Book a villa holiday to one of these luxury destinations

Villas capture the essence of freedom on holiday: the freedom to immerse in the area's beauty and culture, the freedom to withdraw, to appreciate family.
Book a villa holiday to one of these luxury destinations
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Holidays are a bottomless source of memories. They offer an experience that is so often a huge deviation from day-to-day life. Instead of running away from something, holidays are better thought of as running towards something different, even if only for a short period. They are a great time to deepen relationships with friends and family, a time and place to share great stories around a dinner table of delicious food. Holidays are a time to immerse yourself in a different way of life, not just an opportunity to escape your daily routine. 

There is never a bad time to go on holiday. In the winter months, you may be searching for sea views and idle afternoons in the sun's warmth on white beaches, or sliding down the powdery slopes of one of Europe's best ski resorts. Or is a summer break of stretching out by a swimming pool before rummaging through fresh produce and local crafts at a quaint market something more up your street?


Creating new memories by exploring exciting places, immersing in fresh ideas and meeting people with interesting lives, can and should happen at any time of the year. The difficult part is deciding where the best destination is at any given time. Explore Le Collectionist to find the ideal luxury holiday destinations for you to escape towards new places and unforgettable experiences.

Meander Marrakech's Medinas

Marrakech is a city that bombards the senses in a pleasant amalgamation of colour, light, and aroma. Moroccan patterns splashed with bright colours and red sandstone walls that change tones with the hour of the day line the busy streets and markets of the medina. The piquant scents of herbs, spices and leather linger in the air with varying intensity depending on where you find yourself in the city and when. It is a beautiful destination, and one in which you can truly lose yourself to new experiences and a distinct culture.

When to go

Luxury Morocco holidays are far more comfortable in the spring or autumn, when temperatures have cooled somewhat. During the months of March to May and September to October, the temperature averages a comfortable 25°C, making it perfect for exploring the labyrinthine city streets. Avoid the sweltering summer scorch and the colder months of winter to make the most of this trip. 

What to do

This ancient Moroccan city has a lot to offer. The city is vibrant and bustling, but in a way that allows you to let go and wander the variety of its thrumming spaces. Saunter through the medina and peruse the souks, or marketplaces, allowing the sensory joy of the place to wash over you, as you get delightfully lost in the maze-like walled streets. Head to the Jemaa el-Fna square marketplace, which is a UNESCO world heritage site, and give in to the smells that float from nearby food stalls by grabbing a bite to eat. 


Luxury Marrakech holidays would simply be incomplete without a visit to Musée Yves Saint Laurent. The museum is dedicated to the renowned designer and is an ode to his love of Marrakech and its colours, textiles and patterns. For the best textiles, leather and silverware wend your way through Souk Semmarine, where haggling is the status quo.

Where to stay

Villa Sultan is a green oasis nestled amidst parched surroundings just south of the city centre. The bright blue pool is flanked by towering palm trees, sun loungers standing guard, with the villa poised, throne-like with a mighty terracotta hue, at one end of the green garden. This villa is superbly positioned on the outskirts of the town and not far from the airport. It is the perfect villa if you are looking to be out of the buzz of the city, but close enough to venture in for days of exploration.


Explore Le Collectionist's array of holiday homes in Marrakech. Explore our luxury villa rentals and riads in Marrakech and book a villa through us to ensure that your holiday is taken care of. 

swim in Saint Barthélemy's blue bays

St Barts is a luxurious destination, where the soft white sand slopes into the shallows of the impossibly blue sea. As the sea deepens, so does its blue. From the plane, the island gives the impression of a unitary plant adrift in the ocean; the deep green of the vegetation is broken only by orange rooftops and shoreline. A St Barts holiday is the picture of luxury, both in terms of artificial pursuits and natural wonder. 

When to go

Fortunately, for those seeking luxury breaks to St Barts, the window of opportunity to visit this island in good weather is broad. The island is pleasant most of the year, but to miss the throngs of people during the high season it is best to visit from May to November. It is particularly hot from December through April, and a time when tourists flock to the island. 


What to do

Perhaps the most obvious activity is to enjoy the spectacular variety of beaches that St Barts flaunts, of which there are 16. Its glistening white beaches from where to tan and its perfectly blue waters that provide the skin with cooling solace from the sun's glare bring visitors to the island without much effort. Plunge into the serenely shimmering waters of Grand Cul de Sac beach, one of the island's most beautiful beaches, or feel energised in the vibrant atmosphere of Nikki Beach.

St Bart's is also a great place to do some shopping, from cigars to makeup, from fashion to food. With no sales tax, the island is an excellent place to get your shopping done. For dinner, go to the trendy L'Esprit on Saline Beach and enjoy the ever-changing menu of fusion cuisine.


Where to stay

We have a beautiful collection of luxury St. Barts villas for rent across the island. Explore the variety we offer on this picturesque island, and chose a villa to suit your needs and wishes. 


Villa Olive is one of our ideally sized villas that sleep eight people in four bedrooms. It has sweeping views of the rolling green hills stooping down to meet the gently swelling azure of the sea. This is the perfect villa holiday home for those looking to be out of town, but with easy access to the rest of the island and all of its wonderful secrets. Sip a refreshing drink whilst admiring the views from the infinity pool's cooling embrace. 

Holiday in St Tropez

Since the sultry sensation that was And God Created Woman directed by Roger Vadim and starring Brigitte Bardot skyrocketed St Tropez into the global limelight, it has become an immensely popular destination to undertake luxury France holidays. Its rugged terrain and quaint villages are juxtaposed by the luxuriating plushness of the area's villas, food, shopping, beaches and visitors.


When to go

The peak season in St Tropez is during the summer months, but the best time to go for the sun and the beaches, for long afternoons in the shade of a beach club with mouthwatering Mediterranean food and crisp Provencal rosé, is June through September. The quieter of these months will be June and September, as the height of the season is in the months of July and August.

What to do

St Tropez and the wider area are known for excellent beach clubs. Pampelonne beach in the Ramatuelle commune is a bustling stretch of soft white sand awash with crystal clear waters and is home to many of these clubs. The famous Le Club 55's name pays tribute to the year it began, the year when it opened its doors to provide refreshments to Brigitte Bardot and her fellow crew members. Plage des Salins is another beach club worth visiting, its sea of blue umbrellas rippling with the breeze, mimicking the blue waters beneath. 

Explore the village of Ramatuelle, getting lost in its quaintly dilapidated backstreets, before emerging onto a market of fresh produce and Provencal delicacies. In the mornings, discover the best breakfast St Tropez has to offer using our guide to assist you. Intermingle with locals and visitors by joining a game of pétanque in the afternoon shelter cast by the trees of Place des Lices.

Where to stay 

St Tropez holidays are bounteous in their bestowal of adventure and luxury; everything comes with great ease in the peaceful, yet buzzing, environment of the French Riviera during the summer months. It is difficult not to smile and appreciate the wonders of this region. It is a destination best suited to a villa holiday, where you have luxuriating space from where to embark on day trips and explore the surrounding areas. View our extensive selection of luxury villa rentals in St Tropez to inspire your next trip.


Villa Aïma is one of our personal favourites. It is ideally located just beyond the bustle of St Tropez town, making it peaceful with the option of immersing yourself in the pace of life within the town, just a stone's throw away. Everything you need is within driving distance. This sleek villa, full of architectural surprises and charm, has seven bedrooms and sleeps 14.

Visit Le Collectionist to inspire your next luxury holidays and book a dream villa in one of these incredible destinations. 

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