Designer Homes for Your Holidays

Are you looking for a home that stands out among the others? Then take a look at our designer homes and choose your favourite!
Designer Homes for Your Holidays
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Theres something about a designer home that just oozes sophistication and style. Whether its a sprawling estate or a sleek and modern abode, architects' homes are the epitome of luxury. Those who are lucky enough to stay in a designer home can enjoy all the perks that come with it. From world-class amenities to top-of-the-line finishes, these homes offer the best of the best.

In many ways, an architect’s home is a reflection of their profession. A well-designed home showcases an eye for detail, a love of decor, and a respect for the environment. All of these qualities are essential to being a successful architect. These homes are usually filled with light, large windows and high ceilings. Architects know that natural light is the best light for both the mind and the body, and the guests that stay in their homes will feel the soothing atmosphere created by masters of their craft. An architect’s home is a place where mind, body, and spirit can come together in harmony, a place of beauty, peace and serenity. These beautiful homes are all unique, a work of art that represents the people who designed them. A stay in one of these designer homes is the perfect way to make your luxury holiday unforgettable!

Discover designer homes for your holidays:

Villa Pops

Tucked away in the green forests of Cap Ferret, Villa Pops is truly one-of-a-kind. Its retro yet modern design is something out of a James Bond movie, creating the perfect ambience to escape reality during your holiday. Its glass walls fill the spacious home with sunlight, and open up onto a picturesque terrace. Spend your days lounging by the crystal swimming pool, or at the nearby beach. If you really want to immerse yourself, rent a classic car and go explore all that Cap Ferret has to offer.

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The Collection

villa parallel

Overlooking the emerald mountains and turquoise waters of Cape Town, Villa Parallel is a stunning contemporary haven. Its iconic concrete and bronze design is something out of a magazine, and the views from the window walls will take your breath away. Start your day with a shower in the luxurious marble bathroom, then have breakfast in the privacy of the covered terrace. Explore the beautiful artworks that fill the home until it's time for lunch. Then, head outside to take a dip in the infinity pool, its edge blending seamlessly with the endless ocean that lies below you. After a delicious dinner prepared by the villa's private chef, retire to the smoking room to enjoy a cigar as the sun sets behind the mountains.

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villa nest

Villa Nest is shrouded by the trees of a lush forest in Turks and Caicos. Only steps from the white sand and clear waters of the pristine beach, this home is truly a modern refuge. Its sleek concrete structure completely immerses you in the beauty of nature with glass walls that open up to the forest. The interior of the home perfectly contrasts its natural surroundings with clean lines and elegant decor that strikes a serene balance, perfect for relaxing. Lounge by the pool or go upstairs to the rooftop to perfect your tan before gathering for a barbecue dinner on the terrace as you listen to the sounds of nature.

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villa above

In Cape Town, this home floats over the beauty of the city, offering once-in-a-lifetime views. Villa Above is a paradise in the sky, with stunningly sleek architecture. The spacious interior opens almost completely to the outdoors, taking full advantage of the breathtaking scenery outside. With a sauna, home theatre, gym, billiards room and bar, you will never wonder what to do next on your holiday. Have a yoga session in the grassy courtyard, or gaze out at the horizon from the infinity pool. Whatever your choose, this home is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.

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villa moonlight

Villa Moonlight is a heavenly abode in the centre of Cape Town. Its contemporary architecture is bold and stately, providing all the comforts of modern luxury. Filled with statement pieces of art, eye-catching furniture and design choices, this home is truly unique. Wake up with the sun as gentle rays poor through the glass walls of the bedroom, enticing you out onto the terrace to watch the sunrise with a cup of tea and a good book. Then, have the chef prepare lunch and dine in the courtyard, but don't worry, the house has been designed to display the stunning views from any area. Be sure to go into town to discover the local culture and beautiful beaches of the city before returning for dinner and drinks at the villa as the sunset turns the ocean a beautiful gold.

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Through exploring our homes, you can see that an architect's house has an elevated sense of design and style that makes any stay truly special. If you haven't found your dream dwelling here, there are plenty more designer homes in our collection of luxury villa rentals.

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