Countryside to coast: luxury French villas, Normandy

Explore the historical landmarks and picturesque landscapes of Normandy from the plush embrace of a luxury French villa.
Countryside to coast: luxury French villas, Normandy
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Normandy is rich with history; a place where conqueror and conquered have risen and fallen. Amongst all this history there is a lot of sadness: heartbreaking tales of untold bravery hidden behind clenched teeth; of battles fought in the field and in the memory. But beneath this sadness, there lies beauty. Not only beauty in the courage of those fighting for their loved ones, or the beauty of unity in the face of adversity, but also the simple sheer beauty of the landscape on which these events of collective human memory took place. 


Normandy's green and rolling hills are crested by towering firs and pluming oaks, long beaches flanked by sheer chalky cliffs that drop straight into the dusty blue below. In the summer, the grass looks and feels more alive than anywhere else. During autumn, the leaves burn a brighter blaze of ambers, reds and oranges. It is a place of culture, of beauty, and of history.

All of these characteristics make Normandy a unique destination. It is a place where one can unwind, admire, and learn in perfect harmony. Normandy holidays were once the quiet reserve of privy Parisians, a little-known place to people from other regions. 

Now, with Le Collectionist, you are able to explore the past and appreciate the present in this pocket of beautiful countryside and picturesque coastline. Our luxury villas will truly make Normandy one of your most cherished luxury holiday destinations.

Sumptuousness by the seaside

Villa Isaure is a beautiful Norman mansion on the beachfront of Benerville-sur-Mer just outside of Deauville. The interior is pleasingly simple: bright and airy with lots of space on brilliantly parqueted floors. The sunlight, which pours by the gallon through the large windows, catches the lightly painted walls and brings a golden touch to the wooden flooring. Furniture in pastel hues adds splashes of subtle colour to each room, while the soft blue of the sea is framed in each window. 



The timber decking and crisscrossed eaves add a veritable note of sophistication to the beachy atmosphere. Enjoy a late brunch on the patio after a long walk on the beach, before whiling away the rest of the morning on the terrace's sun loungers with a holiday read folded into one hand. 

Quintessence of Normandy in a Belle Epoque villa

This partly exposed-timber house is a quintessentially grand Normandy manor on the coast. Villa Belle Epoque is somehow lulled by stillness despite being so close to the lively centre of Deauville. A brief glance out of the windows will leave you believing that the sea is lapping up against the side of the house. The restored manor is decorated with particular sophistication without losing the feeling of home: the understated colours and prioritisation of comfort of the furniture do more to make one feel at ease than the ostentatiousness that so many other holiday homes exhibit.



Slip down the grassy banks in front of the house for a morning swim in the gently swelling sea or for some sundowners of crisp rosé on the beachside terrace, with the salty evening breezing washing over you. Take one of the bicycles into Deauville to explore the streets and stop into Boulangerie Helie Bruno for delicious cakes, fresh bread and steaming pastries. 

Countryside Comforts in Villa Constantin

Villa Constantin is cradled close to the heart of the seemingly endless countryside. The view from the house stretches to the sinking horizon, a patchwork of light and dark greens laid out under the blue sky. The typically Norman house has an inescapably bucolic allure: the thatched roof hangs over the crooked lines of the exposed wood. Dormer windows peer through a fringe of thatch with the charm of a gawky teenager, yet the overall appearance of the building has retained a refined elegance. 

The exposed rock walls around the fireplace and the timber beams overhead create a cosy ambience for wintery luxury France holidays. By summer, the outdoor swimming pool is surrounded by lush vegetation - a serene place to take in the sounds and scents of Normandy's rich countryside. 

Truly at home in trouville

The luxuriousness of luxury Normandy holidays couldn't come easier in this opulent seaside villa. Villa Monet has a grand open living room, which is overseen by the mezzanine video lounge. The luxury villa is littered with antique art, impressive pottery and sculptures. The old-fashioned nature of the interior design will furnish you with a feeling of familiarity. The property is in Trouville, a beautifully quaint town bordering Deauville, giving you easy access to the laid-back lifestyle of this old fishing town. 



After a long dinner in the sophisticated and spacious dining area, challenge someone to a game of billiards accompanied by a glass of whisky. The villa's maroon facade, which has a patio from where to watch passersby with a cup of coffee, seems to drop straight onto the beach. The garden's soft grass tempts you ever so quietly to lay down on it and soak up the sun.

Normandy's natural splendour

Villa Tilleul is an irresistibly alluring villa surrounded by verdant foliage. The peaceful patter of the water feature in front of the house soothes visitors upon entry. The cool of the mornings is characterised by an orchestra of birdsong, as nature stirs in the trees scattered across the grounds. The modern interior is trendy, with discrete lighting, which casts glowing halos around the walls and mirrors. The exposed-brick walls and the terracotta flooring provide balance to the modern design. 



In the waxing months of spring, emerge from a slumber cocooned in soft blankets and perch atop one of the bar stools around the rough-edged oak slab tabletop, where a family feast awaits. The indoor pool, steam room and sauna serve as the perfect hideout on cooler days. Slip into the pool and lie, weightless, on your back beneath the twinkling ceiling. 

Sand and stripe

The parqueted floors and the antique furniture are brought to life by the modern art adorning the walls. Villa Elisa is a trendy and delightful blend of contemporary and classic: velvet furniture and faded wood are set against vibrant wallpapers and colourful paintings. The villa is wonderfully bright and cheery, and, from the outside, the stripes of the house's painted wooden beams mimic the colours of sand and sea. 


This joyous villa, which conforms the area's famed Belle Epoque architecture, is in the quieter reaches of Trouville with a private entrance to the beach below. Everything you need is within walking distance. When the weather is wet, Villa Elisa will still prove to be the perfect holiday home: pad across the wooden floor with sock-clad feet towards the home theatre, pausing only to take in the view of the progressively dampening beach beneath moody skies.

Le Collectionist boasts a variety of wondrous luxury holiday homes for occasions of any kind. Explore our luxury villas in Normandy to discover the magical and historical offerings available in this stunning part of the French countryside.


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