Interview: Chalet Mont `Blanc, a family ski chalet with roots in the alps

With a little bit of tradition thanks to the family, combined with a massive contemporary approach, and stunning views, Chalet Mont Blanc is an amazing place to holiday all year round. 
Interview: Chalet Mont `Blanc, a family ski chalet with roots in the alps
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The Lacroix family has a deep seated history with Chamonix. Their grandparents Nad and Henri, met on the summit when they were 19 and 20 years old. They met on an expedition climb in the summits of Mont Blanc in 1925, and it was there that their relationship was founded and developed in the heart of Mont Blanc southern face of the Valley of Chamonix. It built a long-lasting love affair that their grandchildren have continued to cultivate for almost a century.

Their family ended up purchasing a piece of land and renovated a farmhouse built a large family chalet, that the family spent all their summers and winters at for their French Alps holidays. With about 40 cousins, being in Chamonix has always been occasions for their luxury family holidays.

Eventually the property where the family chalet stands was divided into different pieces for each family member to do as they wish. A family branch chose to build Chalet Mont Blanc, and of course keep it a family affair as it always has been. 




Chalet Mont Blanc is a luxury holiday home 1150 meters above sea level, and is perfectly located in the Coupeau district, in the southern part of the Chamonix Valley. It directly faces Mont Blanc and is the perfect alternative to a luxury family hotel or ski resorts. The architect wanted to have a minimum impact on the landscape, and most importantly for all parts of the house to have a view of the breathtaking mountain range. Upon entering Chalet Mont Blanc, the first image you're greeted with is a black and white photo of their grandparents skiing taken in 1925, as homage to their roots and connection to the alps. 




I appreciate the idea of modernity and that we all need to evolve.


"I love the idea of living in our time. I didn't like the idea of building a chalet like an old farm 200 years ago." It's because of this that the Chalet is quite different from any other home you'd find in the area, and has even been awarded as World's Best New Ski Chalet in 2019, thanks to its unique design. The interior of the house is strikingly distinct from that of a typical chalet, due to its contemporary atmosphere.

The modern art lends a quiet elegance to the space. There are pieces sourced from Tools Gallery in Paris, such as high quality glass art by Mathieu Grodet, sculptures by Laurent Chorenne, and many others. The reason in choosing an overall simple design throughout the house was because they really wanted to put more emphasis on the view that Mont Blanc provides instead of taking attention away from it by stuffing the home with attention-grabbing pieces. 





The view is a humble reminder that the mountains have been there for thousands of years, way before we've come to be.


When you arrive at the chalet, it seems like there is only one level, but upon entering, you'll realise that it actually has five levels. Each of these levels are meant to create independence through the different spaces that were thoughtfully designed for the perfect luxury ski holiday.

Whether it be in the tv rooms, play rooms for young children, or how some suites have their own terrace, these spaces ensure that the chalet is an experience in itself. The owner understood, coming from a large family, that when you're on holiday you'd maybe prefer to be together for the same meals and aperitifs, but also have your own time to yourself to enjoy during your family ski holiday




A great part of the house is the pasture that is in front of the chalet. The pasture is best enjoyed in the summer, after taking a dip in the pool, and after stepping out into the lush greenery, you're instantly greeted by large happy cows with bells. If you're lucky, you'll even spot a wild deer! The view is a pure caricature of the typical mountain landscape of Chamonix for a classic luxury holiday in France.

Located almost perfectly, you can choose between skiing one day at Chamonix or take a quick 30 minute drive to ski in Courmayeur in Italy, which is a unique mountain village close to Milan and Turin. The day after you can go to Verbier in Switzerland which is only an hour away. If you love fancy boutiques, you can go to Megeve which is also just half an hour away. The ideal location part of what makes it so special, offering different places and experiences for every taste.




We have no neighbours, but in front of the property our only neighbours that you'd see are our dear deer!


Despite the overall contemporary feel, they still wanted to keep wood and stone as elements of a classic chalet in the alps. In fact the wood used in the home is local, cut down just 25 meters from the property and kept to be treated for two years to ensure its integrity before being used for construction.

The furniture in the home also each has a story, like some 'incontournable' furniture was from the famous French designer Charlotte Perriand, and others are historic family pieces from the 18th century.



The chalet boasts nothing but the best of the best, given their service philosophy to provide  the 'Best of France". But what is the 'Best of France'? For example all the amenities are from Hermes. There is also a beautiful wine cave that they built in partnership with Champagne Ruinart, which is the oldest Champagne house in France, having been producing champagne since 1729.

One particular experience that we love that is the epitome of a luxury holiday is having an at-home boutique set up just for you. You can step into your master bedroom which has been expertly transformed into a boutique, where you can try pieces and decide in the comfort of your home. If you'd prefer to try on a different size or colour, the new pieces will be ready for you within an hour. 


Overall, all these experiences that you can have in the chalet were meant to bring about the feeling of a typical French, Chamonix experience. 


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