Our List of the Best Games to Bring on Holidays

Add some entertainment to your luxury holiday with Le Collectionist's list of fun games to bring while you travel, and houses with game rooms and courts!
Our List of the Best Games to Bring on Holidays
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While there’s no doubt your holiday with Le Collectionist will keep you entertained throughout your stay, it’s never a bad idea to bring along some of your favourite games to play with the family. For our Screenless Summer initiative, our Content Manager, Nicky Peters, has come up with a list of simple games to play on the go, because they believe all you need is a deck of cards to liven up any get together! So, here are a few of our favourite games that are small enough to fit in your luggage, and fun enough to keep the whole family entertained!

These classic games will be sure to kick off family game night right in one of our luxury villa rentals, suitable for children and featuring game rooms or private courts!

games to play with cards

The most classic and versatile game to bring on your holiday is, of course, a simple deck of cards. This compact deck can be used to play a wide variety of games for different ages and numbers of players, from go fish to poker!

Number of Players: 2-4
Age Range: 5+
Playing Time: 15 to 45 minutes



Divide the deck between two players, face down. Each player draws a from the top of their deck, and the player with the higher card takes both cards and adds it to their deck. The game is won by taking all the cards from the other player!

Go Fish:

Each player gets seven cards, and the rest go in a pile on the table. Take turns asking a specific player if they have a card that matches one that you choose from your hand. If they do, you take it and make a set. If not, you draw another card from the pile and it's the next player's turn. The player with the most sets at the end wins!


Divide the deck evenly between players, and have each player place their pile face down. Take turns quickly flipping cards onto the centre of the table, until someone flips a jack. The first person to slap the jack takes it, and all the cards beneath it. Continue until one player has all the cards!

Keep Playing:

  • Belote
  • Rummy
  • Crazy Eights

Games to play with dice

All you need for these simple games are a few dice, pencil and paper! Dice are a great tool to play all sorts of different games. Lots of the time you get to decide on your own rules, and can make it easy or difficult depending on who you play with!

Number of Players: 2-12
Age Range: 8+
Playing Time: 30 to 45 minutes



At the beginning of each round, decide which combination of numbers will earn you points, for example, rolling five of the same number is fifty points. Place five dice in a cup and roll them. You can roll up to three times per turn, keeping track of points for any combinations. After thirteen rounds, the person with the most points wins!


Each turn, roll six dice and keep track of the points. If you roll three ones, you score 100 points, three twos, 200 points, and so on. Each turn you can keep rolling until you score a set of three to earn points. The first person to ten thousand wins!


There are six rounds in the game, beginning with round one. Each player takes a turn rolling three dice, getting a point for each die that lands with the same number as the round number. For example, in round four, you get a point for each four you roll, and so on. If you get a point, you can roll again until you roll and don't get a matching number, then pass to the next player. At the end of the sixth round, the player with the most points wins!

Keep Playing:

  • Balute
  • Beat That
  • Liar's Dice


Where to stay while you play

While cards and dice can provide lots of fun in a small package, you'll also want to have other games and activities to entertain you during your stay. Check out our selection of luxury villas with game rooms, tennis courts and much more! Any of these homes would be perfect for your fun-filled family holiday. 

Casa Gianca

A luxurious oasis in Bonifacio, Casa Gianca is the perfect place to spend a game-filled holiday. Aside from all its other amenities, the home has a football pitch and basketball ball court where you can spend the day getting active outside, as well as a game room to play foosball in the evening!

casa gianca

Villa Sa Terra Rotja

Overlooking the sea in Mallorca, Villa Sa Terra Rotja is a quaint, rustic villa that will make you feel right at home. After a round of dominos, check out the tennis court with its breathtaking mountain views!

villa rotja

Villa Sabrina

A gorgeous haven in Mallorca, Villa Sabrina is full of minimalist charm that will brighten your stay. If you prefer playing in the sun to a card game, just head to the private tennis court for a family tournament! 

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Villa Callas

A lovely retreat in Cyclades, Villa Callas blends traditional Greek style with, sleek, modern design. Once you finish a game, head to the tennis court for a match! 

villa callas

Castello Romano

A rustic castle in Tuscany, Castello Romano is a stunning example of traditional Italian architecture and design. Play a card game around the table, or use the giant chess set in the game room! 

castello romano

Villa Revelatta

A seaside estate in Calvi, Villa Revelatta is a gorgeous, modern getaway. Enjoy the lovely weather with a game of foosball or table tennis on the patio! 

villa revelatta

Villa Taglia

In the hills of Porto-Vecchio, Villa Taglia is a modern sanctuary to relax in with the family. Play a game in the game room, or take a turn at table-top football or billiards. 

villa taglia

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