Amazing villas in Normandy, France with a pool

Find the perfect villa with a spectacular pool to spend your holiday in Normandy, France. The swimming pool has almost become a symbol of the kind of relaxation and unwinding that can only happen on holiday.
Amazing villas in Normandy, France with a pool
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Everyone relaxes differently. Some relax by seemingly doing the opposite: finding relief of the body and mind through high-octane pursuits. Some holidaymakers prefer skiing holidays and partying to stillness; distractions are a means to unwind, keeping the minds of the restless from wandering. Others adopt a more contemplative and leisurely approach, happy simply to disappear into a book somewhere quiet. Some shudder at the thought of a holiday by the pool, wondering how to push the limits of poolside entertainment. Others relish the steadiness of life when padding between lounger and water in a villa with a private pool.

Normandy holidays proffer a change of pace for those with a predilection for leisurely endeavours, where afternoons are best spent beside swimming pools or meandering quaint villages and towns or basking in the history of the area. Our luxury villas in Normandy will satiate the desires of friends and family who wish for nothing more than a restful break in a picturesque setting. Of course, a pool is a compulsory feature for these kinds of holidays! These villas with a pool in Normandy will be the perfect fit for you and your family or friends to enjoy the laid-back side of luxury France holidays

Flee the city for Free-range merriment

Manoir Nomade is an exquisite manor in a tranquil and secluded setting. The only sounds to disturb your afternoon of lying by the pool will come from the occasional splash, the gentle undertow of birdsong, or laughter carrying on the gentle breeze from the tennis court and jovially competitive games of boules. The manor is surrounded by fields with no neighbours nearby.

The languidness and solitariness of the house is not to be mistaken for dullness and eeriness. There is an abundance of life surrounding the house: the forest exudes an enlivening energy and the flora brims with sensory delights. The air is filled with the piquant aromas of nature - an uplifting aura for weary visitors from the city. 




The vernacular architecture of the house's exposed timber framework against the pale yellow walls gives it a rustic look that makes it stand out from the landscape rather elegantly and boldly, without causing an affront. The deep red-tiled roof with its dormer windows give the building a finish of proud elegance. Inside, the design is a fusion of African, Indian and Oriental influences, which, alongside the palms, give the home a summery atmosphere.  

Spend the long evenings of summer sipping rosé, enjoying the last rays of sun from the deep sofas on the patio. Let your little ones roam free on the spacious lawn or explore the fantastical forest behind the poolhouse.

Magic at the Seaside

Manoir Alex looks like it has fallen straight from the pages of a fairytale, landing with a perfect pirouette on the Norman seaside. The manor, in its magical, castle-like splendour, is situated just outside Trouville-sur-Mer in Villerville. The finials atop the sharp roofs, the blue of the exposed wooden beams on the facade, and the cartoon-cloud-like hydrangeas littering the green garden add to the fictional impression of this picturesque manor. Footpaths lace their way through the overflowing garden, debouching, like a turf stream, only into the manicured lawn or the swimming pool.


Inside, the gentle tones of blue set against bright whites and sandy carpets subtly parallel the shoreline on which the house lies. The uncluttered rooms and the many windows fill the house with light. On cooler days, snuggle up on the cushioned window seat to watch the weather passing over Baie de la Seine. On warmer days, loll around the pool, flitting between the spacious round sunbeds and the refreshing blue waters. 

Unwind on your holidays in Normandy by going for long walks along the long beaches or diving into a good book. The villa has a private entrance to a shared beach, meaning you are able to slip away for an afternoon stroll while the others nap, returning in time for evening drinks around the pool.



Live like a king

Château d'Hébertot is an exhibition of old-fashioned sophistication. Everything about this castle radiates grandiosity, from the vast stone structure encompassed by a moat, to the manicured gardens parted only by the gravel driveway. Luxury Normandy holidays in this setting will seem effortless. The pristine French gardens that surround the chateau instil an imperturbable sense of calm and order, offering a most satisfying area to take quiet strolls. The greenery, and by extension the serenity, stretches as far as the eye can see. 



Large fir trees stand tall in a wooded huddle at one end of the building - a place of wonder for children to play hide and seek and reimagine scenes from their favourite films. Spend long afternoons by the large pool or playing fiercely competitive matches of ping pong. If the weather turns poorly, spend the afternoon in the home cinema. 

The interior of this stately home is charmingly sophisticated, giving the air and history of aristocratic opulence, but with brightening modern touches. The blue and white of the dining room and the yellow curtain of the sitting room grounds what might otherwise be haughtiness. The contemporary and the past of this most awe-inspiring of luxury holiday homes provides an excellent balance that will make you feel both incredibly proper and completely at home.


Find calm in the countryside

Sculpted into the flourishing Norman countryside outside Villiers-Bocage you will find a spacious and picturesque hall: Château Mansart. The chateau is within walking distance from the village, but its surrounding fifty-hectare park furnishes the area with a brilliant ambience of peace; deer roam and rabbits hop through the wooded park while birds sing their delicate songs overhead. You will also discover ponds and an enclosed orchard while on a morning meander through the spectacular grounds.



The terraced garden slopes down towards the long pool, which has perhaps the most perfect design for a pre-lunch game of pool cricket with your children and their friends. The indoor spa has a gravitational pull on cooler days: the open fireplace and the heated water will satiate your desires for warmth. The chateau was restored in 2015 and the process expertly entwined the old with the new. The high ceilings, some dripping with magnificent chandeliers, and antique art are coupled with modern furniture and bright colours. The chateau has even been equipped with a lift.

This, too, is a brilliant place from where to explore the surrounding area: learn about the D-Day landing beaches; visit private castles; marvel at the mystical Mont Saint-Michel. The chateau itself is steeped in history, and has hosted the likes of Emperor Joesph II of Austria and Pope John XXII.


Normandy is one of the best luxury holiday destinations in our collection, particularly for a more relaxing escape from the city. Explore these chateaus, manors and villas, amongst several other amazing holiday homes with pools, to inspire your next escape to the country. Le Collectionist prides itself on making your time with friends and family easier, leaving you to make memories and share in special moments with loved ones.

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