Holiday rentals near Paris: Experience the French story

With these luxuriating and spacious boltholes near Paris, you can recharge your batteries where the air is fresh and the quality of sprawl is a given.
Holiday rentals near Paris: Experience the French story
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The countryside around the capital is bursting with secrets and activities to discover. In Ile-de-France or Normandy, you are likely to cross paths with history at every street corner, and outing opportunities are legion, be they cultural, open-air or sports-based. Some of the most beautiful luxury holiday rentals are also nestled here. We have uncovered three unique holiday rentals for you that boast all of the above, gems of architecture and history for an open-air week in Greater Paris.

Push open the doors of these secret and exclusive houses – three houses with distinguished pasts, under a three-hour drive from Paris, where you can settle down for a weekend or for an entire holiday. Follow in the footsteps of those who made these abodes so special. Each possesses exceptional amenities for enjoying all the pleasures of the countryside: ponds, vegetable gardens, wooded grounds, heated pools, jacuzzis, or private access to the beach. Everything to make your weekend unforgettable!


1h20 from Paris

On the road to Reims, this charming 16th-century château has a story that is anything but banal. At the turn of the 20th century, its distinguished owner dedicated his life and fortune to the budding aviation industry. Writer and friend of Jules Verne, the Count of La Vaulx was, among other feats, a pioneer in aviation, explorer in Patagonia, travelling companion of Jean Mermoz – with whom he crossed the Andes – and world record holder for distance crossed in a hot air balloon during the 1900 Paris World Fair.

During your high season luxury France holidays, you can have dinner by candlelight in the Château Vallebelle's hedge maze, lose yourself in the 12-acre park, watch deer in their 100-acre wood, feed the swans, pick some vegetables from the garden and sit under a magnificent century-old oak tree. It is no mystery that the Château Vallebelle was our gentleman adventurer’s favourite haven between trips.

10 guests
From 11,820 euros for a week


45 minutes from Paris


Have you heard of Gio Ponti? Architect, designer, painter, designer of drama costumes, Cassina furniture, and over fifty major architecture projects in Italy including the Pirelli Tower… The great Italian artist only realised one single project in France. And here it is: Maison Italienne. It also happens to be among his very first.

Gio Ponti envisioned this country house in 1927 for his friend Tony Bouilhet, inheritor and director of the Christofle goldsmith. Through this work, he displays his personal interpretation of the new Italian Style, combining cheerful modernity with a classical repertoire.


The result is colourful, chic and light, as illustrated by the trompe-l’oeil adorning the living room in the style of a grand theatrical dais. The house is filled with collector’s items specially made by the architect, as well as masterpieces by the Christofle goldsmith – such as the angle above the entrance hall and the staircase railings. Entering the Maison Italienne truly resembles diving into the personal world of this lover of craft and defender of Italian design.

10 guests
From 14,350 euros for a week


2h30 from Paris


What connects Manoir Alex and the grandiose Opéra de Paris, the visionary masterpiece and gem of sophistication of the 1870s? One word: architecture. Around the time he was nominated architect for the opera house to which he gave his name, Charles Garnier built the Manoir Alex, an impressive Anglo-Norman construction hidden away in seaside Villerville.

Perched above the beach, the mansion commands a magnificent view of the sea and of the town of Deauville. Legend has it that Guy de Maupassant had the chance to admire it during his stay. And to finish the tale, if you care to, you can play an operatic aria or the “Romance de Paris” on the centrepiece of the lounge, the piano once owned by Charles Trenet.

12 guests
From 15,620 euros for a week

With Le Collectionist, renting villas near Paris has never been easier. Paris is but a stone's throw away from some excellent luxury holiday destinations, and in Ile-de-France or Normandy, you can have access to unique luxury holiday homes less than three hours from the French capital. Enjoy luxury holidays with Le Collectionist. 

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