A Taste of Verbier with Alex Langley

Between mountains and refined seasonal products, chef Alex Langley invites us into his culinary universe inspired by the Swiss Alps.
A Taste of Verbier with Alex Langley
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For chef Alex Langley, his cooking has always been a product of his environment. He takes inspiration from the places he has travelled throughout his career, as well as from the region he cooks in.

Having immersed himself in Michelin star kitchens around the world, he wanted to translate the knowledge and experience he had gained into his own creative menus and dishes. When the opportunity arose to work as a private chef in the Swiss Alps, he seized it, relocating to the beautiful alpine village of Verbier.

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inspiration and regional cuisine

"I've always loved the mountains… it’s the beauty of being a chef I suppose, you can take your job anywhere in the world."

The thing that makes his dishes so inspired is his commitment to reflecting the region around him in his cooking, using locally sourced, luxury ingredients. There is always an abundance of foraged products to work with, mushrooms, locally grown fruit, honey and his favourite: fresh dairy. He strives to patronise the local businesses of Verbier, using ingredients from the Verbier Laiterie, a family-run shop that produces fresh artisanal cheese and yoghurt. His go-to is the aged gruyere cheese, or a Verbier-made truffle tomme to add a unique flavour to his dishes. He would also encourage guests to try the aged ‘Val de Herens’ beef from the local butcher, which he claims will win anyone over.


Experience the flavour of winter

"I like to use local produce that celebrates the area… it makes the dishes more interesting.

Always striving to use seasonal ingredients and even foraging for them himself where possible; Alex’s style truly reflects his love of the mountains. Dishes like his fermented pine tip cheesecake with granny smith gel, wood sorrel, pine sherbet and lemon sorbet showcase the flavours of winter unique to Verbier. For a taste of springtime, he’ll serve roasted chicken with morel mushrooms and smoked mash. Although his dishes are inspired by his surroundings, he finds the idea of a signature dish a bit egotistical.


alpine luxury

"Dishes should be constantly evolving, seeking to improve different elements."

To make sure he is always creating something fresh and unique, he takes inspiration from eating out at other restaurants and travelling during the off-season to discover innovative new flavours, ingredients and techniques. While his love for local produce is always at the heart of his cuisine, he sometimes likes to indulge his guests with luxury ingredients from around the world. In the winter, he loves to integrate caviar, Iberico ham and truffles into his dishes to add a twist to his classic alpine dishes.

Whatever time of year, chef Langley’s craft is sure to delight anyone who tastes his cooking during their stay with Bramble Ski, as his dedication, ingenuity, and inspiration shine through in every meal.

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