Swiss Alps: Log cabin holidays for any occasion

A wintery escape in a log cabin is an image frequently portrayed in film and writing, evoking a sense of longing. Why not satisfy that yearning feeling?
Swiss Alps: Log cabin holidays for any occasion
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The Swiss Alps is a much vaunted region, and with very good reason. The log cabins seem to be lifted straight from a fairytale, the landscapes from a film. A luxury chalet in the Swiss Alps is a dreamlike backdrop for holidaymakers and one that should top anyone's list, whether you are into skiing or not.

A log cabin in a wintery landscape will furnish you with a sense of hygge: the Danish word used to describe a way of life with qualities of cosiness and conviviality, and a feeling of being wholly satisfied. With the fire blazing, its radiant light flickering against the warm, raw wood surface of the chalet's interior, it is difficult not to agree with this. Snowfall muffles any sounds from the outside world - utter peace and contentment ensue.



For lovers of skiing, the Swiss Alps are home to some of the most glamorous and iconic Alpine ski resorts. The sporty resorts of Verbier and Zermatt, with their quaint, alluring and peaceful villages are two of the best Swiss Alps holiday destinations. Both destinations boast excellent skiing conditions, large skiing areas and mountain vistas that will leave you speechless. Verbier is the freeride capital of the world, and Zermatt's Matterhorn, the unpaid brand ambassador of Toblerone, is one of the most recognisable peaks in the world. 

At Le Collectionist, we have a number of excellent luxury holiday homes in the beautiful setting that is the Swiss Alps. For a memorable holiday in a Swiss Alps chalet, peruse this selection of stunning hibernal log cabins; places to rest your head after a long day's skiing, or somewhere to pad around in loungewear and socks with the candles lit and a glass of red wine hanging from your hand.


Alpine-chic Chalet Lago

Chalet Lago is a three-bedroom cabin, with an all-wood facade and interior. This ski chalet has room for six guests, making it a great size for a week of winter sports with friends, or a magical escape with the family. The chalet's design takes a contemporary approach without losing the unspoilt feeling that it is the kind of mountain chalet tucked away in a quiet corner of a forest, where people go for cosy seclusion. Chalet Lago retains this quietude whilst being nestled in the plush embrace of Verbier.

The authentic feel of the wood is brought to life by splashes of colour from paintings, cushions and modern lighting. Some carefully placed plants give life and vibrance to the exposed-wood surfaces. It is a wonderful balance of Alpine warmth and modern flair. 

The balcony has panoramic views of the immense surroundings, where a morning coffee can be enjoyed in the fresh mountain air. The chalet is bright from the light that pours in through the windows that lead onto the encompassing balcony. If the weather forbids a day of tearing down the pistes on skis or boards, then spend the day in the home theatre. Or, if you haven't already done so, use the time to make the most of the in-home ski and boot fitting service that is included in your home rental. 



Experience stillness in Chalet Aline's steambath  

Chalet Aline's sleek marble surfaces and stone fireplace artfully compliment the timber beams and walls. The wooden cabin's masonry foundations encapsulates the natural surroundings it finds itself in; stone grey emerging from a bed of white snow, wood stretching out above. In winter, the snow collecting on the roof and the balustrade of the balcony completes the Alpine aesthetic of the wood cabin. Icing atop a cake. The interior, homely and welcoming, is an ideal place to shelter from the sometimes inhospitable elements with your loved ones. 

The luxuriating steam room is a restful place that transports you into a state of tranquility, its whitewashed walls create a heavenly atmosphere and the discrete lights overhead alight the slightly stirring mist around you. After a relaxing, sultry steam, slowly get yourself ready to meander the picturesque streets, quiet and devoid of traffic. Follow your nose to one of the many quaint Swiss restaurants, such as Le Fuer à Cheval, from whence the piquant aromas of cheese and fresh bread float on the night air. In the mornings, ready yourself for a day of skiing with breakfast by the large windows, which frame the mountain views. 



