautiful home gardens in Alpilles, Provence
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Alpilles, as well as the wider region of Provence, is a place of beauty. It is a place where blunted mountains and tumbling hills give way to olive groves and country farms, where rock-strewn hillsides soften into valleys of flourishing fertile fields and quaint villages that bubble with daily life.


One of the many benefits of this bounteous area, where things grow freely and wildly, is the magical, beautiful home gardens that abound across our villas. These wonderful villas provide excellent and homely alternatives to the luxury hotels in Provence, France.

Opt for the off-season months for mild temperatures and moderate traffic. Summer is the perfect time for sunny days beside the pool of one of these luxury holiday homes


This completely renovated old farmhouse nestled in the hills of Provence simply exudes magic and faraway inspirations. Mas des Oliviers was not always what it is today. Now a sophisticated and elegant retreat, this house is a dreamy haven where light is omnipresent. The grand doors and large windows allow nature and brightness, from first light, to seep in and grow in luminosity with the waxing daylight. The living room feels like an extension of the lush outdoor space.



It is seemingly in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing but hills and trees as far as the eye can see. Swimming in the pool facing the land beyond is a visceral experience of serenity, accompanied by the song of the birds chirping in the trees. While away the hot afternoon in the shelter of shade cast down by the old pine tree, punctuating the silence with the dull thuds of boules landing on the lower-level bocce ball court. 

The terraces of the landscaped gardens eventually give way to something more rugged: lined olive trees trickle down the slope away from the villa before the land rises into a rocky outcrop.  


Guarded by tall cypress trees, the pool of Mas Lou sparkles under the afternoon sun. In the morning, share breakfast in the bright kitchen, then play a game of football with the kids. As the sun sets, gather on the terrace and share a bottle of fine Provençal wine while the children giggle and plan the sleepover in their shared bedroom.


From inside, the windows boast views over the pristine lawns and across the tree-scattered fields that surround this peaceful house. The window seems to frame and be mimicked by the columns at the foot of the beautiful home garden and the upright cypress tress that fringe this beautiful home: a depth of vertical lines, both natural and man-made.


This bright, stylish mas is a pearl amidst the verdant landscape of the Alpilles. Take a dip in its pool shimmering in the morning sun, then as the children play on the perfectly manicured grass, have an aperitif on the terrace or in the cool shade of the spacious living room.


Mas Jasmin's Mediterranean garden gives this elegant villa a colourful finish: plump citrus fruits, glowing in the sun, hang from their branches; roses freckle the verdant vegetation with patches of crisp white; and evergreen jasmine hangs from the patio awning, spilling its sweet aroma through the windows.

Mas du Château,


Mas du Château's traditional Provençal stone facade and terracotta roof are in perfect harmony with the minimalist, boho-inspired interior decor. A villa somewhere between Provence and the Greek islands, this sunny hideaway is perfect for those who long for summers by the pool or refreshing spring and autumn breaks in the heart of nature.



Beneath the wicker awnings that send the sun down in gently warming slivers of light, you are invited by one of the cloud-like sofas to while away your Provence holidays between the pool and its cushiony embrace. 

Mas de Flore, eygalieres

An original stone façade swathed in ivy, wooden shutters and a tree-lined courtyard: the classic Provençal mas. But Mas de Flore is both just that and more. Its interior design, cosy in the winter and cool in the summer, is grand yet homely, old-fashioned but uplifted with modern touches. It feels as though a history exists on its stone-slab floors and beneath its timber ceilings; against the darkened grains of the long wooden dining room table's smooth surface; and lining the rows of the surrounding ancient olive groves.

Manicured hedges, trimmed to perfection, give the playful impression of a natural ball pit: perfect spheres settled between the walls of the courtyard's beautiful home garden. Flora and foliage spill towards this serene mas, which has no neighbours to disturb the sounds of nature. Enjoy a meal, prepared with some veggies from the beautiful home garden, from the first-floor solarium, where you can gaze over the slightly swaying tree tops.

Mas d'Anaïs

With its stone floors and exposed beams, Mas d’Anaïs is a Provençal dream in the heart of the Alpilles. In the months of spring and summer, this beautiful home garden bursts to life. Flower beds that encompass the pool and border the property flourish in a flurry of vibrant lavender and blooming bougainvillea. The cooling breeze sends the piquant scents of the garden pirouetting through the house.


From this beautiful villa, you can explore the rich beauty of the surrounding countryside, whether gliding over vineyards or truffle hunting along forest floors. There is a great number of experiences from which to discover the charming Provence countryside.


With Le Collectionist, you can explore our luxury villas in Provence, whether you are looking for the perfect villa for your holidays, or simply exploring our spectacular homes for some beautiful home garden ideas. Provence and, more specifically, Alpilles are among our favourite luxury holiday destinations, and the garden of one of our villas will prove to be the perfect backdrop for a simply unforgettable holiday.

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