Interview at Villa Nala: Winding Back the Clock

Welcome inside Villa Nala, an idyllic retreat that has stood proud in the Majorcan mountains for centuries. 
Interview at Villa Nala: Winding Back the Clock
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In the picturesque region of Deià in the spectacular mountains of Majorca, Linus Gerdemann and Namali Schleberger sought to restore the centuries-old Villa Nala to its full glory and charm


It’s impossible not to fall completely enamoured with this romantic location, with its majestic mountains, pristine stretches of beaches and terracotta clusters of villages that are peppered throughout the verdant landscape. Professional cycler Linus had fallen under Deià’s spell when cycling through the undulating landscape years before and had started a three-year-old hunt to find the perfect property. 

His mission was achieved when he first stepped foot into Villa Nala in 2011 and saw its outstanding potential, nestled in lush natural beauty. Its unique location ticked all boxes: surrounded by mountains, looking out towards the glistening blue sea and within walking distance of Deià’s phenomenal restaurants, bars and beaches.



The couple set off on a mission to turn back time to restore the property to its original charm, its interior decor having been frozen in the 70s and 80s

Stripping back the property and returning it back to its original heritage was a labour of love for the couple. Determined to remain faithful to the property’s Majorcan location and period style, they scoured markets and antique stores to find an eclectic curation of pieces that have as much of a story to tell as the house itself. 



From the moment you approach Villa Nala the fruits of their labour are evident, from the antique wooden doors, to the reclaimed terracotta tiles and even the century-old antique bathtub that they fell in love with. This was not without its challenges, given that all the villages in Serra de Tramuntana are UNESCO world heritage sites, imposing strict limitations on what the couple could change, down to the colours permitted for the shutters.



However, both Linus and Namali believed that these challenges were also one of the greatest joys of reimagining the property, guardians of its heritage. It is thanks to the meticulous preservation that the villages are some of the most picturesque in the world



In writing the next chapter of Villa Nala’s long life, they wanted to create a feeling that the house could have been lived in for a hundred years, while being comfortable for a modern-day family. Items were sourced mainly from the island, honouring the Mediterranean with every detail, from the reclaimed wood used in the kitchen to the kinds of stones that you would find in the mountains. 


Grounded in a soft and earthy colour palette, the couple had excelled in creating a rustic bohemian paradise where you “step in and feel at home”. Having moved into the property when the children were two and four years old, Namali remarks that “I think you can still hear the laughter of the kids from when we were in this house”.

"I think you can still hear the laughter of the kids from when we were in this house"

For the owners, the terrace looking out to the twinkling blue sea and terracotta village is a truly magical place where the melody of live piano players at the infamous La Residencia on the opposite side of the mountain can be heard. This has been the backdrop to many dinner parties that Namali has hosted, inviting different people, from different backgrounds in what she describes as a “meeting of amazing souls”


For generations, this spectacular scenery has attracted and inspired the world’s creatives who retreat to the rustic wilderness of Deià. With its formidable mountains and sapphire bays that glisten in the sunlight, the natural landscape fuels the imagination of artists while offering an unpretentious retreat

The couple delight in sharing this hidden gem with you and invite you to discover all the beauty at Villa Nala that this characterful Mediterranean village has to offer. 

Linus and Namali’s favourite addresses: 

  • Ca's Patró March, for exceptional seafood in this traditional restaurant where you can gaze out towards Cala Deià’s crystal-clear sea
  • Restaurant Nama, the couple’s own East Asian inspired restaurant with spectacular views over Serra de Tramuntana
  • Sa Fonda Bar, where every week live musicians set the soundtrack to your evening festivities  
  • The walk from Cala Deia to Sóller, for breathtaking views along the coastline 
  • Son Marroig, for a mesmerising sunset in an area of spectacular natural beauty



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