Surround yourself with friends at Chalet Orsini

This spacious, yet snug Swiss alps chalet is the perfect home from where to revel in the joys of Verbier ski holidays. Verbier is home to Switzerland's largest ski area: the 4 Vallées, which connects skiers to a number of ski resorts, combining a total of 410kms of piste. For more adventurous skiers, there is a wealth of back country skiing to be discovered. 

Chalet Orsini presides on the mountainside overlooking Verbier and its splendorous surroundings. The view from the chalet extends to the gargantuan Mont Blanc, which effortlessly commands appreciation of its noble presence, even from further afield. The hot tub's position is excellent for enjoying the splendid views and inhaling the mountain air whilst keeping toasty. Have drinks in the billiard room after a feast beside the roaring open fire in the dining room. The chalet has five bedrooms with space for thirteen guests. It also boasts a steam room and a home theatre, for days when recovery and rest take priority.




Make Zermatt home at Chalet McKinley

Zermatt is one of the prime luxury holiday destinations in the Swiss Alps, and Chalet McKinley embodies this. However, the chalet imbues a genuine sense of authenticity in all those who experience its open embrace. The open-plan living area gives the chalet a sociable aspect, so friends and family can enjoy one another's company. When the sun sets, descend to the basement spa and combat the cooling night by indulging in the steam room and the heated pool.

The holiday tailor and villa manager are both dedicated to ensure that your holiday runs as smoothly as possible. Simply speak to the tailor at any time to make your wishes come true. Do you want to slalom by moonlight, or dreamily submerge into cosmic intrigue by visiting the Gornergrat observatory? An expert guide can be arranged to provide these experiences and more. Chalet McKinley is one of our favourite holiday rentals and a great place to create memories in the canton of Valais, awash with its traditional Swiss beauty. 

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Views of Matterhorn from Chalet Hörnil

This stylish holiday home is contemporary without deviating from traditional Swiss-Alpine architecture: the wood is brighter and catches the sun which floods the living space, but smooth black surfaces and darker furniture provide balance. The chalet's elegant interior evokes a feeling of freshness that is unique to the Alps, matching the crisp mountain air and sounds of fresh snow crunching underfoot.

Chalet Hörnil has five bedrooms and houses up to twelve guests. The chalet flaunts an impressive array of facilities, making it a comfortable refuge for all those undertaking Alpine adventures. Matterhorn dauntingly towers over the valley, its majesty in view of the chalet. Bring a day of shredding the 360-km expanse of ski slopes to a close by soothing tired muscles in the massage room or the sauna, before slowly readying yourself for a dinner prepared by your personal chef.



Ski in, ski out from Chalet Shalimar

Matterhorn is poised over Zermatt, which seems to be paled into insignificance despite its beauty. The peak has been the muse of many an artist, an insurmountable challenge for many an adventurer, and the antagonist of many a film. Its pyramidal silhouette has become famous throughout the world. But this is not Zermatt's only draw. It is a much-loved village for how friendly its people are, how varied and expansive its skiing is, and how the town feels like a true winter wonderland when the snow settles on its quiet cobbled streets. 

Chalet Shalimar occupies a serene vantage point with a townscape and sweeping views of the famed mountain. This chalet offers easy ski in, ski out access to the slopes, opening up the boundless ski area to exploration. After what Zermatt and Cervinia boast in terms of skiing, plunge into weightlessness, allowing the body to fully relax and unwind, by floating in the chalet's swimming pool. With space for twenty guests, Chalet Shalimar is a fantastic place to come with a few families. Fill the cosy space with the laughter and joy that makes holiday experiences so special. 

To view more of our luxury ski chalets or find inspiration for your next luxury holiday, visit Le Collectionist or contact us to turn your ideas into a reality of dreamy experiences. Explore some of our other collections for more excellent ideas.

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