Interview: Villa Fleurie and luxury family villa holidays in Ibiza

Villa Fleurie is what islanders have come to know as a Blakstad house: an architecturally exquisite villa that embodies the traditions of Ibiza. With its sprawling gardens and endless entertainment, it is the perfect family holiday villa.
Interview: Villa Fleurie and luxury family villa holidays in Ibiza
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Ibiza is a lauded gem in the shiny crown of European luxury holiday destinations. Beyond its natural beauty there exists a multiplicity of different worlds and stories waiting to be discovered; an eclectic mix of terrain and people who call the island home, either by choice or by adoption.

There is the obvious: the world of a much-vaunted nightlife that pulsates through the summer, and draws the attention and admiration of world-class DJs and revellers alike. The island's natural beauty offers a different world, which can be both thriving and serve as a soothing panacea for the busyness and routine of everyday life.





In this article, we look at one of the amazing villas and the story of the couple behind it, who fell victim to the island's beauty and charm. This villa and the tale of its inception embodies so much of the island's defining features, from its gravitational allure for people from all around the world to its quaint bucolic charm. The story of Villa Fleurie is one befitting of the island's essence and ideal for all family Ibiza holidays.

The story behind Villa Fleurie

Villa Fleurie is a true culmination of a French expat couple’s love for travel. They lived in Paris, New York and London, with many holidays in places all over the world in between. However, they decided to settle in the UK, but wanted to find a place that their family could enjoy year after year each summer.


This is what started their search for a special holiday home and place that their three children could make precious memories in. Their criteria were that of a place that was exotic, though not too touristy. After multiple visits to Greece and the south of France, and not really finding that atmosphere they wanted, they received a suggestion: Ibiza. They were hesitant at first, but they decided to give it a shot, and to their surprise, it was love at first sight.





Ibiza has a reputation for being just for revellers but those who know it intimately can attest to its authentic, back-to-the-land culture. The real name of the game is exploration on this island: whether it’s finding your own secret beach or hidden restaurant with magnificent views. And that is the indescribable charm that drew them, who had previously preferred to spend every holiday in a different destination, to Villa Fleurie and to the promise of returning to the island of Ibiza every year.



“Each time we go to Ibiza, we’re never bored. We really delight in it, as there are so many things to explore. You’ll never run out of things to see and experience.”

The home was designed by Blackstad Design Consults, a firm so well-established in Ibiza that the phrase ‘a Blackstad house’ has become the term for an exceptional villa with elements of classic Ibizan architecture and design. Villa Fleurie is a clear rendition, with large open areas, clean lines, a stunning pool, and spaces that are meant to be enjoyed in the presence of family and friends.

One of their favourite moments is when they first open the doors and enter VIlla Fleurie on arrival. The view they’re greeted with is that of the couch, facing outwards towards the pool, with a view of the garden.




The scene instantly evokes that indescribable feeling of excitement that comes with arriving on their first day on holiday, despite it being their nth time in Ibiza. We’d argue that that is the magic of the island that draws artists, nomads, and intellectuals alike. It’s a place that you can visit endless times but are always excited to be in, as it has a new treasure trove for you to discover each visit.

What makes the villa?

Passion. There is nothing frilly or over the top about Villa Fleurie. It holds true to one thing: a passion for the simplicity of life that this island so effortlessly depicts. It is easy to forget this simplicity when you are in the midst of the buzz that prevails in many parts of Ibiza. But here, nestled in this rural landscape where dancing breezes and verdant vegetation flirt with the senses, everything is peeled back to its wholesome core.



This isn't to say that the villa isn't attractive: its whitewashed walls and clear-cut contours stand out from the landscape with understated elegance. The Mediterranean gardens sing with life, making the villa and its pool feel like the centre of a flourishing oasis, where the piquancy of lavender and pine are a force for invigoration. 

This five-bedroom, family-friendly villa will reveal the island's wild, yet wholly laid-back side. It is a place where the children will have free rein, to splash around in the villa pool until the golden rays of sunshine morph into the famous Ibizan sunset that ignites the sky.


There are endless activities to keep your kids, and probably you, entertained for hours: clamber around on the jungle gym, bound on the trampoline, or undertake a family game of volleyball on the sand court. The expansive landscaped lawn is also the perfect place for countless games of football.





While your children adventure the spacious property, find a quiet corner to unwind with a holiday read. In the evening, gather on the patio for some drinks whilst that morning's freshest catch from the market sizzles on the barbecue nearby. 

A springboard to the area's surroundings

Villa Fleurie is situated in the northeast of Ibiza, just north of Sant Carles de Peralta, giving great access to the incredible attractions that the scenic north flaunts. Some of the most renowned restaurants are only a short drive from the villa.

The much-adored La Paloma restaurant, which is the personification of the island's ideals of tradition and family, is a mere 12-minute drive away. El Bigotes, the most authentic of Ibiza's chiringuitos, is also a short distance from the villa. This restaurant is a must-visit attraction, where the pleasing scents of fine local cuisine emanate from bubbling pots and open fires and waft through the rustic seaside setting.


Brilliant strips of white sand and striking cliffs, both with impossibly blue waters, lie in every direction of Villa Fleurie - the choice is yours. The true treasures are to be found in hidden coves and tucked-away bays. Alternatively, stay put in Villa Fleurie, which has everything you need, to get the most from the lovely property.

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