Loréne Duquesne’s Guide to Médoc

Get an insiders tip on the best things to do around Médoc, France with Loréne Duquesne.
Loréne Duquesne’s Guide to Médoc
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Seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of life as a journalist in London, Loréne Duquesne started a new journey in the Southwest of France. After buying Domaine Saint-Christoly-Médoc, she set out to restore her new home while preserving the original charm and character of the Château. The design resulted in an elegant blend of tradition and modern minimalist touches that embody the rich beauty of the surrounding region. After calling it home for several years, Loréne has created a small guide to her favourite destinations around Bordeaux.

Check out Loréne’s Guide to Médoc:

The Farmers Market

guide to medoc farmers market

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Médoc is home to several farmers markets, so there are a variety of options to explore! Wander around the large, open air markets to explore a wide range of local produce such as fruits and vegetables, cheese, Bordeaux wine produced in the region and much more! If you’re feeling adventurous, find one of the nighttime markets for a more unique experience!

La Gam’guette in Verdon-sur-Mer

guide to medoc restaurant

La Gam’guette is a charming restaurant in the countryside of Médoc. Sitting beside an idyllic pond, its rustic design perfectly captures the rural charm of the region. Their menu is curated to give you a delicious taste of the haut Médoc, but Loréne suggests ordering the prawns!

La fleur au fusil in Saint-Vivien-de-Médoc

guide to medoc bistro

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La Fleur au Fusil is a quaint restaurant in the heart of the small village of Saint-Vivien-de-Médoc. Its chic, rustic design is a tasteful blend of traditional architecture and contemporary interiors. The menu is affordable and delicious, and once you finish eating you’ll be able to explore the town!

Montréal-sur-mer in Soulac-sur-Mer

guide to medoc wine

Montréal-sur-Mer is an artisanal shop perfect for tasting local drinks and food. Explore the wine cave to explore Médoc wines to drink or take home as a souvenir. Make sure to pick up a piece of homemade sourdough bread to munch on before you leave! If you feel inspired by the selection, you can visit one of the nearby vineyards for a wine tasting.

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