Quiet escapes from reality: Luxury holiday villas, Spain

Break away from reality with a short trip to the beautiful Balearic islands of Ibiza and Formentera. Slow down and spend your days in the peaceful openness of these plush villas.
Quiet escapes from reality: Luxury holiday villas, Spain
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Life in the city has its charm. But it can, at times, feel claustrophobic; living on top of one another with prying eyes at every corner. That lack of open space often leaves you confined to the indoors, with a routine commute to and from work the only real exit strategy.

A little bit of space to think, to breathe, and, ultimately, to unwind provides the perfect escape from what can sometimes be the dullness of quotidian life. We all occasionally need a refreshing change of air, and these luxury villas in Spain will offer just the right amount of change to leave you returning to your everyday life feeling rejuvenated. 


Spain is one of those luxury holiday destinations where life can take on an entirely different pace. Between Formentera and Ibiza living can take on various forms. From languid days in beach clubs and long nights in nightclubs, to explorative days beneath tall pines and quiet afternoons reclined by the private pool. But these villas with no neighbours provide an essential sense of relief from the stifling rush of a daily routine in the city. 


Formentera is the smallest of the Balearic islands and sits just south of Ibiza - its better-known, larger neighbour. While Ibiza is largely characterised by its humming life and thriving summer festivities, Formentera is a restful and wild island that is often seen as a mere destination for day trips from Ibiza. The quietness that ensues creates an ambience tailor-made for repose. In one of these villas, the gentleness of nature and the slower way of life will feel like a relief-filled exhalation of the body and mind. 

Live outdoors, Villa Suenyo

Villa Suenyo was made with nature at its heart and with an eye towards creating an environment where barefooted guests will spend the day with bare shoulders being warmed by the sun's glow, flecked by the shadow's of dancing branches, and cooled by the sea's light breeze. The villa is located on the hillside just outside Pilar de la Mola, where the trees it is nestled beneath give way to expansive sea views. 



There is an outdoor bath and shower, as well as plenty of outdoor seating and lounging space for meals and lazy days. The villa pays tribute to the easy-going hippie history of the island. With no neighbours, this is a great place to escape the commute and take on a wholly relaxing alternative by working from your new home in Formentera.

Wide-open spaces, Villa Barbaria 5

Villa Barbaria 5 is a pallet of ochres that is brought to life by the bursting garden on its fringes and the brilliantly bright splashes of colour that are littered across the large terraces. It is spacious beyond any empty street or large square that you can find in a city, with views that trickle all the way from the villa down the gradual slope until it meets the azure waters of the Mediterranean.


Spend the morning reading the papers on the terrace with a coffee close at hand, before slumping down the stairs to wallow in the cool embrace of the pool. Feelings of stress will be swiftly jettisoned in Villa Barbaria 5 on this good-vibes-only island. 


While Ibiza is an undoubtedly merry place to find yourself in the summer, it can also be a picturesque place of peaceful escape. Either escape work completely, or deviate from your regular office environment by setting up a work station where the cool breeze will invigorate you and the views will inspire you. These luxury holiday homes with no neighbours will prove to be the perfect environment in which to recuperate from the mundanity of everyday life. 

A bucolic setting, Villa Flower

Villa Flower is pleasantly engulfed by a scenery of wholesome and unpretentious natural creations. Olive trees and towering palms are quiet inhabitants of the land, only disturbing the peace when the occasional breeze rustles through. The bright white facade and interior of the villa gives it a divine aura.



In the cool of the evenings, pad out onto the terrace in your matching white linen shirt to appreciate the changing colours of the dwindling day with a drink in hand, before sharing a meal with loved ones on the patio. This villa sleeps six people across its three bedrooms: it is the perfect villa for a quiet family holiday in the summery and inimitably pretty countryside of Ibiza. It is an effortlessly charming holiday home in which to spend your Ibiza holidays.

Find comfort and ease in Villa Eloise

Comfort is the name of the game in Villa Eloise, whether inside or out. Beneath the shady canopy of fig and olive leaves, drift in and out of sleep on an oh-so slightly rocking hammock. Or curl into a rattan chair to read your book. All of the outdoor furniture tempts you to test out its comfortability. Even the soft, green lawn invites you to lie on it. When you have had enough of taking the plush furniture for a spin, dive into the mosaic infinity pool.



This luxury villa has amazing views across the bay, where steep mountains tumble down into the azure waters beneath. The waters are so clear one can almost make out a similarly rocky landscape underneath the shimmering surface. Take a group of friends or family to this ten-person villa for a relaxing time away from work or the city.

A summer spread, Villa Caleta

On this large property, one can truly spread oneself out, finding joy in the newfound space offered by Villa Caleta. Here, one can truly revel in the quality of sprawl, even while soaking in the huge bathtubs. There is no need to worry about disturbing neighbours who are separated by nothing but a mere layer of bricks, because there are none! Enjoy each meal under the wicker awning on the patio, where breakfast is simply a nourishing pitstop on your way to spending the day by the turquoise pool.



Sip on a drink made in the villa's bar while you chat to a loved one, with ambient music gently ushering in the night. Located on the southern side of the island, it is also a great location from which to explore the island or let your hair down for a night in a nearby bar. Head to Es Vedra, a short drive from the villa, to admire the famous Ibizan sunset. 

Though different, the islands of Formentera and Ibiza offer some of the best luxury holidays Spain has to offer. Visit Le Collectionist to discover more luxury villas to rent in Spain. Find the perfect villa for a quiet escape from the city to shrug off the blues induced by a lifestyle characterised by repetition.

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