The best luxury villas in South Corsica

Ruggedness and softness are two ends of the spectrum of the natural beauty on show in Corsica's south. Why not traverse this spectrum from the comfort of a luxury villa?
The best luxury villas in South Corsica
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The south of Corsica is a place of long arching beaches of white sand, jagged and sheer cliffs that plummet into the crystal clear waters below and gently humming harbours and towns. This island, the Mediterranean's fourth largest, is a wondrous destination to explore in both the summer and the cooler months of winter. 

While the island's coastline is a place of beautiful beaches, excellent Mediterranean views, and crystal clear waters, the interior of Corsica's south is characterised by mountainous regions and idyllic natural reserves. However, the islands bounteous offerings do not end with the natural world: the island is home to some luxuriating holiday villas from where one can spend one's Corsica holidays in complete and utter comfort. 

Corsica has become one of Europe's best luxury holiday destinations for many reasons: the endless opportunities for adventure; an endless number of beaches to spend sunny days on; and its culinary traditions. But with Le Collectionist it is obvious what sets it apart from other destinations that also possess the same natural beauty: its incredible luxury holiday homes

Explore these luxury villas in Corsica's south to inspire your next trip to the beautiful island. 

Villa Catalina

Villa Catalina is cradled in a crook of the Ajaccio hills on Corsica's west coast, from where it gazes across the bay below and the deep blue of the sea. This picturesque villa feels like an extension of its natural surroundings. The infinity pool seems to trickle straight into the sea below, while the stone, wood and terracotta exterior of the villa are a mimesis of the wooded hillside and rocky coastal setting.



The villa seamlessly encapsulates the compelling timelessness of nature, yet it remains contemporary and trendy. The furniture, which spills out onto the wooden deck, adds sleekness and colour. The interior is eclectically pieced together with brightly coloured walls in the bedrooms, to dark surfaces in the kitchen. Spend endless days of sun padding between the pool and sun loungers, or drifting off for an afternoon nap in the cool of your bedroom before gathering in the evenings to watch the sun sink behind the horizon with a drink in hand.

Villa Nadia

Villa Nadia teeters between land and sea overlooking the gently crashing waves of its own private beach. Looking out from the mosaic swimming pool it feels as though you are bobbing around in the rippling waters of the Mediterranean. Slowly stir in the mornings, energised by the sun whilst sipping a coffee on the terrace.

After lunch, dip in the pool or play billiards barefooted in the living room, which is light and airy from the large doors that open towards the sea. When the heat of the day begins to wane and the sunset instigates a fiery blaze in the evening sky, grab a drink from the outdoor bar and head down to the soft sofas on the bottom patio to admire the view.



The verdant vegetation that surrounds this villa and flourishes on the island climbs its way along the eaves and over the pergola. Everything about this villa feels gentle, from the breeze that breathes through the crisp white awnings of the canopy bed to the shadows cast down by the palm trees. This is the perfect place to relax on your holidays in Corsica.

Villa A Nepita

Just north of Ajaccio, high up in the hills overlooking the Gulf of Sagone, perches Villa A Nepita. This villa accommodates eight guests in a wonderful family friendly environment. Everything you need is a short driving distance away. Head to the long, crescent-shaped Liamone beach to splash in the waves. Or start the day right by heading inland to L'Eternisula, a cafe cum gourmet deli that serves delectable local produce, charcuterie, cheese and coffee. 



This villa is unpretentious, yet exudes a sophisticated aura. The sharp lines of the villa's modern architecture give the villa an aesthetically pleasing finish that comes into harmonious contrast with the ruggedness of the landscape in which it sits. Inside, wicker and rattan furniture and decorations give the impression that the villa is aglow with a gentle golden hue. The spacious sun-drenched terrace and azure swimming pool will leave you wanting to spend all of your days outside.

Villa Baggia

Villa Baggia's bursting garden and green lawns roll down the slope towards the sea. At the foot of the garden, a stone path treads its way down into the crystalline waters that sit beneath the villa. The turquoise waters lap and splash up against the villa's dock and the surrounding rocks. The villa's floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, that allow the morning light to pour in and flood each room, open onto the levelled terraces where days can be spent idling by the pool. 



The villa is situated on the east coast around the point from Porto Vecchio. Palombaggia beach, one of Corsica's most picturesque beaches, is a stone's throw away. After a morning of exploring Porto Vecchio's winding narrow streets head for the refreshing embrace of Palombaggia's turquoise waters, where a lazy lunch can be had in one of the beach's many nearby restaurants. Return to Villa Baggia for a meal of fresh fish grilled on the plancha, with a canopy of stars spread out overhead. 

Villa Cacciafora

Villa Cacciafora is wedged between a stunning white sand beach and a small lake. This compact villa is a paradisiacal escape for beach bums who love to feel the sand between their toes and hear the sounds of the sea. The villa is seamlessly at one with the beach - nothing but a rickety fence lies between the deck and the silky sand that gradually slopes beneath the tide. This villa is also perfect for those who like to feel part of the action, with many other houses sharing the lake it is easy to feel part of a small community. 



Canvas prints, colourful wallpapers, and elements of Danish design give this villa a playfully stylish feel. From the rooftop, you can enjoy the view and contemplate the world going by. It is also a great place for sundowners with groovy music gently ushering in the night. With plenty of watersports and activities in the area, this is also a great villa for a family holiday that will keep the kids happy. It is also a great destination for a holiday with friends, as there is a vibrant atmosphere in the evenings.

Alternatively, if these villas are not exactly what you are looking for, worry not: continue to browse the rest of Le Collectionist's extensive list of Corsica villa rentals to springboard your next luxury France holidays in the south of Corsica. 

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